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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On my Work Trip I met an OC Housewife!

Last week I posted I was going to Whistler Canada for work.  I will post about my trip later but I had to share my star moment, ok it's a reality star but still it was a real treat.  My boss had told me she goes to the events we go to (she sells insurance and is part of producer / advisor group - We are financial advisors and insurance).  So my boss has told me that before they were at a trip and they saw the famous Vicki, my boss and her daughter went up to say hi and ask for a autograph.  Let's just say it didn't go well, Vicki was not pleased and would not give a picture or autograph.  It actually became a funny joke in the office and my boss even joked about it on his radio show.

So when I saw her my first day at breakfast I was leery to go over and say hi.  My husband LOVES the OC housewife, yes he is the one that got me to watch it.  He is from OC so of course he has to watch (that is what he says so it's not so bad he likes a chick show). She had a grumpy face on so I didn't approach her.  Brooks (yes they are still together, he's been to all the events the last few years) was smiling and seemed happy.  I did run into her when I was going to the spa and she was headed to the pool.  I must say it was nice to see she did have cellulite on her legs (You got to love TV and they make them all look so perfect).  She had the not so nice look on her face so I tried to smile and got nothing.

On our 3rd night there our group (800 ppl) had a huge dinner party called Winter Wonderland.  It had a neon lite up Transformer, a snow king and queen on stilts and ice carvers!  It was an amazing time, then the dancing went going!  My co-worker loves to dance and we were checking out the dance floor when I saw Vicki and Brooks!  They were smiling and taking a picture with someone.  So I put on my big girl panties and went up and asked for a photo.  Brooks was facing me so I asked him, he said sure ask Vicki.  I tried to get her attention but she was dancing away, so he tapped her and asked.  She smiled said hi and sure!

It was a brief meeting but I got my picture, no autograph so my husband joked I couldn't come home .. lol.

There you have it, my work lead me to meet Vicki from the RHOC!

Ok so I was in super smile mode so don't mind my face .. lol


  1. That is awesome!! Glad to know she has cellulite, like the rest of us.

  2. I'm a fan of the show so I think it's cool you got your pic with her. I'm sure that sometimes it's frustrating for her to always be approached so maybe that's why she always has a sour face. I'm surprised to hear she's still with Brooks.

    1. Yes she has been with him at the last few events over the years is what my boss said.

  3. How fun!! Love that you went into "super smile mode"! ;)

  4. I don't watch OC but I do watch NJ and I have seen Vicki on the Andy Cohen whose show I tape. How cool that you were able to meet her!


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