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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Gift to Keep a Loved One Toasty (or of course yourself) ....

Do you know someone how works outside year round? Or heck even when taking the dog for a walk I need a little warmth. Oh yes there are you NUTTY people that think snow is fun and actually spend hours out playing in it, yes I think you're all crazy. I would be in the lodge with my hot cocoa! But for all you that either are outside or know someone that does I have the perfect stocking stuffer for you to pick up! HeatMax has so many options that can fit anyones needs. They have these great little toasti toes that come in a small size that last up to 6 Hours and a large insole size that last up to 9 Hours! Yup those are for those crazy people that are out there for hours :). My dad is the perfect person for this stocking stuffer, he's always out side tinkering on the hottub or his smoke house. And for us who like to keep our hands warm you can get hand warmers that last up to 10 Hours that can fit in your gloves! Oh yes now that is what I'm talking about when I go outside to watch the kids play in the snow ... or while I wait for the car to warm up to take Cole to school. But wait I have one more and you know why I love this one it LAST up to 18 Hours!!!! Oh yes it's perfect it's larger and can keep your hands & Body warm. Yup I found a winner!

So When it looks like this outside:
Stock up for yourself and loved ones with these!
You all know you need a few extra gifts to fill the stocking! For around $2 you can make someone's day warm and in my life that means the world! Coming from the girl that always sleeps with long johns :). Now don't waste a moment head over and pick up some Hand Warmers & Foot Warmers!!

Disclosure – The product featured in this review was provided to me free of charge, by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. What a great idea! I'm always freezing when it gets below 30 degrees. Somehow the dogs have no problem going out an barking anytime day or night though.:)

  2. I need some of these right now. It's harsh out today and then the wind chill brrr. These sound great!! Maybe I can find some in my stocking if I tell the hubster:)

  3. You are all about the warm today, aren't you?

  4. Great idea!
    I don't like my feet to be cold.
    I usually sleep with socks on my feet.

  5. Thank you for the link. They sound awesome. No one likes being cold!

  6. I saw these at CVS the other day and thought about getting some for hubby!


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