Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Graduation and Just Hot Days!!

First off I start out with pictures of the car that my grandfather bought for Cole on his 2nd birthday, before he passed away. Yes it has been sitting in my garage since then on a top shelf too high for me to reach. After 3 YEARS! of begging Rick finally built the car! Thank the lord now we have 2 so the boys will stop fighting over the cop on, right? Yup I'm laughing too! But it was super cute watching the boys face light up and Caden running around with a wheel, sing "Wheel, Wheel, Wheel". LOL It was perfect!

Well it wasn't a slow weekend yet again! Friday was a busy day at work and when I was done I picked the boys up and went up to my parents to find out what special treat my mom has for Cole. That would be a new Spiderman Bike! She pickup a bell ... thanks mom just what I need more noise in this house! She previously bought him a spiderman helmet and pads when she bought him a razor. Can you say first grandchild and spoiled rotten. Well we already knew he was rotten but to give him gifts on top of it? Now only I could get my parents to be those grandparents that have sleep overs and babysitting ... LOL. LOVE my parents and they take very good care of my boys, just not many babysitting hours there. Hey I will take what I can get! Cole gets items I could never afford and Caden gets them passed down! Can't beat it!

Saturday got up at 5am to work for the call center it was the first weekend of getting my calls recorded and I was so nervous! I know my script and try to stick to it as long as my callers stick to it where doing well. But you know my life it never goes that way, so of course almost every caller wanted to get me off track. LOL at least I had a good amount schedule, so off the calls I went and get everyone dressed and ready was the name of the game. Of course the monster escaped out of the house after I got them out of the tub. Caden the no shoe boy, Yup you put them on he throws them off. So guess what happens he got splinters. Yes I'm a bad mom I took pictures of him while he was screaming. He wasn't that bad!

After rounding up the crew rewashed them and even ironed their clothes yes you read that correct I ironed their clothes. I was so frustrated and sweaty from running around that I totally forgot to take their picture. Believe me they were super cute! I got down to my grandmothers house to pick her and my mom up to go to a graduation party. We were early you have to mark that one down! Got to GG (what my kids call great grandmother) and hung out for a while. I LOVE my grandmother but we're just not super super close like how she is with my cousin. So it was a little sad to see toys for her kid there, when we never really went down there when the boys were babies but it's nice that they are that close just sad that my kids aren't really that close. Maybe the future!

The party was fun but it was super hot and the ride up there was oh so much fun! LOL we have GG in the front seat and mom in the back with the boys. Yes that would be a fun ride, those of you that know my family are giggling. Between directions being yelled from the back from mom and GG keep telling the boys to be quiet and behave. Yes it was the longest hour and 15 minutes of my life. Did I mention Jubilee was going on in Seattle and that meant 20 blocks were blocked off to go where we had to go! UGH, it was so hot and the day flew by we stayed a little later then planned and I must say the boys did very well for 4 hours and being the only kids (yes no kids). Oh did I mention the boys got up at 6am and had no naps! Yup I say we did very well for no naps and just little snacking here and there! So congrats to my mom cousin's daughter that is going to Korea to teach English. She may go to where our exchange student was from!

Sunday was a nice day I had the chance to talk to an old friend and was able to talk on the phone for an hour! It was fabulous catching up. We even hung out at my parents house to get the Bell I "forgot" for Cole's bike. Thanks again mom! Visited with some of my favorite gal pals too! Even had a picnic outside I think the gravel in the kids playbox ate more of the mac n cheese while they dug for the hotdogs ... LOL.

REMINDER!!! I have an AWESOME Audio book giveaway up that is a book I would recommend for everyone! It's a true reminder of 2nd chances and the angels that are around us to slow down and appreciate what is important in our life!


  1. Really your parents do not watch your children over night. My husband's parent have been waiting for the first sleep over and they got it. We have that car also. Love the slip and slide. Thanks for my Birthday wish...

  2. i think all kids get that car! and im with amy... i cannot believe your parents wont keep them over night!! though of course i have no kids yet... my parents are all about being wrapped up with the other grandkids all the time... or- maybe your parents have the right idea... lol

  3. I couldn't concentrate on anything else but the slip n slide LOL... what a fun (and dangerous!) toy LOL

  4. Sounds like adecent weekend! The bell is for his bike right? sounds like an outside only toy to me!

  5. You are so busy girl. I guess I am really getting old because I could never do all that stuff. I use to!
    There was a time in my life where my kids were in two different day cares, winter weather with snowsuits, and I worked full time.
    It burned me out. Enjoy being young. So what is the call center?
    Also, I love people who iron, that's how I was brought up and my kids iron too! Nice reading a post about your family.

  6. I am jealous of all the stuff you have to run around and do, and if I was there I would split the list with you and become your assistant and cook!

    Those boys are adorable, and this grandma would babysit, and take one of them on a trip or two a year...I am tapping my fingers Aaron, my son :)

    Sending you some extra energy out on a nice summery breeze...

  7. Hey Lady, I don't know where you find the time to do what you do and then write and nice healthy blog about it. You are my SHERO!!!!

  8. Love that car :) and all the other fun things you got LOL hope little guy feels better!!!

    Promise you'll relax next weekend or we are kidnapping you LMAO!!!

  9. Slip & Slides are way fun! And yes, no naps and doing that well is amazing!! A little relief for you in your crazy life, right? =)

  10. My husband's mother only kid my kids when I had to go to the ER once. My parents, who don't live very close love having my girls. I miss them like crazy when they are gone but they love the time with the grandparents.

  11. in the box for 3 years? Don't know anything about
    Cheers, lady......


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