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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Weekened Wrap ... Slow Down and the Green Monster will get you ....

So this weekend I took every ones advice (yes all the shouting has finally sunk in). Friday was a laid back night, Rick was still out of town so it was just me and the boys. Well at first it was just Caden and Roy. My parents picked up Cole before lunch from school and took him all over! I love my parents and the things they do, but man can they take him during a day I have him not when I'm at work ... LOL. And yup as soon as I got home they dropped him off! Oh one day it will be just a me day! Well I guess I got some grocery shopping in with just two kids.

Saturday was a super nice day it started out of course at 5am with work, when I was talking my voice started to get froggy. As the morning progressed so did the froggy, well I guess by mid morning it may have been a bullfrog! It was a super nice day and the neighbor kids were out so the Cole and Roy went over there. That was the 1st time I have let Cole leave our yard to play, not that I don't trust the neighbor, well the previous ones that would be the case but FINALLY we got some nice ones with kids not too much older than Cole. Yeah so for 4 hours they played and I only had Caden with me. It was wonderful I checked emails and even did some needed catch up entering giveaways ... what I don't just have them I enter TONS of them!

By the end of the day I noticed my throat was hurting but since I didn't have to yell at any kids I didn't notice until Rick called to say he was going to be late ... yup who didn't call that one? Well at the moment I realized that I had no voice ... WTF, I take a easy day and everything goes to pot! So I had to call in or I should say IM that I wouldn't make my shift for the call center ... which killed me I hate not being the one you count on. I did go to bed and sleep a wonderful night, well that was until early Sunday AM when the boys decided mom needed to be up and of course dad didn't come home until 3am, so guess who gets to the duty. I did however curl up on the couch and relax, well between making breakfast for everyone. I got a late start but that was nice for once. Even though I ran to Wal-mart yesterday I forgot some fabric so I took Caden and off I went. I even went home and laid down again ... yup not feeling up to par. I finally got my butt in gear and headed to my friend Rachael who is an amazing knitter was so kind to help me out. I have a new review/giveaway to be up hopefully if I get my butt in gear up on Saturday. It was one of those easy you can make this name pillow which if you sew would be no problem at all. My vas knowledge from High School Home-ec did not come with a huge amount of detail! As I proved when I showed up missing one of the key items needed!

Yup that would be me, what you mean I don't need just fabric and batting? Oh yeah thread, webbing, stabilizer and all the other tools! Thank the lord Rachael had almost everything, but some of the webbing so a quick run to JoAnn's, we got some webbing and oh yeah look at that super cute monkey fabric I can use too (I know didn't I already pick up fabric?). So while at the cutting table I turn to see .... yup that would be Batman! A grown man and no he was not there for the store he was there to get some help. He was very nice to pose, I was being a sissy and tried to take his picture over my shoulder. Rachael just walked over and asked, image that? While we were out had to pick up some Popsicles for her son and oh yeah coffee!

Finally get back to the house, unpack my sewing machine. Oh yeah did I mention I had a sewing machine in my garage that I bought 10 years ago!!! And I didn't unpack it ever, really it has moved 4 times with me! LOL, so I actually got to sewing. Well after the tracing and cutting of the letters! Who would think my 5 year old could cut and trace better than me? I totally suck but after some close calls of cutting of my fingers with Rachael very sharp tools. Yes she had to remind me several times to cut away from myself. She was so sweet and guided me threw it all. I even was able to sew around the letters, I have learned that I'm super good (well pretty good) with sewing the straight letters, now the curved ones like the inside of the O wasn't so pretty! Finally around 7pm I had to get my butt in gear and go home! Yes I was gone almost 6 hours with only 1 KID!!! It was super nice, almost a Mini day off!

