Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge Bound .... Oh lord give me strength to get there

Are we leaving, yet? Yes that is what I've heard since 7:30am this morning!!! Yes it never stopped, I thought I'd get to sleep in have so peace and quiet do a little working and then get everyone up. But no such luck both boys some how ended up in my bed this morning which a huge thing since Caden still is in the crib, yes big brother "helped" him out. Wasn't that sweet? I then tried to get to work on some data entry to get caught up. By the time I finished I think I threaten that we weren't going around 12 times! I was begging from strength not to pull out my hair or duct tape them to the wall. What Rick bought the pretty pink kind, it would be ok right?

So I think I have the boys packed, one broken DS later, a lot of crying oh yeah the boys were crying too! Oh I guess I need to get packed myself right? They'll have an iron there right? Ok I'm getting off right now, I'm going to finish packing and get in the car. The idea was to be there at 1pm right? LOL I know it's after 2pm now and it's 45 minutes there and I still need to stop by the grocery store to get some food oh yeah and some deodorant! Yup I'm ready to go!

Check out see I really do use all the items I review, check out what I packed:
Left to Right (no order of what is best, just what I arranged) -
Ok I'm going for real now! More pictures to come, you know this crazy picture taking mom!


  1. Your kids will love the great wolf lodge. We've been twice and my kids have had a blast. We went once in June and then another time in December. I must say we prefer going in the summer. During the winter you freeze even though it says it's 80 degrees in there. I hope you have fun! You need to watch the clock at 8 PM when it does it's little show. My kids thought it was great.

  2. Have fun poser...

    Can't wait to hear how it all went...

  3. Have fun. I hope you LIVE through it!

  4. Are you there yet?
    Most lodges don't have irons. I always pack a small travel iron.
    Hope you get lucky, that's about having an iron that is!
    Have a great time.

  5. I've thought about going to great wolf lodge but my girls I think are still too little. Hope you have a great time and getting there is always the hardest part!

  6. Details, details...I want the whole scoop!


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