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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Frustrations ....

A while back around 2 years ago I did a Valentine box project for the kids.  I do like normal link back to the creator and gave thanks.  About 6 months ago she sent a nasty comment on the post asking I take down the directions that she wanted the people to come to her site.  So I obliged and took down the instructions and made a note why I did so.  Then this week I get another nasty gram from her about the pictures I left up of the kids making the boxes.   I'm not going to link to her here, I just will leave it be.  I'm blowing steam off here.

I so know how it is when you make a craft (unlike her comment that I need to create my own stuff and stop stealing others project ... I do many of my own ideas also) and have someone put it on their site and NOT link to you.  I have several of my ideas that are on other's sites with no mention of me, I just don't sweat it.  There is so much going on to have to make sure I get credit and to pump up my hits to my blog.

Maybe I should have printed out her business card and handed out at school when people asked about the boxes .. LOL.  Every time I go to a party from now on with something I made I'm going to pass out the website I found it on to make sure people get the credit .

I really do get where she is coming from I'm just over it and had to vent.  It has been a REALLY rough week and this was just the icing on the cake of a crap week .. lol.

AND to make you laugh


  1. Do not take down your post. She posted the project so that other people could do their own projects with their own children. That is what you did and you have every right to post about it. You linked back to her, which is more than fair. She has no right to ask you to take it down. Just delete it and screw her.

    1. Thanks hun! I thought ok the first time I'm being nice I took down the instructions just kept up pics of us making it. Then here she comes back and just being nasty telling me to be creative on my own not take other peoples ideas. We post things to the internet people are going to use the ideas, MOST don't link back to the person. ugh

  2. First, I love the "Running Away...I'll Help You Pack." So funny. Now, I believe that it is a compliment when someone does a project, recipe, craft, etc., that I made on my site. I'm not sure whether I get the credit or not, which is nice to do, though. But, I'm with you, I don't have time to run down other people's site and note to them that I should get credit. We do what we do so others can recognize it and try it....

    1. Thank you Sharon! I really try hard to always give credit and show fun things that we love. Some people are just snarky.

      And Thank you it was a saying my mom use to say to me ... lol (joking of course)

  3. I am so sorry and I can understand your frustration. You always give the credit were credit is due. ((HUGS))

  4. People can be such punks. At least you gave credit at all. And who does she think she is asking you to take down pictures of your kids doing it? I mean that's what blogs are sharing ideas. Sheesh!

  5. It seems she has a stick up her butt. Her problem, not yours

  6. Maybe she shouldn't be posting her creations for others to see if it gets her panties in a bunch! As long as she was given the credit, I see no problem at all.

  7. All right so my thoughts are one, she really needs o get over herself. People make my stuff I'm so thrilled I pin and share them myself, if you don't want people "stealing" your ideas don't put them on the Internet. Two, you did everything right you had no need to do anything and the fact you removed them shows you're a better person than her. Three I'm sorry you had a bad time don't let it get you down


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