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Thursday, December 23, 2010 Photo (5 Winners)

Do you realize that tomorrow is Christmas Eve?? I know it is throwing me into a tailspin right now. Guess who comes to visit on Christmas Eve? You know it Santa does! All the stockings are hung and ready to be filled by a special visitor! Need a little proof for the little ones? I have just the right thing for you!

I have had the BEST time finding the perfect Santa photo for the boys. It was so easy I took a picture of the place "where" Santa will visit. Like in front of the stockings or in front of the tree? Santa always fills the stockings at our house and leaves one unwrapped gift for the kids. Since the kids were up I picked the empty stockings to take my shot (yes I even remembered to turn off the tv to get the whole effect.

I then uploaded my photo to and got to work. The only hard part was picking the pose for Santa and the boarder I wanted! They have 20 (YES I said 20 different poses) of Santa to choose from. From bending down, to saluting, reading a book, feet to be coming out of the chimney and even one of him sleeping :).

For $9.99 you have a memory that will last a lifetime along with making the little ones day when they wake up to find that photo out. I can't wait for the boys to see it I know they will be so excited. And get this they even make a video with your shot in the background and Santa moving around the still background. Yup you got it, it's like you set a camera up to catch him in the act! For an additional $4.99 you can purchase the video, you know I'm so getting that also!

Now you picked your Santa pose, your boarder and you've paid. Next is to print it out, you don't have a printer at home? No problem they actually have a button that will send it to your local Walgreens (1 hr photo)! Yup how could we make it any easier ....

WELL ... FIVE of my lucky readers will win a code for one free print ($9.99 value). And just because we want everyone to have this for Christmas morning I have a coupon code also!!! At Check out enter the Code: MOM for 25% off your order!

And for you who like other holidays with a photo they have Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy & Cupid!!! Oh WAIT for you Lady Gaga fans they have a special Lady Gaga & Santa :).

BUY IT: Pick up your own for $9.99 (get 3 more characters at anytime for $10). USE Code MOM for 25% off your order!
WIN IT: The FIRST 5 (FIVE) people to comment with "I Want to Win" will win a free photo!
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  1. I want to win it 4


  2. I want to win it... #5

    Have a great day..

  3. just wanted to say..

    and thank you.. for being such a wonderful and dear friend.. i say.. one day.. we shall TOTALLY meet!!!

  4. Merry x-mas and happy new year.. These are so cool.. thanks for sharing them..

  5. "I Want to Win" will win a free photo!

  6. Merry Christmas to an amazing Family.. Love ya Poser..

  7. Hope your Christmas was fabulous!!


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