Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update and Hair Gel Issues

Well the party turned out amazing, not a bad turn out but I'm pooped. My card reader is hating me and Rick told me he would fix it later but he's working all day yesterday and helping my parents today, so sadly the party update will be up on Wednesday (Weekend Wrap Wednesday). I just had to write a funny, well it was frustrating but I'm sure you all think I'm nuts any ways and will think it's funny.

As many of you know we have an exchange student living with us. We get a monthly allowance to cover food and board. After gas, heat and water there is not much left over so don't think I'm getting rich over here. We did this to help out a child, teach our boys how to share and embrace other and a little extra each month is great right. Well as most of you know it's been trying me being the one that is home most of the time and taking care of things makes it hard since I'm a woman. Well enough about that, it's what it is and I'm making the most out of it. Well let me tell you the newest Mama Drama at my house.

My mom rocks the hair products mean the really expensive ones I would NEVER buy myself do to price. Well usually every 2 months she goes threw and gives me all the ones she doesn't use. She's the nutty person that probably buys something new every week or two weeks, uses it for a week or two and then doesn't like it anymore. Score for me! So I've been noticing my products are going quicker then usual. Thinking Cole and Caden have been getting in there I of coursed cornered them and got nothing. Then Rick's hair gel has been starting to go real fast, thinking I'm using it he is getting on me. I'm like I thought you were using mine. So the other morning I was doing laundry which is right outside the bathroom door. I could hear our student getting into the cabinets and then a bottle opening and closing sound over and over again. I asked him when he came out what he was doing under my cabinets, oh I just hit it? What???

A little history .... a few months back we had food missing, like my husbands lunch items, pop etc. Well finally getting no where with my boys which are known for food under the bed (see Post) and not finding the evidence. Well being the snoopy person I am I looked under our students bed and hit the mother load of wrappers, unopened yogurts, other food ... etc. Asked him about it later and he didn't know how it got there. On and on Rick asked and got the story told him not to do it and all has been pretty well.

Move to the present and now the hair gel. So when at the store I had him pick up some hair gel and told him again that we don't mind taking him to the store to buy certain items, but please do not use our items. I of course just got the look. Then at check out I had him go first and buy his items (don't gasp his parent sent him with a $1000 to buy items like this). So now of course I'm the mean lady again and the little that he does speak to me has gone to none ... Ok so am I really that mean? I love to help out its my nature but I barely make it supporting us all and I'm already sucking up other cost and at times it can be more then I'm given each month. So yes at times I must be that mean one and enforce the rules and others. So there it is ... me being real ... LOL. Ok yes I know I can be petty at times but some days things really start to irk me. It's like when you've been dating someone for sometime and it's towards the end and you're just done. Yup I've tried, I've given my all and some, held my tongue (where I think it might bleed) and gotten on my children to help make his world easier. But come on where is the line? I think I've reached it. Ok sorry everyone some days Lex just needs to let it out. Ok laugh, or agree just no nasty gram I'm fragile ... oh ok stop laughing I just don't like hate mail. :)


  1. You let it out girl! June is around the corner, and I do not even care it means I get a year closer to 50, cause someone else will be happy!

    I let out some poo steam today as well :) this blog stuff! Who needs to spend money councilors?

    And there is a name for people who buy things at the drop of a hat...shopaholics, but I love that we benefit from it, my friend Gen is giving me clothes lately!

  2. sounds like a normal kid except the hording food stuff

  3. I bet he does this kind of stuff because at home he may not get these things. Or he has to hid things so he will have them later. I think he will learn and you are a great person. He needs to learn how to share and buy his own things with his money. We all have to do this. Happy Sunday.

  4. Take a deep breath.

    You really can start a count down clock if you want.

    Hang in there, you're awesome!!!!

  5. I think it is great that you are letting it out on your blog!!
    That is what we are here for girl:)

    Just matter how weird or irratating...he is a little boy. And you are a grown women. And maybe you both were put in this situation to learn something.
    So walk away from this feeling like you did your best and it will be over soon!
    I'm sorry it has you frazzeled! Not a fun situation:(

  6. Thank you for your sweet condolenses in regards to my friend Angie.



  7. It would've just been respectful for him to ASK to use the products... I'm sure that would have made a huge difference...

    I just hate you are getting the bad end of the deal like you are a bad person for his actions... You are doing a great job of hanging in there!

  8. Sorry!! Wow, when will it end? I'd be starting a countdown too!

  9. I cannot wait for him to leave. You will be so relieved. It will be like you've had an 80 pound cyst taken off your @$$....LOL. Okay, now I will get the hate mail. ;-)


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