Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ #1

Ok before I get into my fun new day to give me an excuse to show pictures ... LOL. I have AMAZING NEWS!!!!! To much caps? Rick got a new job!!! Yeah he starts tomorrow, well I'm writing this late Tuesday so when you read this it will be tomorrow ... so he starts today!!! I'm so excited, it even comes with a pay raise! It's in the Grocery store chain for loss prevention, who would have thunk it? Well I guess people steal food too. I want to take a moment to thank you all for all the prayers and warm wishes! I actually got a better love from all of you then my friends and family. Everyone else really didn't see the severe loss this could cause us, but nope everyone is busy with their own lives which I totally get, but for one moment can I get you over here!!!

Ok so check this out:
600 apply for ONE job!
40 get to the first stage!
20 get an interview!
2 are in the running!
Finally they decide they can have 2 people one for each area!

So Rick and another guy got the job out of 600 people isn't that just crazy!

Look at me I'm creating a new day .... come on you know you all want to jump on board with me! Well Monday and Tuesday I do recipes so Wednesday is my wrap of what happened this past weekend. This weekend was a busy and a little frustrating all wrapped into one.

Let me start out for those who are new here (if you've been here a while just skip down, it's not that hard ... jeez ... LOL). We have an exchange student staying with us who has been giving me a run for my money. From day one we had a problem with respect and just appreciation. So for the first 3 months I was easy going and like your from a different country, you're only 10 this has to be a HUGE shock and culture shock to you! Well when the months rolled by and he would only respect and speak to my husband and then when I actually saw that he was hitting, pinching and punch Cole (Cole said this happened but I was thinking he was exaggerating) my patience ran thin. I'm still just the cook, taxi and maid in his eyes but at least I know I gave it my all and some.

So fast forward to this weekend we went to a friends house for a BBQ. Roy (exchange student) found the husband and other friends husband and stuck like glue on them. They are men may I say more! So by the end of the night it was the classic story, you know when you take your kids and leave them with someone else ... they gush at how sweet your child was. Same thing with Roy our host gushed over and over about what a sweet child he was. I very nicely said yes he can be but usually only to men. Oh boy love my friend to death but she gave me the same speech once I gave myself you know the being young, different country ... etc. I only enforce two real rules with him Respect me and be appreciate of all that we do, I don't receive either of these.

I wanted to recap for my friend what she might not have seen:
~ he refused to play with the girls
~ First in line for food as always and of course pushed the others out of the way!!!
~ Did the whole keep away from Cole, poor Cole he was crying for the ball everyone was giving him crap for crying. Hello he's 4 ... Roy's 11 and was keeping the ball from him. So of course I asked him to give him the ball and that didn't work (yup I'm a girl don't listen to me) so I had to raise my voice. They all gave me crap for giving in to Cole! WTF???

Ok some of you are going wow she is petty but after 7 months of not being respected in my own house I've kind of lost it. Not really but just fed up. I did this as an experience for my boys and to help out a child. I will do it again, but just hope that next time we get someone who really wants to be part of the experience. Not just think they are going to come here and have free run and not have to answer to anyone. Hello you're still a child. Ok I'm sorry, but man some days you just want to scream hello! So there it is I'm human, take me or leave me!

Now this was just Saturday! Mind you I also got up that morning and worked @ 5am and then after the BBQ I got home put the kids to bed and started the night shift! UGH. Sunday am got the kids dressed early and out the door to the zoo before everyone got there. We walked for 2 hours! The kids had so much fun, guess what I did when I got home yup worked job #3! Yippee, but I must say this I LOVE this new job data entry bring it on! So that was the weekend oh yeah, Friday is movie night here. Blockbuster sucks and no good movies arrived so it was Cars again!

Roy, Cole & Ariel at the BBQ
Yup food time
(see who's right next to food ... LOL)
Bon Fire time!
Hello did someone say marshmallows?
My host is posing with the boys!
Yup glued to the guys side.
More fun with marshmallows
Zoo Day!!!
In the sharks mouth
Look at us in front of the sharks!
A super sweet guy asked if I wanted him to take our picture.
No, hello don't you know I go by myself so I can always be behind the camera!
I so don't want to see myself ... LOL
Caden Poppey Look
Cole and the Beluga Whales
Jungle Gym Time!
Cole the Poser in training
Caden trying to figure out what this was.
Yup dude I don't even know.
The poser again.
Any doubt he's mine ... LOL
Ride home, don't worry it was at a stop light.
Stopping Rolling your eyes (@@) at me!
Close up of Caden out
Cole woke up, check out the eye ... LOL


  1. hm....sorry you're having a difficult time with the exchange student. Respect is a universal language though.. we all need to learn it. Even him.

    Looks like you had a good weekend overall though! The zoo looked fun!

  2. Oh girl - you have way more patience then me... Roy would totally be learning how to respect ALL women... if he's in this country, he needs to learn the way it works here too. I'm disappointed the men whose side he clings to isnt teaching him that too! You deserve all the respect in the world for all you do! When he returns, he needs to have a new outlook on life - not just go with what he has always known.

