Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let the Packing Begin ... Great Wolf Lodge Here We Come (hope they are ready for my boys!)

I'm so excited tomorrow we leave to meet up with a few of my favorite mommy bloggers. Shannon over at The Mommy-Files set up this wonderful adventure and invited me and my family to tag along with 2 other mommy bloggers! I'm so excited to go on a mini vacation, yes it's like 45 minutes from my house but still Great Wolf Lodge is an amazing lodge that get this is a water park also! Ok the ones that know me are going your excited about a waterpark? Wouldn't that mean a bathing suit? In most cases that would, in my case that means suits for the boys and shorts and tank top for me to sit by reading a book! Thankfully I've been sent about 10 to review so I'm super excited to get some rest and relaxation!

I even took Friday off so we could head up early to let the boys hit the water! We check in Friday night and don't have to leave until Sunday! Yeah I'm so excited I haven't even packed yet! LOL I did start to pull the boys clothes out, so my mission is to pack tomorrow ... ok Friday morning? It's only 2 days how much does that have to be right?

Yes I'm so cheap I hope that we have a fridge in the room so we can stock up ... LOL! I've heard they do have amazing restaurants and a buffet that we'll have to work into the budget also. I did look up the prices and was excited that it was actually pretty inexpensive. Plus they have a game that is like Harry Potter that you carry around a wand and wave it infront of different things thru out the hotel to find clues etc! You know I'll be making the boys do that, even though Rick is not a Harry Potter fan. He's just going to have to deal with it!

So the funny thing I must share is Rick has been complaining about all the blogging I've been doing. Then the items to review came in and he was well it's not too bad but now we have a lot of items taking up space ... LOL. So he's been asking for years to go to Great Wolf Lodge and I'm like hello when do ever take vacations? So when the opportunity came around he and I actually moved around work and guess what, we're going to Great Wolf Lodge so in your face .... LOL.

Oh plus it's our 6th Anniversary on Sunday so check it out it's a all in one kind of deal! We haven't taken a vacation since our 1 year anniversary were we stayed ONE night at a B&B. So check us out 5 years later we're taking TWO nights! Yup we work slowly up to things! Heck the last real vacation was our honeymoon, where we had fun and Cole became my souvenir I took home ... :).

So yet another night I'm blogging and not packing ... LOL! Have a wonderful weekend, I hope to post a few reviews and another giveaway before I leave. But don't worry this crazy picture mom will be taking a lot of pictures to show off! No bathsuit for this girl, but don't worry it will still be a GREAT time!

Thank you again Great Wolf Lodge and Shannon @ The Mommy-Files for this amazing weekend away! I even took Saturday off! Do you realize this is the first time I haven't worked a weekend in a very long time (well minus computer issue) but this is for fun stuff!


  1. wahooooooo next time leave everybody at home and go alone! :P

  2. happy early anniversary! I hope you guys have a great time. I've heard nothing but great things about the Great Wolf Lodge :)

  3. Have a great time. We have a Great Wolf Lodge in our city. I've been with the kids to just the water park.

  4. Have a wonderful time!! I'm excited FOR you to have some time off to RELAX!!!!

  5. Oh Lexi I am so happy you are getting some time away! That Harry Potter wand thing sounds like fun, and my hubby and his brothers would love it...what a geeky family I married into, lol! Have a great time, and of course take the camera, and tell us all about it!!!

  6. Have a blast and Happy Anniversary to you. Girl as long as you are together it doesn't really matter if you get away or not.

  7. i am so JEALOUS and excited for you! i've heard about great wolf lodge before... and heard it was awesome! take lots of pics for those of us stuck at home!

  8. Have fun and Happy Anniversary..

  9. I am so jealous! I have been wanting to go to the Wolf Lodge for a sure to tell Brian how awesome it is when you get back so he'll get on the boat!

  10. Happy Anniversary. Have a great time!

  11. Sounds wonderful. Have a great time and I will pray for great weather.
    Happy Anniversay too!

  12. Have a wonderful time girlie :)

  13. I've been reading quite a bit about that place and I know you're gonna have a blast!

  14. Oh, that's wonderful!!! I'm so excited for you. Have a great time and take a ton of pictures. I'll need to live vicariously. No vacation here but think of me as I clean for the coming of the in-laws. Urg!

  15. Enjoy yourself darling! You totally deserve it............
    And yeah, you can pack
    Happy Anniversary too........

  16. Have a great time. We stayed in our own cabin their and it was awesome. Yor children will love the waterpark.


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