Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday ... What is that?

Thought I would go on with my theme of weird items I find in the house. This is my carpet in the front room, one day I found this and after a little digging I found out what was the culprit!

First Walk by of the Carpet
Closer look! What the heck?
And go with my noise and crawling around I found this under the couch!
Yup that is a banana, that I'm not even going to guess how long it was there.


  1. That is gross! We actually did a little Spring cleaning and cleaned out under our couch. I was scared at what we would find, but turned out to be not so bad-mostly crackers and Morgan's hair clips :-)

  2. Oh Yum NoT!
    With kids anything is possible, I remember those days when all 5 were young!

  3. OH MY GOSH... that is funny! I bet it was getting STINKY too!!!

  4. Ewwww - I don't pity you having to pick it up!

  5. You find some of the funniest things in your house.

    Happy April to you.

  6. im with amy... u do find rather funny things!! but this is just grosssss.... though i do hate bannanas!

  7. Yuck LOL at first I was oh what that LOL the worst thing I found under a couch was meat YUCK thankfully it was only a day old LOL

  8. YUCK! What kind of mom are you that.....oh wait...never mind. When I was cleaning out my kids toybox I found a cheeseburger that was way old. So old it was hard like rock. The bread was moldy but the patty? no mold at all.

  9. For my hubby being the clean drill sargent, he is cluttery and a collector...but that would be gross to find! When I vacuum, at least once a month or so he pulls the cushions off the furniture, and lifts of the couch for me- hint hint is what I think...on his part...

    Are you really surprised after the 'under the bed' post, lol You are on to them. I can picture you lining them up on the couch and walking to and fro with finger in the air! lol

  10. Oh my...........good thing you didn't find a huge pile of fruit flies too....but they are probably long gone! that's what happens to bananas when you leave them under the couch.....

  11. BOYS! LOL! That is too darn funny. ;-)

    Do you still have the exchange student?

  12. Oh MY GOD! I was messing around the internet in class when I first saw your entry. I was just browsing not really reading and i thought IT WAS A TERD! lol I quick x'ed out and now I just got home and had to look again glad its a banana!

  13. oh girl wait until they are teens!!! so gross

    sorry you found the nasty banana...well at least it didn't rot and stink!!!

  14. I am so there w. ya.. Oz leaves everything but cheese laying around.. Thank God for the dog!


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