Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts for 04/07/09

Ok before I start! I need you girls to click on the link above to enter my Purseket Giveaway! It is a awesome giveaway and there will be 2 winners! REALLY guys I've been using the Purseket all weekend and amazing enough I've been able to find my keys and cell phone all weekend. Now for those who don't know me usually I'm running around screaming trying to find these items, yes my neighbors hide and cringe when they see me. I have no idea why? LOL Ok now please go over and enter! Love ya Chicks!

I saw this on a fellow bloggers site and just thought with the day I'm having I so need to do this. Ok forgive me I'm a horrible friend, because I forgot who had this up (please let me know and I'll make sure to put a shout out with a gracious bow).

So some random thoughts and a few pictures to make you laugh, because Lord I'm not laughing (well not yet, give me a few days).

Why does Cole School tell him that there is a PJ day the next day? The reason I ponder this is because he doesn't have any real PJ's just some bottoms from Old Navy . So of course after dinner we have to go to the store and buy some! Oh yes just what I wanted to do at 7pm and oh yeah did I mention my bank account?

Why did I have the brilliant idea that walking after dinner to the school and then walk around the track would be a GREAT idea?

Is my goal of loosing 20 ohhhh ok 30 lbs by July to much to ask? Do I think I live in the Biggest loser campus?

Why did I say yes I can work Sundays for the call center? Really working 7 days a week, am I really that crazy? Oh stop giggling!!!!

Would Bailey's in my coffee before work, really be a bad idea? Come on I know some of you have asked this question.

Why does Cole's school have an auction that tells you to get items donated then when you turn in the stuff Rick's work donated worth over $2,000.00 they say they can not use it!!!!!! WTH??? Oh you mean the tuition break I'm supposed to get I don't because you say the stuff is too personal and oh too much of each item! Please point that out to me in your book! But no I'm just screwed, thanks don't worry I wasn't counting on that break! WTF?

What made me think that my glasses sitting on the bed next to me while doing my make up could be safe from a 19 months hands! Oh yes you read that correct Caden decided that he would grab my glasses and twist and turn until they became two pieces! Did I mention that I HATE contacts! Oh wait even better did I mention I don't have a back up pair of glasses? Yes my dears this is what happened this AM!!!

I think that is enough for one day, so don't want to overwhelm you!! .... Ha-ha

Cole in his new Hulk PJ's
Thank you Burlington Coat Factory Clearance $8.99
The Glass Breaker!
Doesn't he look like an old man in shorts and white socks pulled up! LOL
My sad looking Glasses!
Doesn't the Sesame Street Song pop into your head too?
Something in this picture doesn't match!
Alexis with irritated eyes!
My boss actually stepped away from me like I had a condition. LOL


  1. I think Baileys in your coffee is great ANY time of the day!

    And PJ day is awesome:)

  2. I would love to do my job drunk.. haha

    Oh and mr linky is up on the Un-Mom age! http://www.theunmom.com/2009/04/i-have-discovery-channel-now-and-its.html

  3. 30 lbs in 3 months... well, I know you're supposed to loose like 1-2 lbs a week... I still dont get how they drop like 50 lbs a week on Biggest Loser Campus!! Its a place of miracles! ;o)

  4. Hey I love how crazy your life it. I love it. You boys are way too cute. But best of all I love the poser at the end. Have a great day.

  5. I would so love to pack my bags and go to the Biggest Loser ranch!!

  6. I love my contacts. For that very reason. I hate glasses! Too much trouble!

    I like the random tuesday thingy I did it myself....great post stuff :)

  7. lol! I will take credit for posting Random Tuesday. Why not. You stalk me. I know you do.

    So what items did hubby's work donate? Is it giveaway time again? How is it too personal? That just made my ears perk up!

  8. looove his cute little pjs... so cute! oh and i am soo with you on the baileys in the coffee!! no lie, i have actually woken up, could just tell it was gonna be a rotten day... and sipped a bud lime for brkfast... hehe! i kid you not!!!

  9. Bailey's in the coffee would be mandatory if you and I worked together :) Your boys are wayy too cute! I am also curious as to what you wanted to giveaway that they refused? How rude of them!

  10. Sounds like a regular mom day, right?

  11. Oh, girl! What a day! Bailey's in cofffee? Why not?! Are your glasses repairable? If not, how about some duct tape? Stop rolling your eyes, you know I am a Southern girl. Duct tape is a staple in all Southerner's homes. ha,ha! Just kidding. And I hope you can get them repaired. ;-)

  12. Truly.. we must hang out! You are so much excitement every day!!!

  13. Tough break on your glasses! (pun completely intended...sorry, I'm a dork!) I've had glasses since I was 8, and I've totalllllly been there. I have to say though, I adore my contacts. I've had them almost 10 years.

    I also have the 30 pound weight goal by July. I watch the Biggest Loser and I'm always completely amazed at them. Tomorrow I'm going to search out one of Jillian's DVDs that I hear makes you cry a little inside. I'll have to let you know how that goes, lol! Good luck girlie!

  14. Sounds like Baileys in the coffee might not be so bad!....ha.....
    Yup, no fun with the glasses.......can totally relate to that. Actually my glasses broke out of the blue when TigerBoy was about 10 days old! Luckily my mom was here visiting at the time. We were over at Lenscrafters......my mom was holding TigerBoy, who was actually sleeping in her arms. Everybody kept wondering if there was really a baby in the blanket! It turned out pretty good though, because while I was getting the eye exam (it had been like 4 years, so had to do that before getting new glasses), my mom met one of the technicians that worked there and found out she hailed from WI too! Occasionally, I stop by to say hello.....Can't believe it's been 2.5 years!

    Ok, enough babbling.....love the PJs! You'll have to make sure you always have one pair stuck away......that way, when it happens again, you'll be all set!

  15. OK...I am not entering your contest cause I don't carry a purse! Really! Poor glasses!


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