Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Wordy Wednesday ... How Easter Went down!

Easter started off with a bang, Caden was up at 6:30am! It gave me time to get up and clean the house since mom and dad were coming over for dinner. So I got to picking up and clean, and even vacuuming! I thought I was doing really well I even got the ham ready and made up the scallop potatoes and put it all in the fridge. Then I looked at the time I had 10 minutes to get ready. Cole's School is at a church and they were having a Easter egg hunt, so I ran and go there at 10:30 the start time. We get there to find out the hunt is at 11:15 and they wanted you to go to service. Now I must admit I have not been the best at going to service since having the kids. With Caden who won't leave my side I was going to go in the nursery with him to not have a complete melt down. That is when I meet the Church lady that rivaled the nuns dad told me about when he went to Catholic School. She was not having it having me stay with Caden or my parents with Cole, she literally kicked us out of the nursery! Let's just say my dad is not one to be pushed (do I need to mention the Catholic School again). Well since I wasn't able to stay with Caden who was screaming his little heart out we went and grabbed a coffee, but I made a promise to myself that this coming Sunday we'll go back (we'll me and the kids) and hopefully this time they'll let me in the nursery ... LOL. The kids had fun we came back for the Hunt and that was a blast! So that was the morning!

We got home to have another hunt in the front yard! It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed every minute. Well that was fun for them, then I went into the house. Now I LOVE my mom but when she comes over my house is turned upside down. Now its in a good way, my house always looks amazing with a huge makeover. She brought new wall hangings and rearrange my dinning room. Now it looks amazing but you must understand my mom is like a whirlwind, you have to make sure you catch up or she might just throw something out thinking it's not something you need. Got to love her she's just like Rick hates clutter! I was running around catching things that were flying. I must say it turned out wonderful, but I sure got my exercise grabbing things and putting them away! Dinner was yummy and as you saw yesterday lot's of extra ham left overs! (Check out next Tuesday for another great ham left over recipe).

Wow I'm exhausted just writing about it and I didn't even write about how I worked 3 hours also that night for my 3rd job (did I mention I took on another job!). I'm officially working 7 days a week for 3 companies! I think I've lost my marbles! Ok now to the pictures, enjoy!

Caden @ the Church Easter Egg Hunt
Front yard (look no snow)
Ok there are tons of eggs hard to see
Cole & Caden on the hunt
Bapa helping holding the basket for Caden
Look at me mom!
I found some in the Heather!
Bapa showing Caden were one is hiding.
My rearranged dinning room
You can see my new candle wall hanging things too!


  1. Just tell your mom she can visit me any day. Come on over!

    Love the pics! Cute cute!

  2. Sounds busy and fun!

    (3 jobss?!?! how do you do it??!)

  3. Sounds like fun to me!! I JUST got the pics off of my camera so need to go through them and do an easter post!

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a great Easter! :-)

  5. crazy and fun easter ya'll had, huh? i do normally try to get to church regularily but i also hate it when ppl make me feel uncomfortable or irrate me... thats so not cool! i'd so go back if you wanted and would just totally ignore her and do what you want!!

  6. whoa......whoa....whoa.......THREE JOBS? Slow down lady! You are going to burn yourself out big time! I understand if you have to do it....but jeez.

    Lovely Easter. I am going to church this Sunday. Last time I went was when I was down south with my mother in law and that was Christmas....

  7. My Mom is totally the same way. She came last time and put things place and my husband was not happy. I was about to have my little one and she moved things around and boy did it all blow. Me crying because I was ready to give birth as my husband and Mom were talking things out about what she moved around. No I did not have her that day either. They made up and thing are great. Looks like the boys had a fun time.

  8. Sounds like your where busy busy busy! Love the pictures -- Thanks for sharing.

  9. My nieces came to church & one of them would NOT leave my dad - her Papaw... he stayed in class & I thought, I dare someone to tell him to leave because there will be a chaotic event if they try to pry her from his arms... luckily he was able to stay with no problems!!!

    Love the pictures... love a yard full of Easter eggs!!!

  10. Give us the ham recepie now. Mine will be gone by next Tuesday. Though the kids are expecting green pea soup on Friday.

  11. I did not get any easter goodies, guess the bunny heard I was a bad chef e :(

    Looks like they had tons of fun, and as I have said, I miss those times with the kids!

  12. I did not get any easter goodies, guess the bunny heard I was a bad chef e :(

    Looks like they had tons of fun, and as I have said, I miss those times with the kids!

  13. Looks like the kiddos had a great time, which is what is important. What is your third job? Could that be why you have been so quiet?

  14. I could see a lot of eggs out there in the lawn, which by the way looks beautifully lush and green, unlike mine.

    I like that room redo!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture with Bapa!! So sweet!

  16. Great pics!

    How on earth can you work 3 jobs? I have 4 kids, go to school, and clean my house and I know that there is no way on earth I could do more than that...hell I barely manage need to tell me your secret!

  17. What a fun Easter. Except for being suckered by church. But you showed them! Ha!


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