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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We end the year with Melting Snowmen Cookies

2014 is coming to an end and we'll be welcoming in 2015 here tonight. Usually I do a year in a review but that will have to wait until tomorrow and we can start the new year with the most popular post.  My bestie asked that I make her some of my frosting and sugar cookies. Her mom loves them and she wanted to make Melting Snowmen Cookies for her Christmas gift. I had to work the week of Christmas and a few hours on Christmas Eve so time was tight but I wanted to get these done for her.

What you Need:
Frosting (I used my go to Sturdy Buttercream Frosting)
Baked Sugar Cookies (I used my go to Best Sugar Cookie Recipe)
Large Marshmallow
Food Writer Pens
Mini Chocolate Chips
Black Food Gel

Mix up the your frosting, above is my favorite that I use for all the cupcakes and cakes I make.  It can stand up if you leave it out during the party.  

Bake up your sugar cookies, these are requested every time by my bestie.  They are very soft and oh so yummy!  Above is the recipe.

Then I moved on to the Snowmen heads.  I took large marshmallow's and decorating them. I used Wilton food writers to make the faces.  I didn't have a orange for the nose so I first outlined in yellow and then red over the top to make orange (BAM I did learn something in school). 

Now on to decorating the cookies.  One you frost the sugar cookie you can add the snowman head.  You can add mini chocolate chips for the front of the cookies.  You can add the black gel for the arms and if you want you can add a scarf. I did one but ran out of time so I didn't do anymore. 

Happy New Year's Eve!
Any plans?

Thanks for Stopping by!
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  1. Cutest thing ever. I absolutely love how they came out.

  2. Those cookies really look fun to make! My daughter would love them!

  3. Those came out so cute and I didn't know they had food markers!

  4. oh these are so cute and yummy!! these little melting snowman are perfect for year round snacking and general cheering up :)

    1. Ohhh congrats to you Alexis! these super fun, cute and yummy cookies will be featured this week at Snickerdoodle Sunday!! Stop by for a cookie :)


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