Thursday, February 24, 2011

We interrupt your daily sch with SNOW and NO School!

I have sick boys (yes all 3) and now it snowed so no school! I think I may loose my mind today! So I'm sorry my dears no Must Watch Thursday, BUT don't leave me so early since the Oscars are on Sunday I figured I would share some yummy recipes you can take! Hope you have a warm day!

I found this recipe on Allrecipes, I tweaked it a bit using turkey bacon & turkey smokies (which I didn't know they made until now). I think Cole ate almost the whole batch and no one had a chance to eat one ... lol. Next time I'll make a double batch.


Brown Sugar Smokies

Turkey Bacon, Turkey Smokies, Brown Sugar, Finger Food, Snack

See Brown Sugar Smokies on Key Ingredient.

Next on the list was Pizza Puffs I found on Cottage Sisters and tweaked it a bit. These were very yummy but if your going to take to a party like I did they did get a little cool by the time I got there.

Pizza Puffs

Turkey Pepperoni, Pizza, Snack

See Pizza Puffs on Key Ingredient.

And we must end with a yummy dessert and low fat :)

Lowfat Butterscotch Fudge Banana Pie

dessert, pudding, banana, pie, low fat

See Lowfat Butterscotch Fudge Banana Pie on Key Ingredient.


  1. So.....are you hating me right about now??? We have about 3 inches and got the school cancellation call at 7:30...they originally said late start then cancelled it.

    I am excited! :) Although I won't get to go to the Coach Outlet tomorrow to buy my BD will have to wait until next week.

  2. Those recipe card thingies are so cool!!

  3. Your treats are just that. If you have any room left on the sofa save a spot for me :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I dont have a dang printer and I am too lazy to write the recipes out..LOL. thanks for sharing them and hope your boys feel beter soon..

    We got ten inches of snow Sunday night into Monday here.. It was yuckie..

  5. I have got to not stop by your blog wheen I'm hungry! Those smokies look delish. Hope the boys feel better soon. Vodka helps when kids are sick...its for you. LOL Blessings, Joanne

  6. I hope everyone feels better soon! I didn't know they made turkey smokies either. The TO loves them...I'll have to look for the turkey version.

  7. Snow and sick kids? That's just not right. I am so sorry.
    The recipes look great!

  8. So sorry everyone is sick... hope they all feel better soon.
    All of those recipes look so good. Aren't those turkey smookies really good? I found them at Walmart the other day and bought them because Bill has to have lean meat now because of his liver.
    Thanks for the recipes...
    Hope you don't get the germies from the boys.

  9. Do you know what you're making me do? You're giving me COOKING INSPIRATION! instead of saving all these recipes I see, I'm going to start printing them out so I can enjoythem TODAY insteaed of waiting until "someday" when I have "time" (whatever THAT is!)

    So, I have to know... how were those little smokies... interesting.... and the pizza things... ?? were they GOOOOOOD or just okay?


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