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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pick me up reminder

Sometimes when you're loosing weight you don't see the progress or you get stuck.  I've reached the dreaded plateau.  I'm not going crazy over it (ok maybe in my head) but I'm working threw it sticking to my diet and making sure I get my exercise and water in.   So when I get a little down about it I need to remind myself where I started last March.  So here it is a current before and after shot.  Thank you for all my supporters.


  1. You look amazing!! Congratulations!

  2. That is an amazing accomplishment. You should be very proud. Plateaus happen and don't let it get you down AT ALL. You look gorgeous!

  3. WOW!! So much weight lost in such a short time!

  4. {{Big hugs}} You're doing an awesome job!!! Good for you!

  5. You look FANTASTIC!!!

    I hit the plateau when I was about 20 lbs away from my goal weight. I tried everything I could think of to kick start things and nothing worked. I doubled my water intake, ate even less calories, changed the times I ate - nothing. Then someone told me to go pig out. She said that my body was so accustomed to the same calorie intake every day that I was stuck. She said the pig out would jump start my metabolism (and when I say pig out I mean like one meal plus a dessert), so I went to the Red Robin ate a big old cheeseburger, had a butt load of fries and a milkshake and sure enough within a day or two I was back on track.

    it may not work for you(if you even want to go that route) , but hang in there because eventually you will start losing again!!

  6. You look FABULOUS!!!!!
    You know, you inspired me to lose my weight too. I went to the doctor asking for weight loss surgery and my doctor said, "no problem" just drop twenty and I'll request the procedure". I figured if I could lose twenty I could lose 50 and I'm down 30!! Well, 28 after the holidays...
    Way to go Alexis!

  7. You must be doing GREAT because you are looking very healthy. Good Job!!

  8. I really hate those slowdown spots! It probably won't be long til you get past it!

  9. Have you tried pilates? It really helped me!

  10. Fantastic loss. You must be so proud and you should be.

  11. You're doing great. Keep up the good work and keep the positive mental attitude.
    Me and my husband just joined martial arts/fitness combo classes. We attend four days a week. Only two days in and I'm hurtin' for certain. I even posted a horrible picture of myself on my blog, for motivation of where I am now and where I will be in the future.

  12. You are doing AWESOME!! Definitely don't give up as I'm sure you'll be able to break through the plateau and start losing again in no time. :-)

  13. Awesome you are doing so good. I totally understand what you are saying with the not seeing any progress in the diet I am doing the same thing. And I have only lost 20lbs. You look amazing keep at it.

  14. Debby at Just Breathe sent me your website. We have been talking about weight loss a long time and she told me you had lost a lot on some shakes. I just was visiting you.

    I think you are doing great.



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