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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gym it's a Shared Place PEOPLE

Ok two weeks in and I'm happy so much to tell you I've gone every day except one day of rest! It's been fun, ok who am I kidding it's sucked but I'm doing it! So during this fun time in my life I've been using the "Hour Glass Room" the room just for woman which rocks. But come on people we have some rules for our shared place please!!!

Music ~ It's a small room don't need to see if we can get the bass bouncing off the walls!!!
(yes I was so old and gave the stink eye to the 20 year old, she finally turned it down after I asked and then guess what she pulled out her ipod and asked if I wanted to have the music turned down more!!! Oh yes thanks for being so kind)

Farting ~ Ok I'm sorry but we must go there, again shared area!!! I don't care if it's silent it's still deadly and I don't want to smell it!!

Clean up ~ Really not even two step that way is paper towels and a spray bottle, wipe the machine off once your done!

Talking ~ Can't you see I'm reading a book, sweating and can barely breath do I look like I want to carry on a conversation!!!

Mirrors ~ Really do I need a mirror that is floor to ceiling in front of me??? I know I'm fat I don't want to see it jiggle!

Spreading out ~ I'm glad you're using the mat, the machine but did you need to spread out all over the floor while your hiting from one spot to the other. And no I don't need you huffing at me while I try to sit on one of the balls to do some exercises. It's not all your space, back off!!

Skinny Girl ~ this hidden room is for us fluffy girls that don't want to be standing next to you ... lol just playing well kind of really why must I work out next to the girl that is like 105 lbs! Just playing (no hate mail please) I'm just jealous that my butt will never be that small.

Grunting ~ this really should be left to the meat heads ... lol

It's been going I don't see really any difference and I can't tell you how much I've lost because I hid the scale so well this last time .... Man Alexis really?


  1. OH luv! Those are some of the things i hated about the gym too...hence the reason i was lucky enough to have a home gym installed... that and i LOVE Turbo Jam that work out kicks butt im telling ya! I rotate my work outs :) i also work out every other day but in the begining i was working out everyday except the wkens and i was doing atleast 3hours a day, i have a treadmil i have a boxin cage i have weights and all the bells n whistles for that machine i have the exsercise ball and what not but i find my work out dvds and the Wii help me alot! I do Taebo i do Belly dancing and Turbo Jam and on my Wii i have the WiiFit and upgrade version of it i also have pilates and yoga :) i find changin things up help alot :) Im proud of you darl!

  2. You are awesome! That's exactly why I joined curves...all women :) I agree that I don't want to talk at the gym either.

  3. That was really funny!! Those are the reasons I do not go to the gym - I'd rather do it all at home and skip that stuff!

  4. This is too funny to read. Love this.. I am still very proud of you my poser friend.

    I have something for you on my blog..

    Tomorrow is Family Friday's if you want to join in.

  5. farting.. fo' real??
    im laughing soooo hard right now!!

    and yea.. the whole talking thing, kinda like being at the dentist.. at some places why do some ppl insist on talking to you.. i'll never understand!!

  6. Too funny! I've never really worked out in a gym. I made it a couple times to the IM at college with my sister, but that's about it. It sounds like it's....interesting....LOL! ;-)

  7. This post is great. Loved it. I do a Moo Monday's post over at my blog and will need to share this post. Thanks for being honest and keep going to the gym. They say it takes five weeks before something becomes a habit... Good luck to us both!

  8. Way to go!

    I don't understand those mirrors being there.

    The farting thing cracks me up. I've been guilty of that. Don't hate me.

  9. Congratulations on your dedication.
    I really applaud your going to the gym so regularly. You know you will start to see a difference with the exercise and the way you are cooking.

    Go Alexis, go!

  10. SO glad you are going to the gym - even if you aren't losing weight yet your body will start to readjust it's metabolism so that is a good thing even if you can't see it yet. Plus it's really about how you FEEL anyway.
    In defense of us skinny girls out there (any we all have our flab, trust me) We like those hide out rooms too because we don't want the meatheads chatting us up despite polite declines and "thanks but I'm married"'s and as crazy as it may sound, we have our insecurities too.

    And really? Can't be bothered to excuse themselves to the bathroom to let one rip? gross.

  11. Congrats on the time you're spending at the gym. As for the "little inconveniences"...what do they say? No pain no gain?

  12. Yuck, some of that sucks. I wish I had your determination. I grunt just walking around my house!

  13. HAHAHA! I love it! Those wretched mirrors!!! And seriously, grunting in the women's gym? Ugh!

  14. At least there is an hourglass room... I'd love that! Remember even skinny girls dont always feel good in their own skin... =)
    So proud of you! Keep it up! xoxo

  15. I just farted.

    There was nothing silent about it.

  16. I wish we lived near one another... I think you ...and you alone... could inspire ME to go to the gym! I hate it too. I hate the mirrors, the sweaty guys grunting, the women that go there in FULL hair and make up???? (never understood that one).

  17. I'm going to start next Monday...yeah, next Monday I'm going to start....and getting up at 5:30 a.m. like you, so that I can get everything done that needs to be done...yep, next Monday I'm gonna start.

  18. Those are all hilarious! I love the one about farting. Heehee. I am so proud of you for hitting the gym. I just can't get that motivated.

  19. This is why I have such a hard time at gyms. I do not like people crowding my space with sweat, farts, or grunts.

  20. Hmm an hourglass room? I like that concept. Our gym doesn't have anything like that but fortunately a WIDE (no pun intended) variety of body types there, so it's fine. And thank GOD no floor to ceiling mirrors. I hate those.

    FYI to see if anything is changing, take measurements of waist, hips, neck, arm, etc. Those will change first, and you'll be surprised that they are changing when you can't really see them. Good luck!

  21. First, let me tell you how proud I am of your commitment - you are such a terrific person and I know you will succeed!!
    Second - you crack me the heck up!! I think not cleaning up after yourself is the worse! Nobody wants to touch your nasty body fluids... eewww.
    Keep up the good work, my friend!


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