Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Plus a few days

Wow it's been a whirl wind of a the last few weeks I've been trying to keep my whits end to just so I don't go mad!

So my weekend started a little early I had to take Friday off to help out at Cole's school. They have an auction each year to try to keep the cost down for tuition. Hello I'm there, what can I do to help!
Ok I first want to start out with husbands, I love mine but helping out with the kids not something he does. I read all these blogs with these amazing husbands, and I wish mine was like that. Now Rick is great in other ways but helping out not really so much for the pick up, dropping off, and all the other fun stuff I'm doing all by myself!! UGH.
So when I was talking to a co-worker on Thursday about how I was going to have get up super early so I could drop the boys off. She looked at me like I have that third eye. Still no clue why everyone always looks there I know it's not there, believe me I waxed and everything! Ok back on point! She asked well why doesn't Rick drop them off for you? Yup I never even thought of that, that is how much of a mom one man show that I didn't even think of him helping me out. So I asked if he could help me out, that I would even get the kids dressed and ready for him. Well I guess it wasn't that much grumbling before he agreed. Have I ever mentioned that he is NOT a morning person? Yup a total butt head to get up and going.

So Friday morning comes around I get everyone fed and dressed and then start myself. And get grumpy man up who was not wanting to get the show on the road. Finally get them going and get myself dressed and out the door I go, I'm going to be on time if it kills me. Ok get there 3 minutes late but still not super late, yup doing a happy dance right now :).
So I walk into the building it tells me that the auction is at and guess what it's a cafeteria and I have no clue where to go. Walk around like a dork, find a very sweet student who's poor face has so many studs and other piercings, did I mention the purple hair! Oh to be young again and not care what anyone thinks. Thankfully she was super nice and pointed me in the right direction. Did I mention there was no signs or nothing! I walk in and everyone is everywhere, you would think they would have a kick off meeting where to go, who's doing what but no. Did I also mention I had to ask the day before what time and place I was suppose to meet since no one called or emailed me. Yup I walked into a cluster!!! And you all know how well I take to non organized functions. Yup my OCD was going NUTS!
So I ask the first person I see what I should do since I can't find a leader. They say go ahead and start putting table clothes on. So I grab a stack walk over to a table and start my task. When I hear a screaming voice, don't do that drop those, they are the wrong size. Ok dude I got you the first scream! I look up to see my favorite (NOT) dad from Cole's party .. yup the one that kept yelling at my son to sit down and calm down. So my 2nd meeting with this man and I want to strangle him.
After that warm welcoming I get to setting up the tent, yes someone donated an 8 person tent!! You should have seen the things people donated it blew me away. Ok you remember how they couldn't use the stuff I donated, like the crocheted stuff my MIL did. Yup I think I saw every single thing she made on the auction tables! Yup just a little torqued!

After that I see all the helpers just standing around and chatting ok this might be the reason why I don't fit into the cliches. I took the day off to help, not to socialize. Hate to be rude but I took a vacation day for this and believe me I had better things to do with my day off. So I finally find the leader and ask what I can do. She gives me my own section to organize. Yes my eyes got wide and I went crazy with organizing and putting every in it's number order. I had a helper but yes I went nuts and got my little helper hat on and just went to town. Which I think was fine with the gal I had, she had her friends and they got to chat. I know I just don't fit in the mom cliche, believe me at field trips and other functions I've tried to chat with these ladies and I'm so not fitting into it. It makes me a little sad I would love to be friends with these ladies but I guess I just not going to be intuited in. That's ok I'm not into blood sisters ... LOL.
Ok back to my table I got it all set up I mean it was all in numeric order, spaced just right it was beautiful! That was until the mom from the Christmas wrapping we did at the school . The mom that just swoops in and takes over everything. Yup she was there moving and taking over my beautiful table. Then one of the cliche mom's started moving around items. HELLO they are in numeric order for a reason! OMGosh I thought my head might burst!
Then the very sweet leader lady came over and asked if we could do a run threw of my table since it was the only one done. Yup, happy dance again! We run threw and she is like why is this all out of order, I said well someone moved a few items after I had it set up. So we reorganized and I didn't say who it was when she asked. Nope not playing these games, I'm not throwing anyone under the bus I'm here to work and that's it!

