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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Birthday Dreams ... Spiderman Cupcakes

As many of you who follow me know about a charity close to my heart that I love to help out by making kids.  Birthday Dreams brings homeless kids birthday parties.  The next on my list was a Spiderman party for a 6 year old boy.  I found some ideas on The Cupcake Blog and Something Sweet Cakery Blogspot but they were just pictures so I had to wing it. I've added my steps so you can see what I did.  I also added a few web designs to make it fun.

When I delivered the cake the mom was the nicest person I've ever meet.  Usually I just kind of hand the cake and move on.  This lady invited me and was just so appreciative of the party for her son.  It makes it all worth it.

I went on search for Spiderman ideas and came across a spiderman eye cookie cutter on Ebay.  I love how they came out and pretty darn easy!  Using candy clay these came out pretty darn cool if I must say so.

What you Need:
Candy Clay (Blue, Red, White and Black)
Black Piping Gel

Frost your cupcakes and then get to work on your candy clay.  Since I make cupcakes once a week for this charity I have a stock on candy clay in my fridge.  I did make some new to make these ones.

Candy Clay
12oz Candy Melts (In Red, Blue, Black and White)
1/4 Cup light corn Syrup

Melt your Candy Melts in microwave (mine takes about 2 minutes). Stir them to become smooth and add the corn syrup.  It will become thick and form a ball.  Wrap in plastic wrap and let it sit out and dry.  Takes a few hours or over night is best. (alexis note: I found to roll this out use a little powder sugar (like you would do with flour), also you have to kneed it a little like you would dough to make it easy to roll out).

For the Spiders:
Small Circle Cutter
Medium Circle Cutter
Large Circle Cutter
Black Pipping Gel

Cut a blue circle with your large circle cutter.  Cut a small and medium black circle.  I formed them into a spider body closer to a oval shape.  I added my spider body to the blue circle and then pipped on the legs and arms of the spider.  I added this topper to the frosted cupcake.

For Spiderman Eyes:
Large Circle Cutter

Cut a red circle with your large circle cutter. Using your cookie cutter cut the outside of the eye in black candy clay and then white candy clay for the inside of the mask.  You can add a little water to make it stick to the red circle.

I have a few more to show this week. I'm not scheduled for another cake for a week or so which is good since my kitchen is under remodel and I currently don't have a stove ... lol

I love how they came out:

That same week I did a pokemon party (that will come tomorrows post)

Thanks for Stopping by!

Don't forget to see the parties I link up to HERE.


  1. Those came out awesome. My two would love them.

  2. These are so cute! I'm sure that that little boy had the day of his life!

  3. those are so good. I'd love if you came by and shared this on our linky this week

  4. They are fabulous I love this charity I think it's sad that it exists but truly beautiful idea.

  5. Hello cute lady! This looks so cool. Pinned. We couldn't think of anyone better to party with. We hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm.
    Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

  6. Nothing here to say but WOW! I'm hating you right now! Just kidding:) You INSPIRE me! Thank you for sharing these with us at last week's Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party! We hope to see you there again tonight starting @ 9pm est:)


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