Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mommy's Blogger Night Out - Spa Night with 5 Minutes for Moms

I'm so excited usually Wednesday nights are pretty boring around here I get the kids to bed and then watch a little TV and then oh the fun Costume night .... oh wait that's fun for Rick (Just playing stop blushing). So when I was picked to be one of the bloggers for the Spa Night I actually did a little jig in my Seat. 5 Minutes for Mom along with Edelman an amazing PR firm in Chicago (yes I was drooling which I was connected with a PR firm like that) had a Spa night in Seattle.

As you know I rarely get to go out, so this was a special treat! I worked it all out with my girlfriend that she would stay with the kids until Rick got home from work. No biggie, I pick her daughter up from daycare 4 nights a week and she stays with me until my friend comes by to pick her up. But it would be my life with out total craziness. So of course of all days her ex decides to take their daughter to his moms house which of course is no where near my house. When she told him that she was coming over to help me he had the typical guy response "why would you do that" ... hello doornob I take care of your child several times a week that is why she would help! UGH Men!!! So we thought she had it all figured out, his mom would drop their daughter off at her work at 5:30pm and she would be to my house before 6pm so I could head up to Seattle which is about an hour away in good weather. Did I mention that is was POURING down rain today!
At 5:52pm I get a call from my friend saying that of course at 5:30 she called his mother to find out that she hadn't even left the house yet! Yup I told you it's my world, don't you want to come play? My friend hauled butt picked up her daughter and got to my house at an impressive 6:20pm, thankfully not too late. Put me 20 minutes behind, so no I didn't go 70+ on the freeway while it was pouring down Cat's and Dogs, well I didn't actually see any dogs or cats but I think I may have saw a person in a boat or two flying just as fast of me on all that water! I did get to rock out to some Pink Floyd and Blondie, I'm sure I was a site to see! LOL
Now here is the funny part Rick was top Loss Prevention Detective 3 quarters in a row at his old job so he was able to pick a gift. He picked up GPS for himself, me and my mom. So of all days I decided today would be the day to try this new item out. Since I'm so techie this should be no problem at all right? Yeah right what I have learned from this experience is one programing while driving down the freeway is NOT the best idea I've ever had. Make sure you choose your destination and not your home address as the place you want to go! Yes you can confuse this machine! I've also learned I need one with not such a calming voice, nope I need the one that has the irate angry voice, because this may only be the way I'm going to listen. Because when he says on you right take the exit you need to do so, instead I go right by it!! Yes please GPS yell at me saying "You idiot you just missed your exit and now will have to double back!" "Yes you are blond and being an idiot, you should not own such an item, since you are an idiot". REALLY I think this is what my GPS was thinking of me! Instead she politely told me I'm off track and to take the next exit to get back on track! So back on track I go, did I mention it was raining? Yes and I drive a stick, which on most days I can rock. Today in Seattle that is big HILLS not so much. I think I even killed the car once or twice! To say I was frazzled by the time I got there is a UNDERSTATEMENT of the century!! I was so excited to find Swoon Boutique Spa and of course no parking on the street. So I found a lot, that was only $3 for 2 hours. Which would have been great if I had cash on me! Really what was I thinking? So I then run across the street to the spa, yes in the rain with out my umbrella since of course I pulled it out put it on the passengers seat and then that is where it sat! So I run across the road totally forget about the parking fee and come in like a Drag Queen busting out on stage. Who says I don't have presence is crazy, I'm the loudest there is. I think my laugh could be heard in the builds across from us!
I had the most wonderful time I started with a pedicure that was to die for a wonderful leg massage and pretty new color for my toes! I sat to wonderful mommy bloggers, Wendi that has a great blog about book reviews and Mommy blogger of Adoption Adventures. I then head over for a manicure where I had the pleasure of sitting with Amy of Lituse! I talked to so many wonderful women that I'm sorry if I missed a few. While mingling I had more time to talk to Megan from Edelman that is a too hip blogger that does PR for them. Oh to be young again, I would love to have her life. Flying into different cities and meeting new people what fun is that? I also got to meet Mona @, the very funny Drew @, a couple wonderful ladies that use to blog for the Seattle PI which was a newspaper here that just closed it doors after like a 100 years, very sad.
Before I could eat anymore cupcakes (I'm only claiming 2 .. what they were minis ... sorry Jillian I'll do your Work-out DVD tonight). I was taken for my massage by Kendra who was amazing, she is also a dog trainer who has 3 dogs of her own and 2 she fosters! Talk about an amazing lady and her hands where amazing. Her fingers go out all the knots in my back and neck, I'm in a huge debit to her. I came out refreshed (check out the red faced picture of me) and ready to take another nap. Sorry Kendra if I drooled on that lovely lavender pillow of yours! I was so relaxed all I could think of was the beans I ate early (oh what you know you think these things too I just actually write about them), I'm happy to say I didn't have any eruptions ... LOL.
By 9:30 I was pooped and ready to go home, I wanted to get a group picture (with me in back of course, well hidden) but it was time to go rescue my hubby from the kids. I said my good nights and picked up my super clean laptop, did I forget to mention that Lindsay with Edelman cleaned our laptops with new the New! Pledge® Multi Surface Cleaner. We even got 2 bottles of our own! I was so excited to show Rick when I got home, I know I had a burst of energy and started to clean. I'm in LOVE with the Lavender Fresh and the Rainshower was just as lovely, talk about clean and smelling good. Yup the small things in life make me so happy! I even showed him the micro cloth to clean "his" laptop (he reminded me again I was just borrowing his laptop). And this is the super exciting thing you know how I've been wanting to try out those cloth bags that you can fold up into their own pouch! Yup we got one to have and try out! I was so excited I've been contacting places forever asking if I could do a review/giveaway and no replies :(. So I'm here to say I got one and LOVE it and that super easy little pouch rocks! I love my cloth bags but they take up so much room, talk about convenient, pop a few of these in your purse and off you go. See that is my problem I always forget the other ones, but these I could just throw in my purse!