After that whole ordeal I ask if I can help and she is having a problem with the caterers giving them the wrong size table clothes. So I offer to go pick them up, she like really. Of course, I don't mind at all. Run and pick up the right size table clothes and run back to the auction. Guess what everyone but a few of the teachers are left? What the heck
tables and chairs aren't broken down, tables aren't ready and several other things. So guess who is the last parent standing even after parents and teachers were missing!
I finally finish up at 12:30pm and go home to oh yeah work a few hours for the 3rd job. Then of course run and pick up the kids and oh yeah dinner! But my darling hubby thinks I just sit around on the computer. What is it about men that think just because you work at a computer or at home it's not real work like they do? UGH ... some days my hubby is
a pain in the butt. But really I love him it's just been one of those weeks ... LOL
So Friday is usually movie night around here but not this time. Cole got to stay at my parents house which is a RARE treat he stays there maybe 1 or 2 times a year. But Saturday morning they were taking him to Walking with the Dinosaurs. It was such a nice and quiet night around the
house! Love my boy but man it's nice to have a night off!
Wow that was all Friday! Ok Saturday it's time to get up at 5:30am to work the 2nd job. Saturday was a wonderful day I even made it to Wal-mart to pick up some groceries. Well that is I got to the parking lot when mom called and said they are 10 minutes away from my house!!! UGH ... so I say I'll be home in 45min, I have never done Wal-Mart in 30 minutes before but I did. I mad it back in 45 minute, had time to unpack the groceries and even do a few other things before my parents got there to drop Cole off. Yup I could
have taken a breather at Wal-Mart.
Sunday was a fun day as you can see from the pictures we did 3 art projects, got to love After season sales. Yup got all these amazing Easter items for less than $10! A morning and afternoon fun time!
Rick and his friend got 2 new lilac trees for the front yard, started putting down some new soil to fix my front lawn that the power people dug up to install some new line. Rick even put a new apple tree in the back yard to replace my poor tree is dead over the nasty winter we had. Then the topper that made me so giddy is Rick built me a box for my vegetables! I'm so excited I'm going to be able to have my own fresh veggies to cook with!
I ran to Lowe's and picked up some veggies, I'm so excited. I'm going to try onions, red peppers, green peppers, cantaloupes, pumpkins, zucchini and cucumbers. (Check them out I haven't planted them yet, but I'm ready) I didn't realize how big my new box is so I need to pick up some more plants to get in the ground! I'm so excited! I'll post a pick when it's all done. Rick even put up a 3rd row on my front yard with the pavers, it made it look so much nicer! I can't wait to have the whole yard all done and looking nice again!

You would think that day was over right .... NOT. Of course I had to work again for the 3rd job, now really this one is the easy one. It's actually my favorite of all the jobs, I LOVE data entry. I know I'm a dork but it's easy and fun to do! I finally finished up around 11:30pm and went to bed!

Monday here we go again up at 5am to go back to data entry and making calls. Around 7ish got the boys up and fed and ready to go to school. Had to wake grumpy man up to take the kids to school. Then back to the calls I went. I remembered Cole had a field trip and I really wanted to go but I didn't know what to do with Caden. Yup one man mom again! I ask grump to help out and watch Caden. Yup I asked for too much, he needed his beauty sleep. LOL just remember I only had what 6 hours of sleep? So I finish up the calls get Caden to lay down and slip on some clothes and run to the school.

I of course get there right as the van and carpool is pulling out. I see 2 cars go one way and the van goes the opposite. I can only follow the the cars from the lane I'm in so I'm hoping that I'm following the right people if not I may get pulled over for stalking people. Thankfully it was the right people but I could see the mom checking her mirror the whole time. LOL

The field trip was at Albertsons it was super fun, they had the BEST lady do the tour she was so energetic and just nice to the little kids that kept interrupting the whole time ... LOL. Yes Cole was the one who didn't want to stand in line. I don't know what it was but he was attached to my leg the whole time. I think I surprised him by showing up. It was great time had by all.

We started out at the Starbucks and had strawberry Frappochini's (us adults even got one) ... check out the cute little cups they came in! We then moved to the deli for some cheese and meat (yup adults too). We then went to the fruits and veggies. Were the kids got banana's (I ended up finsihing up Cole's). Then over to the bakery to check out
the cakes where of course she told the kids to ask for their birthday cakes from Albertsons ;). Yummy cookies for the kids (mom even got to eat the last half). Then we made it over to the milk where they had a very cool barn above. String cheese for the kids (man mom got to eat the last bit there too ... LOL). Now here is the funny part. They had the kids moo at the barn for the cow to come out. Yup me and another mom really thought they would have cow (no a person in a cow costume) come out and moo at the kids. LOL yup we're dorks no such luck but I'm sure we were the laughing stalk of the moms. She was like me not in with the cliche moms, look I found a friend ... :).

