Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pee and Electrical Outlet DON'T Mix

Caught you attention didn't I? So before I tell you what I mean (I know what a tease) I wanted to say sorry that I'm not putting up day 2 of Great Wolfe. Today it reached a very warm 102! I know I live in Washington we are known for cool days and rain, some how someone didn't get the message and we're dying here! So needless to say the 2 1/2 hours I spent trying to figure out how to do a stupid slideshow, anyone know an easy way please let me know. So I'm giving a peak into my Monday instead.

So Mondays I work from home, it was a crazy day to begin with the boys we running around being crazy and just driving me nuts. I was listening to myself doing calls (yikes don't recommend that) and comparing myself to another gal. Rick was on the way to work and just happened to come back and go to the back of the house, mind you I was in the front with headphones on. All of I sudden I hear Rick screaming (ok saying not very nice words), Cole came running to me that daddy was saying bad words. I had to run back where I found Rick screaming about a fire! WTH?

He walked by the boys room and smelled something burning, thinking it was a hot day that the TV needed to be turned off. Then he heard a hug pop and moved the dresser to find flames shooting out of the outlet! After putting the fire out and taking the outlet cover off he asked me why is the outlet wet? I'm not sure maybe condensation from it being so hot in the house and musty? Then he got on the floor and saw a bunch of stains and it was wet. At closer inspection yes he made me get down on the floor and smell it. Yes it was Pee! After looking at the boys it was obvious who had been doing this! Yes Cole who is fully potty trained has been peeing behind his dresser every once in a while! Thankfully he didn't get shocked and thankfully it didn't happen while we were on vacation. Yes I took pictures even when Rick gave me that crazy look like hello the house almost burnt down and you're worried about pictures for your blog? Yes I am!!

The outlet after the fire was put out.
Yes that would be the behind the dresser
Yes more food and Pee!
Do you see the underwear in the corner?
Rick testing the new outlet and wires.
Thankfully we had a power strip that saved the TV & DVD player
It's a goner!
What is left of the old cover and outlet


  1. Oh wow....a rogue pee'er? SO glad you are all safe and your house didnt burn down. Hopefully this will be one of those stories you can look back on someday with a round of laughter.

  2. Oh my! I'm glad you're all safe that could have been a disaster!Very interesting choice on Cole's part to decide to pee there. Maybe he was marking his territory?

  3. OH MY WORD... that is some scary stuff right there!!!! Glad it all turned out OK... that could have been a disaster!!!

  4. wow. now that is a story for his wedding.

  5. So now you have to tell us what in the world possessed that child to be peeing behind the dresser. That's the funny part. So glad your hubs found out when he did. Oh yeah, picture for the blog would have been my priority as well. LOL

  6. oh WOW! just wow!! im really trying... for your sake, to not laugh to terribly much. But im so glad that everything was alright!!

  7. Oh my gosh girl! How scary! I was laughing through part of it (the part where you had to take pictures for your blog). Hope everything is ok! :)

  8. Holy Crap! Hope Cole knows better now. If that had been me (or my brothers more likely) we would have very tanned hides for quite a while.
    So glad that everyone is ok and no serious damage was done.

  9. O..M..G.. I'm so glad you guys caught it before it spiraled out of control. I'm also glad your lil one was ok, though a tiny itty bitty mean part of me wished he would have gotten a little static shock (you know the kind when you shuffle your feet on carpet and zap someone! lol) that would have taught him a lesson about peeing on the wall LOL.

  10. Ren and Stimpy did a cartoon called, "Don't pee on an electric fence." Maybe your kid was just doing a science experiment.

    105 yesterday in Auburn. I'm holding up but the cats are melting.

  11. OMG I'm so glad everyone is ok. Hugs girlie I know you need some!

  12. OMG! Thank heaven for little girls, 'cause that's what I got! :)

  13. Oh my! That is wild! You gotta wonder what kids are thinking when they do these crazy things!

  14. ROFL!!!!!! I can't even think of anything to say, I'm just laughing so hard!! I know these sorts of things happen to people, but it would happen to you!! Glad you took pictures to share, no matter how crazy Rick thought you were!

  15. Wow, scary stuff. I guess I'm glad now that my son just peed in the vacuum.

  16. I'm going to add "peeing in strange places" to the list of things that I just don't understand about boys. It goes right under "must hit rocks with sticks" and "wrestle. Have to wrestle."

    Must be why I have girls.

  17. Oh my goodness..........boys!
    Here's to hoping I have a girl

  18. OMG does he know how lucky he was.
    What in the world made him do such a thing. I am glad that all is well but again OMG! I haven't heard this one before.

  19. Wow! I'm so glad your house didn't burn down! Yikes! That's one for the books, girlfriend!


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