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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Entering the World of ADHD

As some of you know Cole my oldest had a VERY hard time focusing and just getting his hyperness to a easy level.  We have tried the herbal way, the diet way the just let life be way.  We've been trying and trying and nothing has been a permanent solution.   Now I know this is a controversial topic.  I have had so many comments made to me by parents or people who don't have kids but still have an opinion also.  Let me say you have no idea until you walk a mile in a parents shoes who is dealing with a child that just doesn't fit in.

Cole recently came home in tears because his best friend told him he can no longer hang out with him because his parents say Cole is a bad kid because he gets in trouble in school.  He's not a bad kid he just doesn't always make the right decision or think before he speaks (THIS is a big one).  He tells me mom my head hurt it feels like so many things are going on at once and I don't know what to do.    

Life has been hard I have tried to avoid the whole medication route thinking it would just be drugging my kid.  Finally in a new school and the behavior increasing we went to see a doctor to see what they think.  They had his teacher take a test and Cole scored very high in the ADHD category.  She also said he has a kind heart, does apologize, does not steal or hurt people but he does have a hard time telling the truth and concentrating.

We started medicine on Wednesday.  I got a great report the first night from the teacher she saw night and day in his behavior.  Sadly the medicine wore off early which did give the tutor a run for her money.  She really is a treasure, and she handles him better then I ever can when he get's sassy.  Thursday was a rougher day but the teacher said it is at least better behavior then usual.  So we are moving forward.  

I must say that this has been a long hard decision to come to.  We didn't just say oh our kid is a problem let's drug him up.  This has been a year of asking for help, with the housework, to the tutor to this behavior.  

As a mother I can't stand to see my son hurt or not able to do things like other kids because he can't control himself to be allowed into these places.  We are taking one step at a time and all I can say is we are doing what we think is the best move for him.  I asked him how he feels after a few days.  He said his brain didn't hurt the last two days!

When Cole told me he felt like his brain was moving this
cartoon made me think of what he must feel like.
My heart went out to him.

Please be nice no mean comments, I had to think hard to share this but I hope that maybe I can touch someone else who may be going through this hard decision also.


  1. You are such an awesome mom! And I have an idea what you've been going through - we've been traveling down that road with Little Dude. While he's been officially diagnosed as ADHD and ODD, we've been hesitant to do the whole medication route, but we're just going to have to bite the bullet and move forward with the whole process because it would definitely be in his best interest. And that's what matters, *his* best interest - just like you're doing what you need to do in Cole's best interest. I for one think he's a great kid - hats off to you for being such a great mom. ((HUGZ!!))

  2. You know, you have to do what's right for him and your family. Some people just need medication to help. It doesn't make you a bad mom -you're doing what's best for him.

  3. It's hard isn't it when people don't really see your child ...can look into his heart and see what you see. You are a great Mom Alexis, your baby boy is in awesome hands and with God's help, he'll do just great.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. You and your husband are the only ones who can decide the best path to take with the help of the professionals around you. No child should suffer if help is available.

  5. Oh mom, I know how much it hurts when one of our kids has a problem. I am praying with you that the med will work out. HUGS!!

  6. As a public teacher for almost 30 years can assure you that you are doing the right thing. If your child had a heart problem or diabetes you wouldn't hesitate to to give him medicine for his illness. What he has can be treated with medicines. If the medicines make him feel bad, if problems persist or if he feels too drugged it means it is the wrong med or the dosage is wrong. I have seen many children on medicines for chemical imbalances in their brain over the years . If the medicines are given in the right dosage and at the right time they can do wonders for the child and help them feel better and be more successful. I had a little boy one time who without his meds would literally climb brick walls. A child told me once that he couldn't concentrate because he would hear the refrigerator running and the clock ticking. I applaud you for doing what's best for your child. I have found it is usually by second grade before the parents will realize their child really does need more help than behavior modification will provide. It really can change a miserable child into a happy child. I hope your son will have a bright future ! (Sometimes when they reach adolescence and hormones kick in they don't need the meds as much.)

  7. You are so brave to share your family's story! You know what's right for your child and I agree with the above commenter (Gwen). As a school nurse, I've seen medications do absolute wonders for children. It may take a while to figure out exactly the right meds and dosage, but he will be successful because he has parents that support and love him! Best of luck, I know it's not an easy decision.

  8. The world is full of people who just don't understand. It is also full of people who frown on medication thinking it's the easy choice and that doctors go there right away because of the kickbacks they get for prescribing certain medications. Let me tell you that there are conditions that need to be controlled with medication because these are real diseases. I have been going through this with our daughters OCD for 18 years now. She thinks people will think she is crazy because she takes medication so she wean herself off her meds and all hell breaks loose! Just because it's the brain people don't react to it the same way yet it is no different than me being on medication for severe asthma/COPD or diabetics who need insulin. I am praying that this medication helps him......((HUGS))

  9. Sometimes medicine in the only way. I went to a continuing education course recently and want to pass on the website from the speaker. She is an occupational therapist who has worked in the New York schools for 30 years. I am a PT and have started using some of her techniques on kids I treat as well as my own and am seeing great things. The website is Get Ready To Learn ( and if you look under the products, you can purchase DVD's of yoga-type exercises. I don't know if you've tried yoga or not, but thought I would put some cents in! Hoping the meds continue to help his head not to hurt!


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