Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Did you miss me?

Well I missed you! Phew that was one heck of a whirlwind. Now I love giveaways and of course because I get to show off pictures and stories of the family with out sounding .... ummm how do I say it ... in your face. Oh what you know I'm crazy like that!

Ok so here it is I promise never to do a week long of giveaways again (fingers crossed, I don't plan on it but you never know). But man that was a lot of work, and I really missed talking about myself ... oh wait I mean my boys ... yup that's what I meant. I'm feeling a little spunky can you tell? Really I've missed my loyal commenter's come back, I love ya .. LOL :)

So yes I know you're on your edge of your seat wanting to know what I've been up to. I know my world is so riveting! So here it is (insert minuteman voice here):

The previous weekend we had a birthday party each day! One was for my best friend since elementary school (her 3 year old) it was a pooh party. So you know me and my themes, really I'm crazy about them. I think it's the OCD in me, I will do a theme down to the color and what the item is in the bag. So I told the Cole grab everything with pooh, I think we walked out with 30 items. All fun education things like puzzles, books etc. Oh don't think I've found that money tree, it was the dollar store but boy they had some great items there. Yes that is here with the massive pyle of pooh stuff!

The next party was for my cousins 1st birthday party for her son! It was a super relaxing BBQ with just a few friends and family. Cole discovered he could ride a bike, yes he's 5 and no I haven't bought him. Yes it's on the list (craigslist here I come, that or a garage sale). Caden so wanted to be with the big kids and tried very hard but just got frustrated and in the way. It was a lot of fun and a great Sunday. It was very sweet seeing my grandmother with my cousins baby. Being a step child we kind of didn't have that same bond, yes a story will come later on that.

Fast forward to this past weekend. We had Friday off with the holiday landing on a Saturday so it was a great day to hang out with my parents let the kids run around and just relax. Saturday the 4th my dad had Rick help him with the waterfront again so yup me and the boys again. I had big plans for the weekend! I wanted a pedicure and my girlfriend and I had it all set up! Then no Rick, so we had this wonderful idea to let her daughters watch the boys. So you know it was super relaxing getting our toes done, only one call and that was how to turn on DVD. Yup I thought we were home free. Then we get home! Oh boy I almost cried ... you know I'm crazy about the house. Now I'm far from the cleanest person but I do usually have some guidelines. NOTE to self go over rules before leaving home!!

Things we found (yes I'm laughing now) plus I've learned girls haven't changed since I was little TV is a powerful thing. When it's on we sometimes don't see what is going on around us. Case and Point:
  1. Pizza on the carpet (yes sauce side down)
  2. Toys everywhere
  3. Lollipop in the carpet
  4. Mystery stuff all over my suede ottoman (thinking it's pizza sauce)
  5. Pop cans everywhere (1 we were gone only 75 minutes, and 2 I don't allow kids pop in my house)
  6. Pop all over my computer and computer desk
  7. Pop all over the floor
  8. Permanent Marker on the Wall
  9. Permanent Marker on my disk reader
  10. Gum on the wall and carpet and oh yeah all over Cole

Did I mention we were gone 75 minutes! LOL yes I'm laughing now but man oh man I was going to cry then. Thankfully it was the 4th and I could go visit my parents and just relax. Fun day we waterfront hoped between my parents lot and my BFF (since elementary school) and saw lots of friends I have seen in years and even an old boyfriends sisters. Man I wish I would have done my hair and oh yeah lost all this stupid baby weight ... LOL. Fireworks were fun and guess what my camera has a firework button. I know cool! Sad note though Gais Bread owns a summer home across the lake from my parents and every year they put on a HUGE fireworks show. The first time in like over 20 years no show! Man times really are tough :(.

Sunday I had the brilliant idea to go visit my girlfriend in the hospital that just had a baby. On a side note I'm SUPER excited, this is one of my favorite friends we kind of drifted for about a year which made me really sad. So it was great to find her again and get a chance to catch up. Side note 2 kids in a hospital room, no lunch ... NOT such a good idea! Yes I wanted to pull my hair out and put the boys in a wall (not really ... but I was thinking it ... I say it some don't). So that was fun, NOT. Sadly my visit was cut short, but I did bring her a super cute diaper cake!

So there it is wow 2 weeks shoved into one post ... LOL. Missed you all hope all my loyal commenter come back. Miss ya! Plus I have a few giveaways to post the winners, but I've been crazy busy today I promise soon! Muah loves!


  1. you are way too busy for me also find a babysitter for those boys and hit the road toad! :D smooches

  2. hey poser....

    love the toes and the cake for sure. i never know what your boys will do next. oh my what fun day of cleaning i bet. you could show off that cake for my round robin. off to get ready for the library. have a great day.

  3. Daaarrrling! I missed you so! Lookie I even missed a super snazzy BIG TOE! Oh where oh where do the hours go? Don't ask me I never know. Now how about stopping by for a cup of joe?

    Your poetic hiney kissing for the day.. does it make up for the weeks away?

  4. Sounds like you have been very busy! I'm cleaning closets, cabinets, rooms well you name it I'm cleaning it for a garage sale -- since you a have all this energy you can come help me --LOL

  5. When are you going to install that mommy cam? When they invent the robot mini cleaner that comes out of the closet when a mess happens I will send it your way! LOL, oh I am sorry I should be wiping away your tears, not laughing at the situation...so sorry :O)

    Did I tell you that my friend I stayed with in Texas walks around and wipes up after you every minute of the day? Yes, and if you are not done with your glass of water...WATCH OUT...its gone...POOF! Maybe I should clone her for you, lol

  6. Girl do you ever have like a week ok scratch that a day off but really off ;)

  7. Well I missed you! And man are you one busy girl...good Lord I have 6 (No that was not a typo) kids here this summer and I'm not half as busy as you...sSLOW DOWN you're making the rest of us look lazy...lol!

  8. All that happened in the space of one pedicure?

  9. AHHH!! Your life is crazy girl! lol!
    I missed you, but I've been super busy and MIA (except for HAVING to post MSM and WW, can't miss those if I can help it!), so I thought I was the one gone and everyone else was here!
    Oh man, those toes are ROCKIN'! Love it and so jealous! =)
    So sorry about the mess. It's crazy how much one kid can do in 10 minutes, let alone however many kids were there in 75 minutes! WOW!

  10. I did miss you.......though I've been a bit MIA as well! I can't believe I've been in WI for a week.......thank good ness I have 4 more.......
    It was definitely nice to catch up with you.....sounds like a crazy few weeks...........


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