Saturday, April 18, 2009

Children's Claritin Chewables Giveaway! (CLOSED)

It's that time again this girl is buzzing in again to share my newest product. Today we talk about Children's Claritin. I don't know about you by my house has been over taken by the runny noeses and Kleenex left all around the house.
So I bring to you Children's Claritin that comes in yummy grape and even chewables! Yup I'm all out the easy, taste and things that go down quick matter here! I have the hardest time getting the boys to take medicine so believe me I was over joyed to find something that makes them feel better and helps me with less screaming (yes I'm talking about me screaming, the kids just hide under the bed ... remember they have a stock pile of food under there).

Check it out girls some facts before we get to the giveaway!
Chewables, Syrup and RediTabs for Kids 2 and up
Syrup comes in Grape along as Fruit Flavor!
Chewables available in 10 and 20 count boxes
Syrup available in 2 oz and 4 oz bottles
RediTabs available in 10 count boxes

And something for the little allergy sufferers to read is a fun book to help them understand what allergies are. Check out Casey and the School Day Sneezes, you can click the link to get a free copy for your little ones :).

Caden wanted to show off his runny nose with you all!
When asked about his runny nose, he shows you!
Don't know if you can see it but the snot is running away :).
Now check it out where becoming runny nose free with Children's Claritin.
So here it goes the giveaway! The winner will get a box of Children's Claritin Chewables and 8 runners up with get a coupon for $3 off Children's Claritin Allergy Products! I know you cleaver shoppers will find it on sale and even make out on the deal! So come on a comment for me :).

First Entry~
Tell me why you need you the Children's Claritin, yup it's that easy!

Extra Entries (Make sure to LEAVE SEPARATE comments for EACH one you do)
Two (2) extra entries for following
Two (2) extra entries for having my button
One (1) extra entry for telling me another product you like on the Claritin website.

What you win:
First Place: Box of Children's Claritin
8 Runners Up: $3.00 off Coupons


  1. My little boy stays with a little runny nose this time of year. TFS

  2. I'm already following you! I will come back and get your button after I finish with supper.

  3. hey,

    how do you get a button because I am going to have some major giveaways coming up...just like how yours turned out.

    thanks dahling,


    I have a funny picture of Madeline picking her nose...we could share...they'll probably wind up getting married.

  4. Your little model rocks!I thought of you when I went to Sams today. I bought me a BIG box of Bisquick so I can make some of your yummy recipes.

  5. I sure love this little model. Have a great night.

  6. Wow!
    You find the coolest stuff!
    And OMG! The pix are so cute!!
    Love this site...cept' I gotta get busy and get my hiney signed up for these drawings/give-a-ways!!!

  7. Hey,btw,I think I'll try the childrens' chewables myself,since swallowing meds is a bummer(kidding)
    ummm...kidding about doing chewables,but not about having to take meds!lol

  8. have a son who suffers from both allergies and scienus problems and could truly use the claritin

  9. I would try the claritin gels for myself

  10. button on my blog

  11. 2 button on my blog

  12. Allergies run in the family. We take grown up claritin and wouldn't mind trying the children's for the little one!

  13. Cat has horrible seasonal allergies and this is what our doc recommended actually! I love that they make chewables too! So I have to win because I want a snot free kid too!

  14. I would like to win Claritin's or coupon because this is a allergy medicine that we use daily not only this time of year but year round.

  15. My daughter has started showing signs of allergies and I would like to give this a try.

  16. 9 winners? we might have a shot this time! My kid just started preschool; I am sure we are bound to catch something!

  17. Allergy and Congestion for adults would be nice to try!


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