Wow what a night I'm so excited I was able to come and actually meet Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom who was gorgeous and I'm sorry I didn't get my picture with her. I know Mona and Susan were taking pictures I hope to get a few to add to my site. I hope to be invited back, hopefully I didn't embarrass myself to much or laugh to loud ;). Thanks again 5 Minutes for Mom and Edelman for inviting me, I wouldn't have really stalk you until you let me in ... well ok I would have but wouldn't that have been a fun site? And yes I will be stalking all my new friends I met and of course I have to check out Megan's blog (Edelman) she was so nice and funny! I'm out of here, must rest ... LOL


  1. Sounds like a great night, but I 5 and pouring down rain does not sound like much fun!

  2. Even a Spa trip is an adventure with you! :o) Your hands & feet look MARV-E-LOUS!

  3. It was really nice to meet you last night. You have a great laugh!

  4. Sounds so awesome :)Love the pictures :)

  5. Well now I am officially jealous because I so need a spa wait I need a spa weekend and I'm sure no one care enough to give me that, maybe one!

    Your piggies (or should I say pibbies as Bub says) look great as do your nails!

  6. sounded like a ton of fun... but as usual with you.. always crazy, lol!!

  7. Wow you are so lucky. You seem to always get the best deals ever. You rock my poster friend.

  8. It was so good to meet you. I'm hoping to get some pics from someone that took them last night. I had my camera, but was so busy talking that I didn't get a chance to take pictures! Hope they have more blogging events in Seattle! Maybe I'll see you there.

  9. drama queenie that you are I'd expect nothing less! he he. Love the tooties darlin' and glad you got to get some YOU time!

  10. Wow I am jealous! Nothing cool ever happens in Alaska like that. BOO!!I'm going to go pout!

  11. Oh what fun! I could sure use some 'spa' time. It is past time for sure. Love all the pics as usual :)

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  13. What a great night! You deserve to treat yourself... I just cut my hair off, and I thought of your cute hair cut!

  14. DYING laughing at the beans part!! LOL!!! Looks like fun! I'm trying to get a post up about my recent massage, pedi and haircut sessions! Gotta love an occasional pampering!

  15. You are a lucky duck!!!! How fun!!!

  16. I just read this post. OMG what a great evening you had. Sorry about the rain but I am so glad you got to go. With everything that happened before you left I was afraid you weren't going to make it!


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