Friday, April 17, 2009

Handbag Heaven Review ~ My New Giraffe Print Duffel Bag

Ok girls hold on because you may just wet your pants over excitement on this review. I LOVE handbags, now having kids has put a HUGE damper on me getting nice new handbags. The thing about a well made handbag is you can use it for years. I'm that crazy person that changes my purse with each season and even sometimes before that, but I always come back to a purse. I love playing up an outfit with a cute purse! One thing that I love about purse is always something you can use (no matter what size I am it just works).

A fellow blogger friend had this amazing giveaway for Handbag Heaven and I just had to hop over there and drool. I love Animal print handbags and just fell in love with the Giraffe Print Duffel Bag. I can't say enough about what I saw when I went on to Handbag Heaven, the prices just blew me away at how affordable they were! I could even talk Rick into letting me get a few ok maybe start off with one (or two if he's not looking, what I do the checking).

Handbag Heaven was so nice and sent me the Giraffe Print Duffel Bag to review! I was so excited and the shipping was so fast, they sent it out Monday and I had it by Wednesday. Let me tell you I was the envy of the office. You know I was walking around the office showing it off to everyone, even the guys couldn't get away from this handbag Diva! Now first off one thing that I learned is you MUST read the size. I'm so blonde at times, the Duffel bag is just that ... I know imagine that! I'm so silly, but really it just gives me the reason to actually runaway! You know one day you might just see a post that me and my Giraffe Print Duffel Bag have hit the road, heck if I'm traveling in style I may just come your way. What I would share my bag for an hour! Ok maybe two hours, but not far away from my sight!

Check out my funny pictures and then go check out Handbag Heaven and use the coupon code SUNGLASSES to take 10% off your order. What more can you ask for amazing designer-inspired handbags between $10 and $75. Yes you heard me $10!

Check out a few more of my favorites:
My next fav on the list for my birthday:
Metallic Zebra Print Tote on sale for $63.71
Zebra Print Canvas Satchel on sale for $45.86
Pink and White Giraffe Tote on sale for $45.86
Giraffe Print Safari Bag on sale for $40.76
Giraffe Canvas Carry-All on sale for $48.41
I know I was on Animal Print kick but did you check out those sale prices! Amazing huh?

Ok check out my pictures and then head over to Handbag Heaven.

Cole said he wanted to runaway with me.
I know it was a big duffel, but isn't that cool!
Cole seeing if he could hide inside.
Isn't it perfect?
I just love that I could fit over a weeks works of clothes in there.

Side view.
Finally a bag that makes me look small.
Yup you know it's a keeper!!
Don't I look tiny next to it!
Yup I'm in LOVE!!!
It even comes with a removable shoulder strap.
And folds up nicely for storage!
Now head over to Handbag Heaven to check out the Giraffe Print Duffel Bag and all the other amazing bags!!! Maybe if we ask real sweet we can do a giveaway, so show a bunch of comment love and let's see what we can do.


  1. Totally love the print of that bag!!! I've been looking for a messenger type style bag myself right now...

    I'm a bag crazy person too!!

    Love this one cuz you can tote your clothes, things you need - or small children! That's always handy!

  2. I so love bags as well but being a mommy (and a student mommy at that) has put a huge dent in my handbag the bag though!

  3. Totally love that bag and will go check out the others.

  4. Oh I'm totally in love with the brown cow print tote and matching wallet. I just can't buy buy buy right now :-(

  5. Your son is so cute. I love that he climbed in the bag! :)

  6. You know I love bags :) that one is so cool :) Love that your little one thought so too!

  7. I love your son in the bag. I bet my little one could fit in there also. Love ya Poser. I am sick today and oh boy I want to play along so count me in and leave me comments. I can do this tomorrow if you would like.

  8. ooooh i am so jealous of you... its a beautiful bag... and i am soo headed there right away!

  9. Jealousy raging over here. Love. That. Bag. I am going to Handbag Heaven immediatly. Thanks for the discount!

  10. I love that bag. Give it away! To MEEEEEE! Thanks :)

  11. Now that is a cute bag! I love the one where your little boy is in it!

    Hey..I just came across this giveaway. When I saw it I thought of you..because you are so busy. I believe a chef comes to cook at your house. Pretty neat eh?

    Here is the link:

  12. LMAO, is he still in there? I love that bag, that is too fun! I am going over there, one can never use to many duffel bags!!! I will runaway with you two!!!

  13. I'm pretty partial to a giraffe print too! That's a great looking bag!

  14. LOVE seeing Cole IN the bag! So funny!
    A giveaway would be awesome!!!

  15. I am so jonesing over that bag!Headed over there now!

  16. I want it!!!! I want the pink and white giraffe print too!!!! That bag is huge. Your son looks so cute sitting in it! Wowza!

  17. SO CUTE! I think I'll get my mom one for mother's day...she collects giraffes. I'll have money by then too, lol. That always helps. I love that you can fit a child in it! Too funny. ;)

  18. That is one cute bag! My daughter would love that as much as I would.

  19. Cute. I love their hobo style bags! You lucky girl you.


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