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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dad on the mend again ... We hope for good this time!!

A little update on my dad.  As many of you that have followed me for sometime know that August 2012 my dad was driving along one moment and then the next thing he remembers is a flash and waking up to someone trying to pull his door open.  Dad was in his F250 and a lady came straight at his truck from the oncoming traffic.  She hit him at such force she flipped his truck.  Fast forward to present time, dad has been having tremendous pain in his leg that had the broken femur that they put a rod in to replace and stabilize the bone that was broke (the largest bone in your body). 

Yesterday he went back to the hospital to get his rod taken out since it didn't connect like it was suppose to.  They went back in replaced his rod with a larger rode in length and width.  It's going to be another 8 weeks of no weight on this leg.  But thank God this time he won't be hopping around on a broken foot on the other leg.

The surgery went well yesterday, a lot of pain but hopefully this will lead to him able to walk around with out being in constant pain.  Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts we appreciate it so much!

The old rod removed

We hope to have him home by Friday!  I'll keep you posted on his recovery.
Thank you again for your prayers & thoughts!


  1. I hate that he had to go through another surgery, but I hope this does the trick for him!

  2. I feel so bad for your Dad. Such pain he has had to deal with. Maybe this will be the last time he has to deal with this.

  3. Oh my!! I don't know how I missed that story! Your poor Dad :( Hugs and prayers for both of you for I know how hard it is to see your Father in pain. I hope this surgery will help!

  4. Hi there my friend, so sorry about your dad's new surgery. I hope his recovery goes much better this time and it improves his mobility and No Pain! poor thing! Keep us posted and I will keep him and you in my thoughts! Hugs, Lizy

  5. I do hope that this brings an end to his pain.

  6. Oh man! I did know about your dad because I read about it here before, but hopefully this will be just what he needs and the pain will get better for him. I can't imagine how hard this must be on him!

  7. I am so sorry the first one didn't take and my prayers are with you dad.
    Having to be off his leg again much have him down. Give him a big ((HUG)) from me.

  8. I hadn't heard about your dad's accident! Thankful that his surgery went well and will absolutely be praying for his recovery! *Hugs!*

  9. I hope he is on the mend for good as well! Keeping him and you guys in my prayers! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  10. I hope this takes care of the pain. Sorry to hear he was in a surgery again. No fun! Still saying prayers for a fast recovery!

  11. Wow, that's a long rod! Sorry to hear your dad is still in pain from the accident. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

  12. Best of luck for a speedy recovery for your dad x x

  13. Oh my gosh! That is horrible! I just read the post about the accident. Your dad is so lucky! Thank goodness he was in a big truck. What a scary tragedy. Constant pain is hard to live with, and I hope this surgery gives him relief.

  14. I definitely hope recovery goes well and he'll be able to get around without pain real soon! I'll keep him in my prayers :-)

  15. I can't even imagine living in constant pain (although I do)... but not to THAT degree. :(

    I'm glad they went in to do SOMETHING to help alleviate his discomfort. I'll keep you all in my prayers.


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