Thursday, December 27, 2012

I promise I will always cut them ...

As many of you know I volunteer all the time, I really enjoy helping out and something are easy for me to do.  Baking is one of those items, then the other day ok a while back I volunteered (and now just doing them before the PTF president had to shoot me) to help sort and cut box tops.  When I opened my mouth I thought how hard would it be to cut a few hundred that was until I received the BIG bag that needed to be sorted and cut (I swear close to a million ... ok a few thousand).  That couldn't take long right? hehe I was kidding myself, it took me 3 days of working on them for 6+ hours each day.  I looked like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.  I swear from now on when I turn in box tops I will make sure they are cut and also NOT expired.  YUP I will never look at a box top or a pair of scissors the same every again .... hehe!

Here is the FREEZER bag of DONE cut box tops!

The Campbell Label's I sorted out.
I cut half then gave up ... lol!

Have a wonderful day, just had to share so I can save the next dummy who volunteers for that job ... lol

Funny Family Ecard: If there were 'Box Tops for Education' on wine labels, my kid's school would be rich!


  1. I bet your hands hurt from all that cutting. I don't know if I would have done it, especially after the first 6 hours and I still wasn't done. You must be a Saint!!

  2. I have a tiny zip lock baggie that I fill and then turn in. Way to go!!! :O)

  3. Since I don't bake too often anymore I only have a few boxtops each month but I do give them to my bowling friend who does them at her boys school. Love the someecards. I need to send that to my friends.

  4. omg, I never thought about having to sort out the expired ones. Awful!

  5. oh man you are awesome for this lol.

  6. wow, that is a LOT of work!! I really admire you!

  7. That's a lot of Box Tops! I save them for my kids' schools and I always be sure to cut them down. Glad I do now, so it will help the volunteer who has to do all the rest.

  8. I am going to cut down the baggie of mine that I have saved right now.

    Our school usually has a contest in the spring and the classroom that collects the most box tops wins a coveted kickball game with the principal and vice principal, so we save up all year to try and win :)

    I am seriously going to go trim mine right now, though.....

  9. That is why I (make my kids) cut them before turning them in! And they really should look into box tops on wine labels, hahaha

  10. I always cut! I volunteered for this once last year, never again!! Love that wine graphic haha

  11. I can relate! I was our school's PTO box top coordinator for 5 years. My hands still ache thinking about cutting some of those buggers! Great program though, we'll worth the effort for our school :). Volunteers like you are greatly appreciated.. Keep up the great work


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