Monday is a holiday day off for almost everyone, me I usually am off from my regular job but work my 3rd job that day. Well with no voice (yes did I forget to mention I STILL had no voice) I couldn't do the calls I would normally do, and I was not feeling good to even get my butt in gear to do the data entry. It has finally happened I ran out of steam, the little green monster stole my mojo and ran away with it. Like I told my boss on Monday the truck that stole my voice came back that night and ran over me a few times to make sure the job was good and done! So well Rick took Cole & Roy along with his friends to my parents house to go swimming in the lake I stayed inside and loved it. No voice and just feeling like a bum I headed back to Rachael house to finish up my pillow. What I was determined to finish it! Oh yeah on the way there had to run to JoAnn's yet again, because I was so sure I needed more thread to finish the second pillow (who was I kidding?). Well Rachael at least got more material to make another pillow, yes she is that good she got one finished another one started while I was there and oh yeah 2 more started before Tuesday!!! Back to her house we go, where I started my project again. Then my machine decided to go in reverse only, my theory was to just turn my machine around and sew that way ... LOL. So Rachael being the amazing person she is took at her power tools and then took my machine apart. She found the problem did a mini solution for the machine so it would at least go forward. Then on to pillow making I go when all of a sudden my machine started to make a cachunk sound! REALLY does my life always have to go this way? Thanks to Rachael and her machine I ended up finishing Cole pillow, Caden's will have to wait until next Sunday! Yup you read that correct I know have a play date for mommy! Sundays will be craft day at Rachael house! I'm so excited one day with one kid, Rick will have to step up for one day. I know I ask so much!

On my way home mom called and invited me to dinner! It was great way to end my weekend a night I didn't have to cook for everyone! The boys even got to run around for a while. Ran home, with one stop at Target to pick up baby items for a guy at work. Totally spaced and had to buy the items for a shower on Tuesday. And oh yeah a diaper cake I had to make too! UGH, Rick even had to help me out, which made him so happy! I finished it all up and even got to bed for 7 hours of sleep!!! Yup another busy weekend just in another way! Plus I only had to work 6 days this week! Ok that's that Tuesday was a rough day, I think I'll save that for another day!


  1. Well you forgot to show us a picture of the actual finished pillow. Funny your friend made 4 while you were working on 1. At least you got 1 done. That's more than I have done with sewing. I have my first giveaway going on. Come on over.

  2. great pictures!! That diaper cake looks great!

  3. Your slow down doesnt really sound like much of a slow down!!!! :)

    But love the pillow!!!! Very nice! I'm still jealous of anyone that sews!

    That is hilarious "Batman" was in the store! & love you got his picture!

    Another great diaper cake! Why does your husband look like its physically torturing him to help? hehe!

  4. Girl your posts makes me tired and I just got up....LOL
    Slow down!

  5. What a cute pillow. I love how you got some help with the diaper cake. Love ya poser.

  6. Very cute pillow! Sounds like another whirlwind over on the west coast.........Hang in there sweetie.....

  7. im with rebecca jo.... i think you STILL need to slow down even MORE!!! but i hope you get to feelin better and i really like that pillow too!!

  8. Awwwe
    feel better! Shooo froggie shooo!

    Fun seeing into your life, and is Rick helping you make the diaper cake? More than I can say for my Robert, lol

    The pillow is adorable!

  9. My goodness that's not much of a rest now is it~!
    that diaper cake is darling and the pillow too :)

  10. Oh I can SEE the sound that Rick is making in that picture. He looks like he is just about at the end of his rope (really? to just sit there and put your arms out?) Boys will be boys even when they are men.
    I had fun this weekend - looking forward to more sewing on Sunday - hopefully with no more machine catastrophies.

  11. Great pictures as usual and a very busy weekend. My weekend was so relaxing which is way unusual and much needed!

  12. Ok was that suppose to be relaxing and slow? :) Mine was much work to be done after a slow last week this one started so busy!

  13. YOU WON!!! Come over to see here:

  14. I love those little pillows. I would love to get one for each of the kids and my fur baby. Anyway I have a review and giveaway up and should have another one up by tonight. TFS

  15. Dude Rick is totally redeemed for wrapping the diaper cake for you! AWESOME! SO on the diaper cake do you roll the diapers then tie them with ribbon? How do you make them stay rolled up until the outer ribbon is on? I can cook like a mofo but crafting I need a bit 'o help!

  16. The pillow and diaper cake are both just adorable! Rick looks like he is sleeping on the job. LOL!

  17. So glad you finally got a little break, even though you were sick for it to happen!! LOL!! The pillow is so cute, and wow, you did a great job on that diaper cake (Rick too!).
    What's the story with Batman at WalMart??

  18. Seriously girl.. sometimes I wonder... what would Alexis do if she had a "normal" day! LOL!!!!

    BTW.. love the pic of him helping with the diaper cake!!!

  19. What a weekend! I hope you're feeling better now!

    I love how Cole's pillow turned out! It is super cute! I would SO be making those for my kids if I sewed-LOL!

    Rick looks about as happy as Rich would be! LOL!

  20. Crap! I'm getting tired just thinking about it! Yawn...time for a nap.


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