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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making the Most of a Labor Day Weekend

Saturday after I finished up work we headed back to the zoo (this time with shoes that stayed on).  We played for a while.

Blogger Pics1

We then watched the shark’s feed which was very fun which we also heard the lady talk and teach us about.  We then went to see the rest of the animals and of course feed the budgies as always Smile.

Blogger Pics2

We then headed up to my parents house for a little family get together. Cole was being a turd wanting to go to the water but we had to wait and little Caden took a racket and pretended it was a guitar and sang a little song.  Of course Cole’s little attitude made for pleasant convo by some.  And yes that is my car in the ditch!! I wasn’t able to park in the drive way so I tried to park on the side then slid into the ditch.  Which meant that I had to wait until the guest left to have my dad pull my car out.  So that also meant I had to put up with comments about Cole’s attitude … UGH.

Blogger Pics3

Finally we got to the water.  I called my friend that I grew up next door to, to see if I could bring her daughter down.  So the boys and I crossed across the yards like I did when I was Cole’s age.  The kids had fun and I was able to sit and relax a bit (yes with out my iPad to read a book, I’ve been called anti social … lol)

Blogger Pics4

The kids even went on the tube that my dad pulled behind the jetski.

Blogger Pics5

Caden and I played around a bit, plus a nice shot of Mt. Rainier.  Then another rock show by Caden and my friends daughter, they were “Rock Stars”.

Blogger Pics6

Sunday we went to church and hung out at home.  Monday we headed back up to my parents house for a little swim and my friend’s and her daughter came down to hang out.  We had a little adult time to talk and the kids got to play. Plus they collected this nasty grass stuff that is coming up from the bottom of the lake and wrapping around the dock.  The boys and dad cleaned up a lot of it.

Blogger Pics7

Caden my no go of water boy hung out on dry land playing in the floaty and of course the rocks Smile.  Which he was reminded several times not to throw in the water.  You know how hard it is to explain to a 4 year old that the rocks down there were paid for … lol.  Cole got brave and jumped off the dock into the water.

Blogger Pics8

So There you have it fun in the sun and even a car in the ditch … lol.  I’ve worked all Saturdays for about 5 years now so Sunday is my only day off.  So it was nice to have a 2 day weekend again.  So what did you do this holiday weekend?


  1. Looks like a great fun filled weekend!! Glad the weather was good!!

  2. With how busy and active you are I'd say a little anti-socialness is totally warranted! :)

  3. Glad you had fun! Looks like it was jam packed

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend and of course very busy. Can't believe all the you squeeze in each weekend. You have been spending more time at your parents, hope it's going well. Great shot of Mr. Rainier!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun, busy weekend.

    We went to an all day free concert on Saturday and on Monday we picked up a meal at a local B.B.Q. place.
    We got home late Saturday night so we didn't make it to church on Sunday.

  6. I was day dreaming of the same weekend you had :) you just make me miss the kids all over again, and again, and forth!


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