Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Wrap ~ Caden's 2nd Birthday

Well as some of you may have noticed I didn’t post anything on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. No it wasn’t because I was taking some much needed me time, it was a computer giving me a big raspberry! Monday my computer started acting real slow and making it hard to work, so I took it up to my dad AKA Computer Geek. Who found I had been infected by some worm! I got the whole don’t go to sites you don’t know speech. Man all I go to is blogger and gmail and work sites nothing else. Oh wait I do a lot of recipe searches but really not untrusted ones! A few hours on my dads time, and many more lectures and a few grunts he things it is fixed! Yeah!!! Then comes Tuesday it starts acting weird I type and the pop up windows for File etc come up. I give up, then he stops by Wednesday and of course it is working just fine! It’s like when you car makes a noise you take it in to the shop and it doesn’t make the noise until you leave and are far away. Hmm this is how my husband acts when I mention the dentist! Wednesday after my dad leave is starts doing it again. Thankfully I found if I press several command buttons at once I can finish my job I do Wednesday nights. Then comes Thursday, thankfully I did my Round Robin on my lunch break since my computer won’t let me type at all! Yup dead in the water! So my home computer that died months ago that my dad took and said he would fix (you know that was like 7 months ago). Recently I had even started asking him (yes for like a month) to fix it so I could have it back. So he spent all Friday night until 4am (yes my mom and dad drilled it in that he was up until then) working on it. I had the good sense to call in back up for Saturday morning shift I do for the call center. My computer returned to me finally Sunday during the birthday party! Yeah! Here it goes the day of the party! I chose Sunday hoping it would be a nice day along with Rick has Sunday’s off usually so it makes it easy for him not to take time off. I even planned the party at 2pm so everyone could do their normal plans before coming over. I made it simple and easy just a BBQ. I told people don’t worry about the presents really I only want you to come visit and have a BBQ. I even contacted a few and they said they would come! So hang on here is the run down of my overly eventful Sunday!

Wake up at 7am with Caden, Rick told me the night before he'd be up at 8am! So 8 rolls around, guess what yup wouldn't get out of bed said come back at 9am, ok the party is at 2pm we should be ok. So 9am comes and goes, finally 10am comes I go to the grocery store. Of course Caden has a freak out and has to go with me. Thankfully I get home to find Rick mowing the lawns! Good so I start cleaning and setting up, cleaning lady sch for 11am. Of course doesn't show up until 11:35 REALLY!!! Thankfully we or should I say I get a LOT done. She spent an HOUR cleaning the bathroom .. UGH! I know but how can you get rid of someone that needs a lot help, she took onions out of my trash that I threw away (they were gross). My mom and dad show up around 1:30 and bring the most amazing Pirate Ship Cake and my mom carved a watermelon like a WHALE ... I know COOL. Ok running joke mom always does amazing meals that are more adult friendly then kid friendly for the parties. This one was filled with fruit which was cool, but the awesome tuna salad was great but again more adult. But it was great! I made a SUPER yummy Baked Bean Chili in the crockpot. My amazing friend/coworker Jana made her famous devil eggs (I think I ate like 6 ... ok 8 of them).

The weather went from 85 the day before to overcast and nasty. My lovely husband decided when the party started to finally go to the store, and hour later he returns with bark? Yup love him to death but he's on a mission and layed down beauty bark during most of the party. My dad helped me and did the burgers and dogs. Then when it was time for cake my DH decided he was having lunch outside with his buddy. Some days I want to smack him ... LOL. At least the kids had fun and Mr. Caden enjoyed himself. he even stuck his finger several times into the side of cake. Yes that was just his side!

The party was fun but a LOT of people didn't show! Ok I'm going to say it, I have a thing I go to ALL parties. One weekend I went to a total of 5, yes 3 one day and 2 the next day. I always go, not that I'm made of money but I think it's fun to let the kids play and I LOVE some grown up time. Now I understand people can't always make it, but how hard is it to call and say that? I know I'm asking a lot, heck shoot me an email or facebook note anything but what the heck is up with ignoring an invite. Yes this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! I make it to yours can't you take an hour out and come to mine. I'm not asking for a present just come for the BBQ, HELLO FREE FOOD!!!! So here we are 3 days later and still those people didn't call to say sorry, now don't get me wrong ONE person who couldn't come left me a message and emailed! The other ones I'm a little (ok really more than that) peeved off at! EVEN my DH's family that I spoke to FACE 2 FACE and confirmed were no shows/no calls! UGH ... can you tell I'm a little fed up? Yup I told you I'm nuts about RSVPing and showing up to things. Heck I'm the one that got a wedding invite and promptly put the RSVP in the mail the same day. Email is the easiest thing ever afraid I might answer then send me an email. Ok I'm stepping away from my soap box ... LOL.

Overall it was fun and 2 of my friends that are coworkers were super sweet and showed up, yup COWORKERS ... yes they rock!!! Lot's of fun, bouncy house (thank you Tarra), and good food. Plus a computer that works, my life is all good right? Yes I'm knocking on wood right now for stating that sentence ... LOL Who am I kidding it's my life??? Ok you can get up off the floor and stop laughing now! Really enough!!!

P.S. If you want a good laugh check out Caden's cake from last year that made it on to CakeWrecks :) Caden's 1st Birthday Cake is Famous


  1. I'm glad your computer is fixed. Caden's birthday party looks like a fun time. That cake is awesome and the watermelon is super yummy. We're celebrating bdays with the fam this weekend too. I've got to go pick up some watermelon too now :)

  2. That watermelon looks awesome!! Looks like a great party.

  3. What a fun weekend. I hope the computer gets better. I love the cake. I am happy you got to come by the Round Robin party. Have a great day.

  4. First I am so glad that your computer is fixed...I missed ya!

    Second it looks like Caden's party was so much fun! I never realized it until just now but Gaige and Caden are only a few weeks apart in age (Gaige will be 2 on Aug. 1st) very cool! I LOVED the cake precious. I still have no clue what kind of cake we're doing (I know I need to get it in gear) he loves Sponge Bob but IDK.

  5. Awesome party girl :) glad your comp is fixed :)

  6. Looks like the party was fun. So much work goes into them.

    I always go to people's show parties like tupperware, etc.
    When I have one I can send out
    40 invites and get 3 people if
    I'm lucky!

  7. *sniff sniff* you just brought back memories of how having a birthday in the summer gave my mom the excuse not to have a party for me, so I never got a birthday party...yes, I still have yet to have one, or a surprise party...wah wah wah, I know...I also think people to this day use the summer as an excuse..."oh we are so busy, on vacation, blah blah blah", but if you go to theirs then they should go to yours, just a rule...

    I want some of that watermelon, it looks so cool, sweet, and yummy!

  8. glad the comp is fixed... been missing you too!!! sounds like a great time at the party too!!!

  9. I didn't think the monkey CCC was that bad!! What a cool pirate ship cake though! So wait, when did he turn 2? Erik will be 2 on the 23rd of next month. Why did I think Caden was older than that?

  10. Wow you are a busy girl! Happy 2nd to Caden!!

  11. Computer problems are so not fun! I finally got a virus thing for my mac.........
    What a birthday! That cake is fabulous........

    Oh, and funny monkey!...lol......

  12. what a fun b-day!! got my daughters to plan in a week!!! I hate stressing about parties :(


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