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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Randomness in my life ....

We've had some fun things and just life going on here so a break from recipes I show you what the heck has been going on her and with us!

First on my list was a little pampering for me!  My offices is now closing early on Fridays, I start usually at 5am (8am their time) and they are closing up at 12p (3p their time).  So it's actually almost a full day so I'm going to take queue on Fridays and leave at 12p instead of my 3p (my time) like usual.  I went and got my toes done, while there I got talked into a mani that I usually NEVER do and then a gel on top which I SHOULD have asked if cost more which was $10 more yikes!
Then Saturday Rick was working the Metro Parks Let's Play event at the Tacoma done which was FREE for kids!  The kids had so much fun!  Lot's of running around!

Then Saturday night the YMCA had a Kids night!  You drop the kids off at 5:30pm and then you pick them up at 8:30am!  Oh yes an overnight stay.  I thought Caden would hate it so I signed up just Cole (heck for $30 it's worth it and $21 for the second kid).  So we picked Cole up his VERY own 1st sleeping bag and he was ready to go.  They swam, played basketball, games and a movie!!  And YES Caden was VERY upset he didn't get to go, Next month he so will be going next month :).

So Caden and I had a date night with a movie Frankinweenie!  Caden thought it was cute and loved he got to eat popcorn in my bed.  Mom drank her water and wanted to go head first in the popcorn but I was good and said no!

We then had Caden's field trip to the Pantages Theater to watch a play on Eric Carle's books! It was super cool and it was only 2 puppeteers doing the whole play I swear it was like 10!

I tried a Pinterest item and it was my first real FAIL!!!


  1. Busy, busy, busy.
    Isn't much gonna get that off your pan but lots and lots and lots of scrubbing

  2. Looks amazing! I really want to get a pedi but cannot even splurge there!

    Looks like the kiddos had a great time! I love popcorn!

    Oh man that pan so it doesn't work at all? Boo I was hoping to do this on some of our pans.

  3. Jeez you guys were busy!!

    I love mani/pedis & yours came out AWESOME. They are worth the money as a special treat, but not all the time.

  4. At my salon, the gel nails aren't all that much more than a regular mani. Since they last longer, I always do that. But toes? No way, I go for the regular polish.

    Poo on the Pinterest fail!

  5. You are so busy!! I don't know how you do it!

    You deserve some pamper time.... good for you!

  6. Busy busy busy, love the red on your nails! Looks like he had a blast at the Y and the event looked like there was so much for the kids, plus free SCORE!

  7. I wish I could get a pedicure! You've been busy!

  8. You are such a busy lady. I like the color you chose for your pedicure and nails.

  9. I love ya'lls movie date. That's so cute!

  10. How are your nails holding up? I treat myself once a month to a manicure. Love them!!

  11. You've been keeping busy! Looks like it's been fun. I've watched a couple roller derby bouts and always enjoy seeing the girls skate and go at it.

  12. You guys have been having a lot of fun! :-) It's great that there are so many activities in your area for the boys to do. This time of year they can probably use it with it being harder to get outside with the weather :-)

  13. Girl, you have been so busy. Love the nails & toes. Looks like the boys are having a lot of fun and that overnight thing is awesome. My kids did that at the bowling alley many years ago. Have a nice weekend.


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