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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Girls Just Want to have FUN ... Zebra & Leopard Print Cake (On the Inside)

One of my friends hired me to make a cake for her daughter's 13th birthday party.  You know I love love to make themed items, so when I found out she wanted a Zebra and Leopard print cake.  I found some cool Safari Leopard Print Edible Cake Border Decoration and Safari Zebra Print Edible Cake Border Decoration on Amazon.  Which I knew would be cool but I of course wanted to do something more then just on the outside.  On to the Google Search I went and found a cool idea on how to make a Zebra Cake and a Leopard Cake!

I started with the Zebra Cake (which is my FAVORITE), I found this idea on My Cake School.  NOW you can buy a Duff Cake Mix for this, but you know me I rather make my own.  I started with my moist white cake mix, making 2 batches. One batch I left white the other I died black using Wilton Icing Color.

Zebra Cake
What you Need:
Vanilla Cake mix (or homemade White Cake Mix)
Chocolate Cake Mix (or white dyed black)
Black Wilton Icing (if you want to do black)

Start by dropping 1/4 cup of white batter in the middle of a 8" or 10" cake pan.  It will spread a little. Then measure out a 1/4 cup of chocolate batter and pour it in the center of your vanilla batter. Repeat this process, continuing with 1/4 cup scoops of alternating flavors, each flavor of batter dropped into the center of the previous circle of batter. The batter is thin enough that it does not take long at all for the batter to spread out a little bit.  Continue the process until your pans are approx 2/3 full.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

I found using this cake mix was the best it was a bit thicker then using a box mix (which I tried and was just too liquid for me).

Next on my list was to make a Leopard cake, I found a great idea on Artese Cakes how to do Leopard cupcakes and used that for a cake.

Leopard Cake
What you Need:
White Cake Mix
Orange Wilton Icing
Black Wilton Icing

Make 3 different colors of cake batter, I used a white cake mix and dyed 2 parts orange and black.  I put the two colors in 2 different piping bags and left the white in a bowl.  On the bottom of the empty cake pan, draw spots.  I made circles with orange and then black on top to resemble spots.  Carefully top the spots with white cake mix.  I did this 3 times until the cake pan was 2/3 full.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.  It wasn't as cute as I thought but still I thought it was pretty darn cool!

Let the cakes cool and then you can make your cake, I stacked two cakes with a mouse filling then rolled out fondant and added the strips I bought.  Come back tomorrow for the reveal of the cake.

Here are the two cakes done and ready to be frosted and do the fondant work!

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  1. You are such a genius! I can't wait to see the big reveal - they look SO COOL!!! :)

    So now that I'm back in your neck of the woods, when Princess Nagger decides which party theme she wants for her b-day in November, can I hire you to do her cake? ;) Hunger Games or Warrior Cats or Portal or Minecraft or My Little Pony - she keeps changing her mind weekly, so I'll keep you posted. :)

  2. They both came out AWESOME. I want a zebra cake when it's my birthday!

  3. That zebra cake is amazing. I really need to try it for my granddaughter who is crazy about zebra prints.

  4. I've baked Zebra cake before but the Leopard cake is quite new to me and I like it!! It looks beautiful and I love the colors :)

  5. Those are the best!!! I want to make a zebra cake too!

  6. Wow, this is awesome! I wish I would have seen this last week when I was planning for a party this weekend! I'm having a Magic Mike movie party at my house and this would have been cute to make :)

  7. I love this! Pinned! Newest follower! Would love for you to link up TGIF Link party live now & enter win $500 giveaway
    Hugs, Cathy


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