Friday, May 29, 2009

Did you really have to put me in this car????

So Thursday was the BIG field trip day to Anderson Island where Cole's teacher has a cabin. I took the day off weeks ago, and voice or no voice I was going! So that morning I get up early get everyone dressed and in the car. Well except for our Exchange Student who decided that today (the day I'm in a hurry) was going to take 20 minutes in the bathroom fixing his hair. UGH really I even gave you warning last night we had to leave early Thursday! So after waiting what felt like a million toddler years he got in the car and we were off. I dropped Caden off at daycare, exchange student off at his school, picked up a quick breakfast (I know not the ideal kind, give me a break) and then to Cole's School with 2 minutes to spare. Yes I'm doing a happy dance over 2 minutes.

They paired us up with who we were going to ride with to the cabin. I now know that I need to learn Korean. One to understand my exchange student when I know he's talking crap about me .. LOL and one to ride on this ride today. The teacher put me with the nicest two Korean ladies one thing they didn't speak English ... or I should say a few words just not enough to talk to me the WHOLE ride. Nope now picture this I got to ride in the back row behind two kids and in between Cole and another girl. I felt like my butt was vacuumed sealed into the seat. The sweet girl next to me even told me "You're too big to sit back here" Yup I know, no more excuses time to loose weight.
So our lovely ride to the ferry was oh so fun, yes I was brought along to be the babysitter didn't you know? I felt like we were in a taxi you know because they have that plastic shield in between them and their fare. Yup we had one too, it was just invisible or was it me who was invisible? The 25 minutes drive and 30 minutes waiting for the ferry, I became the only adult that told the kids to stop yelling, stop spitting and you know behave? Really hello would you like to turn around and tell your child to at least listening to me??? Yup a total of maybe 2 or 3 times did we turn around and acknowledge the screaming children. I have entered the zoo and I'm the only zoo keeper! 4 against 1 is not the best odds. I MUST say I have finally met two children worse than Cole! Yup I thought Cole was rambunctious and nothing compares to the girl and the boy I rode with. Oh yeah it was so much fun, yup and oh yeah my numb butt was only the tip or should a say the bottom ... LOL oh yeah I'm a pun queen!

We had lots of fun we played on the beach, the only time you will hear this mom actually say "Go throw rocks Cole" ... hey it was to put the stick down and do something else kind of talk. One of the little girls that rode with us was a scavenger, really she found 3 crabs! Yes I included pictures, who do you think you're talking too! Some near misses of rocks too close to heads, wet shoes and socks it was time to stuff my rear back in between the two car seats. Thankfully it wasn't very far to our next stop, a park! Oh yeah just a mild melt down, so I had to take Cole into the bathroom to have a quick little shape up or ship out talk. Back out to run some more, even a little relay race to run off some energy!

Off to the teachers cabin for hot dogs, watermelons and cupcakes. What a super cute cabin, even had a nice head to greet you when you walked in (yes picture included). At this point Cole wasn't feeling too well, and got a fever. I was very thankful that it was time to go home, well that wasn't until I remembered the long drive and the small spot for my butt! Back to the back of the minivan I go, with 4 screaming kids ... JOY! Thankfully Cole and I just kind of cuddled up together and let the other 2 mom's worry about their kids.

Homeward Bound to hopefully sleep it off and feel better! That was one heck of a field trip, yup I'm happy that we have the summer off.


  1. Oh mercy.... I feel my blood pressure rising just looking at the pictures... especially the one with the kiddo screaming in the car!!!

    I'm sure the kids were WIRED up being the end of the year & a field trip!!! Glad you survived...

    And what is with that? I supervised a field trip with MIDDLE SCHOOL kids to the zoo (some of the youth from church asked me) - & the teachers all just ignored me... fine, I took my youth kids & we did our own thing! Back at 'em!

  2. What a day. When does your exchange student go home? I love the pictures they are great. I hope the bum is feeling better. Love you poser. Have a great weekend.

  3. but i think it looks like you still had fun... right, am i right? lol- you so funny child, i think crap must roll right off you--- and that good! happy wkend dear!

  4. Wow! I can't wait to have kids so I can go on field trips!

  5. The photos alone are worth a thousand words of English, lol, this is the reason I miss having small kids so much those memories girl! You look happy! :)

  6. ohhh field trips still have a year of rest here LOL and than it all begins LOL
    Awesome pictures!

  7. What a crazy day! I can't believe they put you with people that didn't speak English --I would of talked to myself and they would of thought I was crazy --LOL
    Love the pictures -- I know the kids had a wonderful time.

  8. LOL!!!!!!! That is cracking me up!!! You made it back in one piece!

  9. What we do for our kids!

    I think a day at work sounds better...huh?


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