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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tomorrow has to be better right?

Well I woke up with the thought that today would be better, but no such luck. Work was crazy, darn my alarm clock didn't warn me! It was a run around day and of course that meant I would get out of work 1/2 hour late. Yup wracking up those points with the kids, I know! If only I could get this super mom cape to work!

I pick up the Roy and head to daycare and grab Caden and Khari. This is where the fun begins, if only you had a youtube video of me trying to fit her monster of a booster seat in. Ok really it's not that big it's just with Caden big seat and Cole's booster seat on the other end trying to squeeze one more seat in is really pushing it. Plus the non removable drink cup holder on the side that of course points towards the door. I think after dying of laughter Grandma Pat took pity on my and brought me her booster that is like Cole's with no back. Yup that fit right in, a little crocked but hey 3 car seats in the back of the car is a lot to ask of my poor car (I'll have to send a picture of all 3 of them it's actually comical. So I strap Caden and Khari in and think I'm so ahead of the game. I close the door and look down, oh crap now where am I going to put her booster and her bag and 2 blankets. I open back up the passenger door throw the blankets in and shut the door quickly (praying that it doesn't hit anyone in the face). Then I open the back of my car to remember I have the wagon back there along with the towel cake for the shower. So 15 minutes later I rearranged my back to the best of my capability. We then get in the car and head towards Cole's school, when I look down at my gas. Oh yeah the light goes off in my head reminding me that the light came on earlier. Geez I just don't think I can have a smooth day ever, my life is just crazy and the people around me just are going to have to deal! Sorry did I get a little touchy there, must be the day I'm having! A quick gas stop and off to pick Cole up. I should have known today was going to be a bad day, I walk in Cole runs to me and clings to my leg. I look down "what did you do?". We get over to his locker and his teacher stops me to tell me that Cole got in trouble in class today. They had group time and Cole wouldn't sit down or listen, so he got put in the corner. I knew the last week was too good to be true, my little monster has shown his face. We walk out and Cole's in tears, at least he feels bad about acting up that is a step in the right direction.

We finally get home and unload everyone. Cole and Khari hit Cole's room and I mean literally hit his room full force, most days I would be stop jumping on the bed today I just wanted to get dinner done. Tarra showed up a few minutes after we got home and I was stumped for dinner. After looking thru my cookbook for 20 minutes I went to the old standby spaghetti. It was so nice having grown up talk while I cooked dinner. It was a GREAT dinner, most of the food stayed "around" the plates. I won't even mention the floors, they so badly need to be washed I need help maybe I can get a house cleaner again to help me out?

After dinner I cleaned up while the kids ran around like wild horses. Tarra was such a sweetie and helped Cole make his lunch for the next day. A quick bath time and clean up of the toys and I think I'm done. Tarra and Khari go home and I think I'll get a little down time. Rick was exhausted and went to bed, Cole fell asleep on the couch and Mr. Caden was having a rough time after a 1/2 hour of crying not wanting a bottle he fell asleep. I sat down to watch my shows got 1/2 way thru Bones and the DVR had a problem and stopped recording, so I start ANTM and that also got 1/2 way thru and died. Well if only I could watch the first half of one and the last half of the other, instead I got the first half of both. No clue what happened on either :(.

Well I guess it's time to go to bed. Then I remembered crap I didn't get Cole's show-n-tell ready and we didn't go over her memorize bible versus either. And oh crap I didn't do it with Roy either. Double Crap I think I need to take the advice of the guy at work and get a "House Wife" ... LOL he's wife had a baby and became a stay at home mom, he says I need one also. I'm really starting to think that is true. If someone took care of the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning. I so could handle the homework and everything else! I'm telling you this working 2 jobs and Rick working 2 jobs and 3 kids is a lot of work and the math is just not adding up! I think I need some sleep, I need to get up and get Cole's Show-n-tell ready along with Roy's Breakfast and oh yeah go over the 3 clues Cole needs to talk about his Show-n-Tell. Yup I have no worries about this! Keep praying for me I think I'm going to need any help and good karma coming my way!

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