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Friday, May 24, 2013

We End with the Boy Who Cried Wolf Play

Cole's class had their play last night they did a spoof on The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  It was very funny and the kids did great all the kids had speaking parts EXCEPT two.  YUP you guessed it Cole sadly was on of the two.  Talk about dreams stomped on.  We all know Cole is Cole he is very hyper, but if you give him a mission he will get it done especially to please an adult who is not his mom.  He was so excited for us to see the play, then when we got in the car he was so visibly hurt.  He said he was upset he just stood in the corner and didn't say a word in the play.  Poor thing thought if he was on his best behavior at school they may add in a line for him.  Almost like he is being punished and if he showed them he could be good he could have a line.  The mom in me of course wants to go yell at someone that every kid should have one line, come on class of 18 kids and 16 speak. But as we all know this is life, just sucks to learn it at a young age.  We hope and pray if we move Cole to a new school this coming school year he will maybe fit in a bit more, one can hope.

Now to the play pictures!  They did a great job building the set. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.  Not sure if I'll post on Monday, so I may see you all next Tuesday.


  1. Stupid spammer...

    I think they could have come up with two more lines. That was unspeakably cruel to the two children left without lines.

  2. How terribly sad that they left them out like that. It breaks my heart and you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have said something about it, too. That's just not right.

  3. That is just plain WRONG!! Patty is so right, they could have come up with a couple more lines so everyone could have a speaking part. It isn't like the other kids are real actors or anything.

  4. How could they have everyone speak except two children. That is so sad, breaks my heart. Someone needs to report that to the board!

  5. I agree with everyone else! It hurts my heart that only 2 kids out of the entire class were not given a speaking part...especially if they wanted one. aghhh! That really makes me mad b/c I bet you anything that at least one of those 16 would have given up their line in a hot second. If he wanted to have a speaking part, he should have been given one, or they should have made it more fair - like half the class has speaking parts and half the class has other roles, etc.

  6. That had to be so hard for Cole. If I were in it, he could have my lines...I don't like speaking in public ;-)

    I hope a new school works better for him...seems like it's been a tough year in this one. :-/


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