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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Grump Stricks again

Yesterday was the typical Saturday morning, I got up a little before 5am to work my 2nd job for a call center. Calls were very slow, which was kind of nice, since Caden woke up a few times an I tried to sooth him back to sleep. About an hour left of my shift grumpy boy (Rick) walks out and complains about taking care of the boys. I know this is an age old question, but why is it when dad sick the world stops but if mom gets sick she still has to take care of everyone?

I finish me shift to find kids running back and forth wanting breakfast, you know since I make them starve all the time. I make up a quick omelet with the ham left overs and a ton of cheese. During the process I shred my knuckle off. After some not so choice words and hunting with no luck for band aides I move on to laundry. Avoiding at all cost my bedroom where grumpy has taken up residence. The boys were strictly warned to stay away from there, I played with the boys while Roy stayed in his room. I now know how it feels to be exhaled, whenever it's just me and the boys I'm avoided like the plague. Now you put Rick out in the front room and immediately there on the couch with him. So when Rick stumbled out of the room in even more of a grumpy mood I had no idea what the deal was. Well come to find out every 20 minutes Roy would open up my bedroom door and ask Rick to hang out in there with him. Rick would tell him know and 20 minutes later he would be back saying he was bored. Then he came in telling him he was suppose to go to a birthday party today. Rick looked at him like hello when have I ever known about parties go ask Alexis. He left and returned 20 minutes later saying he was bored again and again. Finally after about 15 times Rick got fed up and came out to me to handle it. Really what is me saying anything going to do? Ok fine, I have a talk I get the same blank look like I'm nuts and remind him the party is next week for my friends son. Also reminded him to come to me there are plenty of items to do in the house, we can't always go out and do things. Geez when did I start an amusement park with 24 hours of activities?

I give up and make plans to take everyone to Zoo Lights, yes this sounds like a good plan but when it's the end of the season and you don't go as soon as they open it's NOT. So after a report from my friend there trying to park, we decide to go to plan B. Find a jumpy house place for the boys, yes this would be a good plan if they weren't all CLOSED for private parties! Chuck-E Cheese Tarra suggest, which makes my tummy turn. That place just gross me, I'm not a huge germaphob but that place does it to me. So yes the next best place McDonald's play land, yes I had a tummy turn on that one too. I figured it would be easier to get Cole out of and as soon as we get home I'll wash him ;). Just to state the obvious when it the DEAD of WINTER socks are NOT an option! I counted 5 yes 5 kids with no socks, since you have to take your shoes of to play in there. You know how I know this because a oh so sweet little girl told me several times that if Caden was going to go in his shoes needed to be removed. I politely told her over and over that he was not going in, so step off sister! Just Playing!

True to form boys hit the tub as soon as we got home and I promised we'll go early and do Zoo Lights today. Fingers crossed Grumpy can get into the dentist soon, before you see him on the back of your milk carton :), Kidding I think!

Since I worked my 2nd job last night also and got off around 1:30 and had to deal with cranky sick boys (Rick and now Caden) I was so ready for sleep. Again true to form Caden got up at 7:30am and here we are. So hoping to start the day off right I made french bread with my homemade bread! Very yummy! I'm know looking for a new bread recipe and a apple pork roast is in the crockpot pictures to follow in the next post!

And because I ROCK like that check out my newest award from Chef E, it's the coolest award I love it! Thank you!

1st you Start with Homemade Bread

Then you throw a little of this and a little of that!
Soak the bread.
Yummy throw it on the Griddle.
Plate it up. Don't you love the Ikea Kid plate makes the dish!
Mom I help with the eggs. Thankfully he grabbed the empty carton.


  1. Hey girl! I know exactly what you mean. Last time I was sick, Kevin was TDY (temporary duty - he is military/civilian) to San Antonio and I was sicker than a dog on the couch. My son asks me "what's for dinner?" Now Cordell is 13 years old and fends for himself all the time now since he stays home by himself when out of school. I told him "you are on your own." Kevin has done this before as well. I don't know why boys seem to think that wife/mom still takes care of them when she is sick. I think the testosterone jacks up their brains. Ha,ha!

    BTW - I am always in awe reading what all you get accomplished each day! What kine of call center do you work for?

  2. I swear there is nothing worse then a sick man. GAWD

  3. Yeah men can be big babies when it comes to being sick. But that french toast looks yummy

  4. Hey thanks for coming by and saying hi!
    I love the lists of books you have on your side bar. I'm a big reader. I'll have to check some of them out!

    "Nana's Box"

  5. Alexis, You know men are big big babies, that's why God created women. There would be no babies because once a man tried giving birth, forget about it!!!! A woman can be so sick she is crawling on the floor but that doesn't matter, but give a man a hang nail and the world does stop. The French Toast looks yummy. It's funny You would be talking about an Apple Pork Roast because that is my next recipe post too. Well sort of. Have a good night.

  6. Oh and take it easy on the old knuckles. Hey you actually gave your kids a knuckle sandwich. I should say omellete? you know me whatever.

  7. Girl I know. My fiance is worse than all of the kids put together when he's sick! It's horrible! Anyway that french toast looks so yummy I think I'll have to make me some in the morning!

  8. I actually sent him to work today, just to get him out of my hair. That last maybe 3 hours, ugh. I told him no matter what he's going a full day tomorrow!

  9. Ok.. i need a nap after reading all of that!! I can only imagine how you feel!!!

    I still need to get you a pic of that Bear Cake!!!!! Did i mention that it was an ice cream cake?

  10. Alright so I know you already have the award seeing as how you were the one who gave it to me, but I had to give it back to you cause you are the bestest!


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