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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spelling Made Fun ... Using Alphabet Cookies

Some of you who follow me on facebook know about a great gal we have that tutor's Cole.  She really is a saint with Cole and has found different ways to help him want to learn with his ADHD.  She actually did a bunch of internet searching to find ways that help kids with ADHD learn.  She came up with this really cool and inexpensive way to learn his spelling words.  He loves this game and really it's fun for him.  I take no credit in this but had to share.

She went to the dollar tree and picked up a box of these alphabet cookies they are in a rather large box so you have several letters in there.  She then lays them out and he spells the word and she confirms if he did it correct or if he needs to redo and grab a different letter.  So much better then the pen and paper I was doing and the stern look to get this going dude :).

Spelling Test on the fridge!!!

More fun things to come :).

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  1. I was just reading a quote tonight... Something like... If a child can not learn the way you are teaching then teach the way they can learn. So wonderful when you find a person or method that hits home. I wish more people took that extra minute, that extra step to reach out for someone.

  2. Congrats to him on such a good grade! That's a fun way for kids to learn spelling.


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