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Monday, November 4, 2013

Personal Gift Idea .... New Job Gift Basket

As most of you know I love to give a gift basket.  There is just something about putting together a gift with things that you know will bring a smile to someone's face.  I love spending time and finding just the right items for each one.  My friend in my Women's Group at church got a new job.  It was a HUGE opportunity and one that I know she had been praying on.  I was so excited and wanted to give her a little something for her first day.  I went to pinterest and found a few ideas from D.I.Y. Louisville and Darling Doodles.  I took these ideas as my spring board and created my own basket.  Next time I may find a cool bag with the person's name embroidered on it.

What you Need:
Notebook - For Taking Notes
Highlighters - For highlighting important notes
Pens - because they always get stolen
Fruit Snacks - When you don't want to walk to vending machine
Calculator - To add up the big bucks you'll be making
Binder Clips - Bind your lips if needed or reports it's a toss some days
Creamer - When you need to take the edge off black coffee
Aleve - For those days that won't end
Book - Stories of Faith when you need a pick me up
Candle - When you need a moment
Lotion - To keep hands soft from all the paper cuts
Room Spray - When the boy funk gets too much
Lip Gloss - In case a cute guy comes by
Gum - When you need a little chewing to keep you awake
Altoids - For anyone with smelly breath
Chocolate - When all else fails eat some!

I had this all wrote out on a nice little piece of paper (totally forgot to put it in basket .. lol).  I put this all in a nice basket and added a little cute smiley dude and wrote Congrats on your new job.

Thanks for Stopping by!
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  1. So thoughtful of you. I am sure your friend loved it!

  2. Love this! Gift baskets (this way, more personal & having picked the insides yourself) are my favorite! I love giving them to people.

  3. You packed all sorts of goodies into this one. Love it.

  4. What a great gift for someone! Your so sweet.....

  5. what a great idea! I bet she will love it. I know I would! I love the idea of room spray 'cause sometimes......whoa nelly!
    Have a great day Alexis!
    Blessings, Joanne


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