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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Day I Feel to my Knee’s

Yes this is my blinds and sadly this is the last of my worries for Thursday.  I was brought to my knee’s with fear and Thank God it ended the way it did.

Let me back up, the day started out on a good note.  Cole was easy to wake up (which usually is a bear to do).  He had been having a great week at school with his focus and for you who follow me know that this is something that is so hard for him.  So I thought I would do something special for him.  Instead of the egg sandwich I make I told him as a treat I would take him to McD’s for one.  He was so excited for a rare treat.  We got there ordered and then drove away I told him ok one is for your brother so ONLY eat one.  He says mom there is only one in here … UGH.  Then I take a sip of my coffee to find it is black even though the lovely sticker on the side said cream and splenda.  So I go back to find a HUGE line, of course I was in PJ’s and didn’t feel like going in .. UGH so instead of the 15 min early for Cole to adjust before the bell (which he needs) we were 5 min before.

Go home start to work the neighbor’s son had a doc apt so her other son came over and him and Caden played so nice in their room and in the front under my window of my office that I watched them the whole time.  His mom text me she was home so I told the boys they could head over.  I watch them walk over and go back to work.

5 minutes later his mom came over we are talking both thinking the kids are at each other’s house.  Then PANIC set in they are gone.  I walk up down street screaming their names.  The worker guy next to my house says “Oh I saw them walking to the main road”.  Ok I don’t want to say it’s his responsibility but as a human if I saw a kid walking where I know they don’t belong since they have worked there for 8 months and know us and the kids. 

So the panic set in we both were in our cars doing circles around the blocks.  I’m on my knee’s praying to God where they are.  I passed a cop car once with lights on but didn’t stop.  Thankfully my neighbor did because he HAD the kids!!!  THANK GOD, our boys were with the police officer.  They said they wanted to go exploring!  We have both ordered ID bracelet's and made a plan we will walk the kids between the house and ONLY play inside until the big kids are home.

I can’t thank God enough no longer are the boys to walk between our house’s with out us, we learned a lesson that even after 3 years of our families walking between that we can’t always trust that they will stay between our houses.  Yes I’m human and I make mistakes and believe me yesterday was taught me just that, so please no rude comments I’m still having a hard time.

On the other side the blinds above are because Jake was inside when I started to scream for the boys he got so upset he tried to get out and was jumping up on my couch to the window and destroyed my blinds.  Rick sadly had ANOTHER tooth ache ended up going to the doc and yet again had emergency surgery to remove it.  Yesterday was just not a good day for anyone.  Rick did send me a sweet text that he is going to help out much more.  Our lives aren’t perfect and we have some cracks but we're working on it!

We also had to install a new blind since that is our front window and I didn’t feel comfortable having my front room exposed like that.

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  1. oh honey..
    i am so so sorry, i couldn't have imagined the feeling... and please have NO guilt- they were just doing something they did a million times before...
    i am SO GLAD it wound up okay, thank God!!! sorry for such a crappy day... hope today is a million times better!!

  2. I could not even imagine Lex! I am so sorry that you went through that. I would have been as much of a wreck as you. Things happen, so don't get down on yourself. This could happen to anyone, even since this routine has been normal for 3 years, why would you ever think there was a crack in the process? You are a great mom!!!! The boys are lucky to have you!

  3. Oh My Dear! I am so very glad that everyone is ok. It sounds like you did not do anything wrong so do beat yourself up over this. I am sure every parent has had/will have a moment like this where their heart is in their throat. Glad to hear you and Rick are doing so well.
    Coffee tomorrow?

  4. Oh sweetie I am so sorry! My heart is in my throat just reading this! Thank The Good Lord that the boys are OK!That man was an idiot for not telling you right away or even better yet stopping the kids and calling you! You are a good mom Alexis there is no doubt about that.
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. How scary mama. Don't get all worked up, I know it's scary but we don't think of things like this. You are an amazing mom!! Try to relax this weekend, you need it! HUGS

  6. Phew, I am new to your blog! What an awful Drama. Thanks for sharing though as I will take it as a lesson to stay super vigilant with my seven year old who goes next door but one to play! I will review the rules with him as a result of reading this :) xxx Glad all is well and I agree however frightening it was we are only human.

  7. So glad for a happy ending. I hope your weekend goes smoothly.

  8. I am so glad they are alright!!! Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm glad they were found safe and sound. I did that to my mother when I was little. I figured I could walk home from ballet class...

  10. Oh I so felt for you!

    Now I have to share sister twin-

    Aaron was on his bike, I was pushing ane in her stroller...Aaron got so self confident he took off fast on the bike and I began to walk faster and faster, but could not keep up. He got out of range and did not hear me calling, he also has to focus to stay with things...he disappeared around the street corner. I began running pushing ane and she is yelling (too hilarious, she was like a mini-mom)
    we get to the other block and he is no where to be found. His feakin bike is laying on its side in front of the 7-11. He is NOT in the store, I freaked out, crying, my neighbor even drove up, a cop and some other concerned people helping me call his name and look. A woman drives up and he is in her front seat crying. He had ran down the other block because he realized I was not behind him.

    Oh I will remind him of this for the rest of his life...needless to say his bike was locked in the house for months before he was allowed to ride it again. Just sayin'...and I did sneak off with a neighbor boy, when I came back mom said she looked high and low, and I said I was on the side of the house the whole time...she never really knew, but was upset! I am still friends with Joe and we laugh about it sometimes...I'm bad...

  11. Unbelievable! I am so sorry they took off like that. I can just feel your panic in my heart. ((HUGS)) Sorry about the curtain and Rick's toothache. Thank God He kept the boys safe.

  12. What an awful day for you. Thank God it all turned out OK. We all make mistakes so don't be too hard on yourself.

  13. Wowzers, sounds like you had quite a day! I completely understand your feelings but don't beat yourself up over it. Even the best of the best of parents have instances where things like that happen.

  14. Oh no! I know the feeling of thinking I've lost a kid but to actually have lost him...I can't imagine what you were going through! So happy he made it home safe!!! And don't feel bad, because it could truly happen to anyone. ((HUGS))


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