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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Got my Pre Planning Hat on …

Planning a head of time and buying all the molds etc before hand for Cole’s party worked so well and made me less stressful.  So the theme for Caden has been picked and my Pinterest board is full and ready to go.  I went on to my favorite sites Amazon and Ebay to look for molds and fun things I will need for this theme … drum roll please … Shark!

Oh yes we will be having a lake party at my parents waterfront in July and it will be all about the sharks!  I’m thinking crayons and chocolates will be on the must do list.  I've found a few fun molds I can’t wait to experiment with.

Check out what I have bought so far!  I can’t wait to share the invites and all the other fun things we will be doing.

First off I bought a cool Shark Holder for the Shark Fin Cupcakes I will be making.
Cupcake Stand
Silicone Shark Cookie Mold
Shark Cookie Mold
This Shark Fin Ice Mold I’m going to try with Crayons.
Shark Fin Ice Mold
This is for the punch bowl.  Shark Fin ice ring.
Shark Ice Mold
Shark Sucker Chocolate Mold
Shark Sucker Chocolate Mold
There we go Smile, it was a packed weekend with work and fun road trip.  I didn’t get a lot of down time so just a quick post for today!

Google Drive with some templates for this party.


  1. You're always so creative and know how to come up with good ideas for parties. I'm sure you'll do great for this birthday party too.

  2. I love all your birthday ideas! I can't wait to see how it all comes together! :-)

  3. Looks like it will be another fun party! Love the items you have so far.

  4. I think you have the best ideas for parties!!

  5. Sharks? AWESOME! That sounds like a fun party to be had!
    When we saw you we were leaving the church across the street from Allenmore...I think it was a Lutheran church, but it was an Anglican service as they use the facility. We definitely should try to get together again soon.

  6. You're ready for this already after doing the Lego party? You're amazing!

  7. I cant waitto see what else you put together for theparty! A shark theme is awesome! :)

  8. Could you email me the shark template? I've tried on both mine and my husbands account and can't seem to get it to work.

  9. Hi Allowry, I tried to email but your email is set to noreply and your blogger account didn't show one :(.

    I'm sorry if you want email me and I'll add you on to the spreadsheet so you can print :)


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