Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Cole's Party Weekend

Wow I can't believe it finally came and gone, it's like your wedding you do all this stuff and then the day comes and goes so fast. But it was fun, hectic and I have the photos to prove it. So hold on it's going to be a fast ride. Let's count down the party day fun ;).

5am up to work a few hours before everyone gets up. Spend a 1/2 having to download new software to let calls come into me. Yup the IT guys ears must have been ring, I was swearing like a sailor. Finally got it up and running (mind you with out pay for that 1/2 hour). Do a few calls suppose to end at 7am, finish up around 7:15am.

7:30 get everyone up and tell them it's a cereal day, bunch of groans. Get the boys bathed and into clothes. Try to wake hubby up who is not getting up. Why does he need to get up we are going to a place that has the party for us. Hello the kids need to get ready and so do I. What you do that everyday. If looks could kill, he would be toast!

9am get out the door and run to the dollar store because of course I don't have enough plates and oh yeah need a few balloons. Run in thank the lord they open at 9am! Then off to the museum, this year I made it their a 15 min early yup I was there at 9:45am, last year I arrived late! (mental head slap). A parent from Cole's school arrived early with me, while I ran around setting up he sat there and oh yeah kept telling my kid to calm down. He actually said "Cole dude you need to settle down". I did the ok it's time to settle down, but deep down I wanted to scream! Dude!!! I just met you, you are here at a children's museum it's a party stop telling my kid to calm down and stop telling him to pick up! It's HIS party! And I don't even know you, so BACK OFF!!! Off my mental scream I went about finish setting up. The girls at the museum where great they set up the face painting section and then took the kids upstairs to play for an hour before they came back down.

10:30am my husband shows up! URGH ... he went to get the pizza's it was closed. Sent him and dad to pick up the pizza's. 11am the kids start coming down, we open presents. Talk about a free for all, all the kids helped open I have no clue if I got who was who with the gifts, so early apologize if I don't know all that you got him. 11:15am yes it only took 15min for presents, I told you it was a free for all. 11:15am at first I thought I would have to start with cupcakes and just when I'm about to open the cake I turn and see Rick and my dad with the pizza. Ok wow some adults really chow hard on pizza ... LOL. 6 pizza's gone in 15 min flat. 11:30am we do the cupcake cake (Dad took the pictures with his camera, so I'll have to post later), Rick also leaves to go to work at this time. 11:45am and everyone is running around on a sugar high ... it was GREAT! by 12pm we are all cleaned up and my car was loaded thank you to my wonderful friend Amy who actually took my keys and loaded up all the presents and everything in my car! Doesn't she rock!

1pm home everyone is taking a nap but me, back to work I go! Finish up some emails and I'm ready for a nap but of course not everyone gets up and we start the cycle all over again! Did I mention I have to work again at midnight ... LOL

We had a great turn out a few didn't show that were suppose to, and others either gave their lame excuses or none at all and others at least let you know they couldn't come and had a good reason. Now mind you I'm that crazy person that really tries to make it to all of the parties. I've even done 3 in one day! But I run myself ragged and try to make it to them all and then when it's my kids party they don't show and most times don't even call. So Rick told me just stop Alexis if they don't show to yours don't go to theirs it's only fair. So I guess I may just have to enforce that, because I think I'm running a little too thin these days. As they say you know you're true friends when you have a party. So that's what I have to say ... LOL

So here are a few of the pictures from the party, my camera wasn't working so most of the pictures are on my dad's camera that will arrive in months! LOL

Ok I'm ready for the party.
Check out my new shirt.
Oh wait forgot lipstick and jewels.
Bapa reading a book to Caden before everyone showed up.
Bapa and Caden playing hide and seek.
Rick swinging poor Caden
Cole and his fav toy!
Yummy Food!
The cool kitchen area for the kids to play in.
Yes she's pretend washing the dishes.
Only if you knew her mom my friend Amy (OCD girl) you would be laughing.
My cousin Jenny and her little boy Ryan
Caden and the cupcake!
Fishy lips :P
More play time!
Bapa with the kids that stayed to the end.
Bubbles with Bapa
Cole and Me at home
Look at all the fun things he got.
Even a homemade blanket, yup he's slept with every night. Thank you Auntie Tarra.
And presents for mommy were delivered at the party.
New Pampered Chef roller.
Makes rolling pizza dough out.
Look at it in action.
My new Measure cup.
All cups in one!
Flip the dial to what cup you need!
Yup it rocks!
Up close on the dial.
Cool, huh?
Well that was a quick wrap up, there was more but my brain is fried and I can't think of anymore.


  1. Awww, I would say he had a great time and so did Bapa.

  2. What a fun party! You look like you knocked yourself out Mama! ( but do you ever sleep you poor girl:(
    I love it that Bapa played with the kids, and that everyone looked liked they had such a good time! Yay~ definite sucess!

  3. What a fun time you had. Oh that Dad would have made me go so crazy. Love the party look. Your boys do look like you. Oh and after a day like that you sure need some treats also. What a pretty poser with all of her fun treats.

  4. Girl you make me tired reading your posts....LOL
    Looks like a fun day though!

  5. You survived!!!! YES!!! Looks like a great party! I hate you got to stressed out, but sounds like a mom just wanting a perfect day for her baby! Looks like everyone was happy though!

    And yeah, if they didnt come to your party, dont feel so bad if you dont make it to theirs... fair is fair!

    Love your shirt btw!!!

    And I too hav that measuring cup from Papered Chef along with the smaller one for tsp/tbls... LOVE it!!!

  6. What is important that in the end you two will remember how much fun he had, and reading the part of running from event to event reminded me of that new movie '27 dresses', is that what you feel like?

    Looks like you all went with the fun, and of course your gorgeous!

  7. Don't you just hate when you try and make it to everyone's party but they can't make it to yours. Anyway looks like yall had a great time. TFS

  8. I got a little something for you at my blog!

  9. Sounds like a great party, I am sorry we missed it (Brian did tell you we weren't going to make it I hope...his 30th the night before...we stayed up until well into Saturday). Really lady, I don't have a clue how you do it all.

  10. looks like it was crazy but fun and btw... that measuring cup looks way cool!

  11. looked like everyone had a wonderful time.

  12. What a busy day! Looks like he had a great day, love all the pictures and your new cooking tools, so fun.

  13. You're crazy girl! lol, I love it! You look super cute too! Glad everything went well, sounds like you had a busy day. I don't know how you do it, I can barely keep track of myself when I'm not busy, and you're keeping track of 4 people on a daily basis! I bow to your awesomeness.

  14. Looks like so much fun :) you look awesome girlie :) and I want that cup and roller LOL badly :)

  15. Oh girl, I remember the days...HAVING the parties, GOING to the parties. I am so glad we are past that stage. It wasn't only exhausting, it was hard on the budget!

    Looks like fun and great photos. We even got to see some of BEYOOTYFUL you! :D

  16. That Dad is an idiot! Make sure not to invite his kid again. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday!

  17. Holy crap you are one busy woman! Loved the pics!

  18. What a crazy day! Sounds like everyone had fun. LOVE the presents you got-the measuring cup looks awesome! :-)

  19. Looks like everyone had a great time and the pictures are too cute!

    Birthday parties stress me out to no end...I love it when it all comes together and the party turns out great but getting it to that point is a job!

    I'll be emailing you soon I just have been so busy and I've been sick for the past to you soon!

  20. Whew girl, craziness! Sounds like fun though!


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