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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Party ... Minecraft Music CD (for Gift Bags)

Next on the Minecraft Birthday Party train is items for the treat bag.  I saw on Pinterest a few pictures only (so no one to give credit to) of a CD.  I so can do that, easy enough.  We already had some Minecraft songs downloaded on Apple iTunes.  I found Covered in Blocks which had 8 parody songs ($8.91).  I took the 17 songs we had on iTunes and burned them to CD's.  

I couldn't find a Minecraft CD template so I downloaded the Avery CD template and added my photos and words.  Now when I worked for the plastic surgery clinic I was a CD making machine.  We would make our own CD's and attach labels and I would use the CD stamper that put labels on straight etc.  This time I just very carefully added the labels to the blank CD's.
What you Need:
Blank CD-R
Blank CD Labels
CD Sleeves

I opened the Blank CD in my computer and dragged the songs from iTunes onto the CD and clicked burned.  For the label I went to Google Searched Minecraft PNG images. PNG images have a blank background (not white that most images have). I copied the images and added to the CD template.  REMEMBER that you have a hole in the middle so be mindful of how the pictures are placed.  I added Cole's 10th Birthday to the bottom of each CD.  They turned out pretty darn cool.

Any Themed Parties planned?


  1. Very cool! I think we are going for a Minecraft theme when we have the boys joint party in August.

    1. You let me know if you need any ideas :)

    2. What if I don't have ITunes? Is there another way I can get the songs? I run my own daycare and the kids would love to listen to their minecraft songs in the car. I have to admit I like most of the songs myself. I have an android if that helps you any. Thanks so much for your time.
      Mom Winchell

  2. I'm sure the kids will love having a fun CD

  3. Too fun! I bet the kids were pretty excited to have their own CDs to listen to. I know Morgan gets excited to have her own music! :-)

  4. What a cute idea. I used to burn CDs all the time but never made awesome labels like this one. That is too cool. Thanks for linking it up to Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  5. Hello! I love the CD's! Did you happen to post a link to how I can make them? Thank you!


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