Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Mild Frustration ... Hold on let the venting begin!

Some days I would just love to scream, well a lot of days are like that. Thankfully I have many outlets, like 3 jobs that keep me from wanting to cry or scream … LOL. Every once in a while you just have to have one of those days; you know you’re lucky and blessed. I mean (knock on wood) we have jobs (even if I have to work 3 to make up for the cut hours of my normal job), we have our health (even though some days I wish the kids couldn’t talk –joke) and I do have a husband that may be a pain that is there to help out in his own way.

Don’t get me wrong love my husband but he’s a guy and his helping is like going to the doctor, but really do you enjoy it? Who wants to go in get a slap when you have to step on a scale, then you have to wear a gown that your bum hang out and gets cold, you have to justify what you eat and the lack of exercise you do and then you have the fun of being poked and prodded and your gown open as they pull and poke there too. Yup that is a husband they are there to help, but sometimes it’s like they just a pain.

During the birthday party cleaning and doing lawn work is a great example. To his account he did clean up after everyone left. Then came Monday the day I work from home making calls. As you know my computer was returned Sunday, well to do calls I need a microphone. That is just you know a requirement! So of course I plug it in like I’ve always done and of course didn’t work. After 2 hours of frustration and calling my dad who was not so happy to hear about my computer again! Around 7:30am I’m ready to go, that would be when Caden decided to get up! He’s the quiet one, so go right ahead. Then 1 hour later Cole gets up, and since he’s not going to bible camp he’s home with me. Oh joy, maybe I can get a 4th job to afford the bible camp!

That is when I expect my lovely husband who typically doesn’t work Mondays to get up and take care of the kids. I know am I just being silly, right? Who would thunk that we are in this together and I understand he works too, but ugh! Ok he works weird shifts usually until 10pm or 11pm and sometimes later. But then that means that he doesn’t work until afternoon most days, so a little help in the mornings should be too much right? And when you have a day off, a little help please. So of course around 2pm when I’m about to give up on my data entry he gets up. Really dude? Yes of course I went in and bugged him several times, but with out anything no help! Oh wait he reminded me that he did hang out with the kids that is if they came in and hung out on the bed! UGH, see what I’m talking about men! He did finally get up see I was a little stressed and took us to the mall. We’re of course he got something for his phone and I took the kids to the play center. At least they got to run around and I had a moment to read my book and then we walked the mall. I actually got to go into stores I liked and not once did he ask to go into one he wanted. Anyone who knows my DH is gasping! He’s a shoe and clothing whore, his closet is bigger than mine and probably more name brands too! So I guess we’re even? Ok not even but as close as it’s going to be!

Note #1: Oh did I mention that I found out the calls I’m making aren’t turning into anything so they don’t need me to do them anymore. So hopefully they have some data entry I can do on Mondays or I’m going to be scrapping again to pay the mortgage.

Note #2: Caden got a hold of my cell phone about 5 months ago and of course put it in his mouth. Leading to slobber in my phone, and non functioning 3, 6 and 9 numbers! So if you weren’t programmed in my phone and those numbers in your phone # I wasn’t going to be calling you … LOL. Oh yeah plus if you’re a texter you would know that those letters you know def, mno and wxyz are kind of important ones … LOL. So after months of complaining Rick says why you can use my old one it’s the same model just not pink like yours. Wait a minute didn’t you HAVE to get a new one a while back because this one didn’t work? Oh yeah caught you! Men and having to have the newest and best toy! Crap I use mine until it dies!

Wow that was suppose to be a quick post who knew I was still full of (like grams would say) Piss and Vinegar! LOL ok I’m stepping away before I go into more … hope you laughed a little!


  1. Sounds like you are having the same thing as me right now. I wish we could go out and have a fun night out on the town. I hope things get better.

  2. The slobber in the phone killing certain keys sorta made me gag... hehe!

  3. Come over and see you won the Bobbi Brown book on my blog here:

    Please e-mail me your mailing address asap :)

  4. Yowza!! i think that one morning... maybe you should just wake up, get ready, and LEAVE for the day! go where ever you want and do you own thing... then hubby would HAVE to take care of the boys... lol... yea, yea- it'll never happen but you'd so like it!!!

  5. I use my phone until it's dying day also. Yet my husband feels the need to update his at least once a year.

    When my kids were little and I wanted the tiniest of breaks to lie down or something, he'd feign exhaustion. And when he got home from work, he'd go immediately to bed because he didn't want to deal with any of it.

    I should have thrown a dead cell phone at his head. (Plus cell phones at that time were the size of shoes!)

    You are NOT alone!

  6. When it rains, it pours. Must be Murphy's Law?
    Have a glass a wine with me and we'll laugh at the world.

  7. You poor thing........Men certainly can be infuriating!
    Hang in there........................oh man.....
    Hopefully tomorrow will look better!

  8. I so know what you mean. My hubs goes to work out for 4 to 5 hours on his day off from work. I also have to draw him a map to find something for me in the house. We so need some kind of "Mother of putting up with crap" award.

  9. :) My son did the same to my phone when he was young. Then hubby ran over my camera with his car (accidentally) It is funny the time not so much! :)


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