Thursday, July 16, 2009

Naturebag Review & Discount Code

One of favorite seasons is summer, the beautiful flowers, the sun ... oh who am I kidding? It's because the kids can go outside and stop complaining that the DS isn't working or they already watched that DVD! Come on kids you're lucky you got what you have, but nope they always want more!

I'm so excited to find something that keeps the boys busy and outside! We received the naturebag which Cole immediately claimed as his own, thankfully Caden is still too little and we didn't have many complaints. The naturebag has 20 activities in it and believe me it is hours of fun. The day the naturebag arrived we headed up to my parents house, they have tons of fruit trees, a grape harbor and a huge rose garden. Yup the best places to find little creatures! The some of the items in the naturebag are a rubberwood magnifying glass, recycled notepad and a recycled pencil which Cole took right out and head out in the backyard. Of course telling the rest of us to keep up. First off we saw a lady bug which was so pretty and of course walked not even 2 steps and found 2 more, lots of spiders and a few other bugs. Thankfully the raccoon who lives under my dads barn stayed inside, along with a few snakes. If they would have come out Monnie (my mom) would have ran screaming like a little girl, yes I would be right behind her!

We spent about 2 hours walking around the yard as Cole ran around pointed out every bug and bush he could find. Who knew one backyard could have so many things out there. Really my life is so busy I don't even really stop to smell the rose, I know what a cliche saying but really 3 jobs, 2 boys and you know just being mom I don't have a lot of down time. So taking time to just walk around and watch the boys adventurer and learning their surroundings was truly amazing. The naturebag wasn't only good for them, but for mom too ;).

I'm happy to report that the naturebag hasn't only seen my parents backyard a few times, but daycare also. We of course have to take it each day and the kids run around finding things, each day I get a detailed report from Cole what new bug they discovered! I would recommend the naturebag to any parent who is having the same summer time saying "Mom I'm Bored".

You can Buy the naturebag for $39.95 it includes:

all season activity booklet
soy-based crayons
2 leaf viewers
hemp twine
8 colourcards
organic cotton blindfold
recycled notepad
rubberwood magnifying glass
recycled pencil

naturebag has graciously offered my readers a 10% coupon off. At Check out enter the code: CRAZY2 for 10% off. Believe me this bag is worth every penny, you'll have your money's worth within the first day! Did I mention they also have FREE Shipping across North America? Oh I didn't well check that out 10% off plus no shipping, you know it I bring you all the deals :). No go out buy your naturebag, I can't wait to see pictures of the kids or heck even you outside with nature!

Thank you again naturebag for the amazing bag, I have a feeling my summer is going to include a lot more bugs :).


  1. What a great idea. I put the link into my favorites because I am always in need of ideas for nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews. Also I have friends with children. Maybe because of the discount I better go and order a few today. Your pictures are so beautiful.

  2. this looks really cool for kids! happy wkend dear!!!

  3. How fun :) hope you'll have a nice relaxing weekend ;)

  4. That looks awesome! I would have loved to have that when I was a kid!

  5. What a fun way to learn in the Summer have fun.. I would love to have that drink with you some day..


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