    Hope I dont sound preachy... I just hate that he's just shunning you & I have a hard time with kids being rude... & picking on a poor 4 yr old... OH HECK NO...

    Whew.. look at me getting all revved up.. maybe the coritsone shot still has me wired! :o)

  3. Great pics!!! I love those zonked out kids in the back seat........

    What country is he from? This may have something to do with it......unfortunately....not that this excuses the behavior, of course....
    Apparently he's a man's man!

    So happy to hear about the new job!! Super cool!!........and you with the busy-ness--3 jobs...are you doing a work from home thing?

  4. Congrats to Rick on his new job! That is awesome, especially when the odds were against him! I'm so excited for you guys! :-)

    Sorry about the tough time with Roy. It's hard to imagine a kid being so disrespectful-especially one in an exchange program. But it totally makes sense if he is from a country where women are not treated as equals. I think you are actually handling it better than I would.

    Great pictures! Love the one of Caden sleeping-too cute!

  5. What that child would be in so much trouble if he did anything to my little one. He is 11 and away from home. That is so crazy. How long does he stay? I love how you made it into some of the pictures you poser. I love your poser in training. Happy Earth day.

  6. Girl you have more patients than I do. I would have blown it long ago. Good luck with it all.

    Great Pictures! looks like fun!

  7. First of all, my girls drive me nuts enough as it is, so I could never add another child to the mix. Kudos to you for even considering to do that much less doing it. Sorry you are getting frustrated with it.

    Cute cute photos and the captions you put with them are too cute :)

  8. i am so happy that your hubby got such a great new job.. believe me you i know that it makes a difference!!
    and btw... he would totally piss me off... im not sure i could deal with it, so to me, your doin a great job!

  9. Forgot to mention. Congrats to your man on his new job! He beat some great odds so you know it was meant to be. Wonderful!!!

  10. OH MY GOSH! I am so excited for you and Rick!!! Does this mean you can quit one of your jobs soon? I hope it need a break!

    Much love,


  11. Congrats on the new job :) Pictures are beautiful looks like kiddos had fun...Sorry you are dealing with some difficulties, and getting frustrated, I couldn't do it.

  12. Congrat with the new job. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Great pictures. TFS

  13. Ok first of all I get the cultural differenc thing but that's why you are here. Get over it and imbrace a new world you might learn something!! YOU... should have a halo hanging over your head. Just remember, what doesn'tr kill you will make you stronger. (feel thopse muscles growing can't ya??)

    Love the pic from the zoo and ride home. I like that Caden fell asleep with a ball on his lap. Play to the end!!!

  14. I am telling you its the Asian factor, men are higher up, and okay out there to anyone reading this I am not a racist, I just work for Asian families and the men get what they want, when they want it. Oh, and the women do treat themselves, but its the respect factor!

    I could not put up with that, but how am I any different in my own house where hubby makes way more money than I do, and spends it without consulting with we let the men be the boys they are...sorry for that TMI moment!

    Otherwise your children are beautiful like you, and therefore you will have respectful men in the long run!

  15. Wow, everyone's said what I was thinking about Roy. You're a saint!
    And sheesh, do you ever sleep?! I'd die. You're my hero!

  16. Oh yeah, and WOO HOO about Rick's new job!! That's such great news!

  17. That is so cool about Rick getting the job. And IMPRESSIVE! Only two out of six hundred! I am so happy for you. ;-)

    Roy is a turd. Sorry, I know he is a kid, but he is a turd. ha,ha!

  18. I think the trouble you are having with your exchange student is maybe {{some}} 11 year old boy stuff. NOT that it is okay! And not that it shouldn't be corrected. And not that he shouldn't respect you! But that aside, I have an 11 year old boy, and he is at that age that you do have to remind dailey for them to be grateful, and considerate. And I know how frustrating it can seem when you are knocking yourself out, and they behave they way! So sorry:( Your doing good honey!

  19. Just wanted to let you know that I nomintated you for a mother's day prize pack here is the link:

    You might want to enter yourself as can do that.


  20. I love the update! Congrats to your hubby!!! That is awesome :) As for Roy?!? I would have lost it long ago!

  21. You are doing WAY better than I would. I would have shipped his happy ass back a LONG time ago!

  22. I'm so glad that Rick got a new job!

    And I love the pics your boys are too freakin cute!

  23. I hope you have a better time with Roy...that's got to be irritating. I'm irritated for you! I feel like even if you aren't from a different country you should respect people and their habits, especially if you're staying in their home. Much luck on that.

    And I have question...what exactly is your data entry job and how did you start with that? I've been kind of curious. Is it one of those "whenever you have time, work as much as you want" jobs? I must know! Plzkthxbye! :)

  24. FIrst off, I'm sorry for not coming by in a while! I'm so happy about your husband's new job that terrific :) I didn't know that exchange students could be so young! I always assumed he was in high school!! I would totally punish him for being snotty (but that's me LOL)! What nationality is he?

  25. OMG, so totally excited for you and your hubs. I know that takes a lot of pressure off and keeps the gripping to a minimal. I've been in that boat and it's no fun. So glad for you. Tell him I said "Congratulations".


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