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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Vision ... NOT a resolution and a little vent

Pastor Eric Boles (Former NFL NY Jet Player) spoke this weekend at church that we need to pick 3 specific game changers.  Not resolutions you will never do.  So I have been doing some hard thinking on this one.  A few other things that Pastor Eric said the stuck with me is:
"Sad many of us plan are vacations better than our lives" - I don't often take vacations but this is a true one!
So here is what he said we need to do.  We need to write a vision and make a plan.  Identify what and why.  Get over the guilt!  Who do I need to be?

1. Get back to Eating correctly and working out.  I did so well last year and then I went back to normal food and gained some.  Adding carbs and sugar back into my life was a killer.  I want to be a healthy version of myself.  I want to be able to look in the mirror and love who I see.  I don't want to feel like a lump of lard.  

2. Be a better listener with my kids and husband.  I want to be a better mom who listens before snapping and yelling at my kids or husband.  I want to be a patient person who takes in before just pushing them away.  I too often tell my kids to go away that I'm busy.  I want to spend more time with husband and our relationship together.  Work on our communication and being more loving to each other.

3. Finances, get rid of the car that has the blown engine (thank God almost got it paid down to sell it for scrap).  Refinance our house get a better monthly payment.  Use the money that will be saved from these items to get right with the IRS (yes being a consultant can really suck for tax time).  Also with the extra money buy new cabinets and a oven to redo our kitchen.  Along with that we need put in new carpet.  My goal is each pay check buy a cabinet and have the kitchen done here in the next few months.  My overall goal is to move out of this house in a year and a half.

We are suppose to tell these game changers to someone who will hold us accountable, so why not share it with all of you my friends!

And now for my vent!  A year ago I post with LINKS to the post where I found the idea for Valentine Boxes.  Yesterday I got a nasty gram from the girl that posted them that I was breaking her copy right by giving the directions.  I took the directions off with a note why I did so.  Today she went and had Pinterest pull my pins saying copyright.  Her email said she wanted the traffic from my site that she was not getting the traffic she wanted.  I won't put her link her do to I don't want to feed her google feed and boost her up anymore then where she already thinks she is.  Step over Martha there is someone coming up that is more important. lol

NOW I get it, I've made several things that came from my head.  I've seen them on other sites, I shake my head and move on.  SEVERAL people don't link back, I've even seen my photos on other's sites.  I ALWAYS link back or put a note to please let me know who to link to if I couldn't find it.  I understand traffic to your site but I don't get all wrapped up and start sending nasty grams and deleting people's pins.  Some people just get on their high horse and really need to take a look at what is important.

Ok stepping down from my soap box, I kept it clean I had more things running through my head when I got the email and then the email from pinterest about my deleted pin.


  1. Some people are just never happy. Her loss as so many people visit here.
    Good luck with your goals

  2. I say screw her. You made them yourself and have every right to post whatever you want. Just because she made them, she shared it publicly that makes it fair game.

  3. Yes, it's true right? Many of us including me plan their vacations better than their lives. I love your visions and I hope you get to achieve them this year :) regarding the vent, haters will hate. Don't pay any attention to them. We love you and that's what matters :)

  4. I love your goals! I need to follow all of them as well. Getting off to a good start is easy keeping it up is always my downfall. urg. Happy New Year girlie!!!

  5. Wow, she seems really petty. I think maybe she had been burned in the past & was being really overly cautious about her info. But...that's the risk you take being on the internet & if you put a link to her site.....what else does she want?

  6. I love your visions for 2014, wishing you complete success!

  7. Hang in there girl...:)

    Love what your pastor said...great way to start the New Year. I just committed to a half marathon and I committed to 6 others besides myself so I will be accountable. Hoping the extra pounds begin to fall off with all this running! :)

  8. You know what's awesome? You not only made goals... you made a plan! That's better than just blinding HOPING for change... you're making it happen! CONGRATULATIONS for that! You're already on the road to success! Muah!


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