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Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Work Trip to Whistler Canada

Three weeks back I went on an amazing trip to Whistler Canada with my boss and a coworker.  It was the most amazing trip every and I was so blessed to be able to go along.

My first day started with a bump.  I went to the airport never traveling international (who knew Canada would needing me to get a passport and need me to travel international).  Well let's just say I was told to go to the wrong gate and missed my first flight.  I ended up on a later flight and missing the first nights festivities which was a real bummer.

The Hotel, My Room, Room Service
My Gift and the Star they bought me

When I arrived my boss was so sweet and meet me at my room with my gift bag from our host and took me down to have a drink.  It was so nice to sit and chat with her.  Since I live on the other side of the states we only chat via email, IM and rarely on the phone.

Our first full day there was great!  We started with a hardy breakfast and guess who sits down at the table next to me but Vicki from the OC housewives.  So I of course made it my mission to meet her ... lol.

My bosses son was signed up for Golf Lesson's during our time there so tagged along to the club to hang out.  While there we meet the cutest squirrel that is very friendly.  A worker came out and said "Eugene leave the dinning room" I almost pee'd my pants while laughing.

We all had a relaxing Swedish massage and walked around the little town next to the Hotel. We then walked to the village for dinner at 21 Steps.  I made the mistake of wearing wedges that gave me blisters .. lol.  And I totally went off the diet for dinner but it was worth every moment!

Our Second full day we did a hardy breakfast again, I swear I've never ate so much in my life. I'm sure my boss thought I never had seen food in my life ... lol.  We went on tree trek high up in the mountains.  We walked from tree to tree, it was so beautiful and you could see the zip-liners next to us.

That night our group was invited to a special dinner at the top of the mountain.  We rode up in a Gondola.  It was so beautiful!  There we were greeted by men dressed like woodsmen with ax's they were so funny. On our way back down we went with another group and we sang (well tried if we could remember some of the words) of great songs.  I'm sure we sounded like a bad karaoke bar but I was laughing the whole time! 

Our Third full day I got up and worked out before we had breakfast again (yes I ate like I had never seen food yet again). We signed up for a Jeep Tour.  The jeep took us to the top of the mountain where they had just shut down ski July 28! There was still snow up there and my bosses kids and my coworkers daughter had a snowball fight.  I forgot my glasses and my eyes are so sensitive from the eye surgery.  My coworker was so sweet and offered her glasses for me to wear. The jeep was a little scary going up the side but what an amazing view.  He pointed out things from the 2010 Olympics like the statues you find all over Whistler along with the bob sledding area. 

My boss and I went on a walk around Lost Lake, which became true to it's name and we became lost.  Thankfully we found our way out in time to make it to dinner .. lol.  I needed to burn those calories!

That night we went to the final dinner hosted which was a themed Winter Wonderland.  YES for you who know me know I'm a sucker for a theme!  LOVED it!  We walked through a tunnel that looked like an ice cave lite up.  They had a block of ice carved like a bear.  Dinner that night was sadly not one of my favs.  The dessert of course was freaking amazing!  After dinner we were led to a different room.  We were greeted by a live ice cutting show with two men and chainsaws!!  Then out popped a neon lite up transformer dude.  Then came the band and the dancing.  And my chance to stop Vicki and Brooks from the OC Housewives for a picture!

Our last full day was a lazy day, most of the group was going home (we had over 800 in our group).  We went for a walk to the farmers market, which was so fun.  The girls really wanted to see the tarot card reader.  NOW don't shake your head it was something fun to do.

My bosses daughter and coworkers daughter went bungee jumping 300feet!  YUP I stayed on the side for that one!  I was tempted as it was on my bucket list but I decided I was good.  

My coworker and her daughter left to go home and I had an evening with my boss and her kids. We walked back to the village for dinner at the 21 Steps again and I splurged BIG time. I ate pasta and had drinks and even ended with Crème brûlée.  OMGosh it was so freaking yummy!!  I will be in the gym for the rest of my life after this trip!

We had to get up early to get to the bus that took us to the airport, and I thankfully live in WA so I was home by mid day.  I had the best towncar driver pick me up at the airport. He met me at the bag claim and grabbed my bags and even had a snack for me in the car.

It was the BEST trip ever!

Have a GREAT Weekend.
We start school next week so it's going to be crazy around here!


  1. Wow, what an awesome trip!! You work for an awesome company!

  2. What an awesome trip that was for you. I know I enjoyed watching your adventures on Facebook. The place looks absolutely amazing and your did so many things while you were there. Of course the food looks like it was delicious and I'm glad you ate!!! Thanks for sharing your trip here and all the photos.

  3. I'm so jealous! That looks like the best work trip ever? What do you do I need to join that industry lol

  4. What a wonderful trip for you. Your hard work is being well rewarded. Congratulations

  5. I would enjoy having a job where I traveled.

    Have a fun weekend!

    We are headed to Atlanta for Celebrate Freedom.
    It's an all day (free) concert of Christian artists.
    I'm looking for to seeing Stephen Curtis Chapman.

  6. Looks like it was an amazing trip. So glad you had a good time.


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