So after my trip to the field trip I head home to finish up some work and then throw the ham in and go get the kids to finish up the night. Don't even ask about the ham, hubby informed me he is sick of ham ... LOL. Yup he's really wanting to push me to the edge!

So of course I don't make it to bed until 11:30 again! And up at 5am again Tuesday am to work the 3rd job! Did I mention that daycare lady too the week off? Oh yeah look I'm on vacation ... LOL.
So Tuesday starts with work and then getting the kids up and dressed for school. Then wake up grumpy man to help me out again. Oh boy ... so not having it this morning ... is 3 days of helping my limit? Oh boy .... Lord be with me!
Get them off and here I go back to work, I don't know what it was but people were VERY grumpy got hung up on a few times and even told that I was inconsiderate for calling her. HELLO I'm just calling to see if you have recieved the info you REQUESTED!!!! So there was that.
I tried to finish up before 2p when my girlfriends daughter was getting dropped off (same daycare lady). The two little ones who you would think would be the easy ones, they don't talk back. Yeah right one almost 2 and one almost 3 were fighting over toys and hitting and screaming ... LOL.

Pick up the boys and run back home to check on the Ham Bone and Beans in the crock pot. Got in my work out gear for my first session with Jillians DVD 30 Day Shred. Yes I bought it and I'm on a mission. My BFF since elementary school have a goal to do it 3 times a week! So we started it and after 2 count it 2 minutes I thought I was going to DIE. Jillian even said you think you're going to die, I'm trying to say yes but my throat was closed and my hair was soaked to my head and arms where Jello! I guess those 5 lb weights weren't the best idea. It didn't sound like a lot until I tried to raise them over my head! Whoever invented Jump Jacks sucks! I really think that I was not made to jump! Now imagine this, we had the kids playing in the front lawn while we exercised. LOL Yes we had the blinds open and the door open so we could keep an eye on them while we did this. But this also made it so everyone driving by the house could see our butts trying to jump! At one point my girlfriend said do you have earthquake insurance on the house? I think we're shaking the foundation ... LOL
Oh to get old and have kids! Really she use to be a cheerleader all threw highschool and I was upon wasn't a stick but at least I had a waist. Now I'm not sure what happened but wow! Don't even ask no before and after pictures! LOL

All I can say is my legs feel like jello and my inner thighs I think feel like I rode a horse. Yup I think I'm dying for real, and we're going to do this again tomorrow? Oh lord shoot me now!

So there you have it my "vacation" time being spent so well. I have one more day off and I plan to yup you got it work again the 3rd job. Got to make sure I can get in as many hours as I can. Hey I need more veggie plants, plus soon I'll need to buy some new jeans. What Jillian swears if I stick with this I'll see dramtic changes in 30 days! Do you think she means you work out all days those 30 days? Hmmm ... nope I'm going with 3 times a week for 20 minutes I'm sure I'll look like a super model at the end of the month ... LOL.
Field trip pics to end our pics.
The very nice lady that did the tour.

That would be Cole, suppose to be shouting hi
to the Starbucks lady.

The Starbucks lady, I don't think she really
wanted to be dealing with kids.

Yummy suck it up, not to fast!
Brain FREEZE!!

Now isn't that cute?
I know they were like why are taking a pic?

Deli time, yes Cole not facing the right way!

Shake the coconut :)

Cole wanted to take a picture for you!

Yummy Banana time!

Cookies and picking out your cake time!

Look mom cheese in my mouth!

Yup the barn. Nope no cows :( ... LOL dork


  1. Damn girl, when do you SLEEP!!??

    Looks like a very busy week-end?

    Kick the hubby in the butt and into gear...heehee!

  2. Wow, I am impressed! Just this post alone had to take you forever to type!

    You are such a go getter (and SUCH a good mom:)

    You had a very busy week! I think you should join your sitter and take a vacation!

  3. Da'um gurl, this is a novel. Are you tired just from typing it LOL. I read the entire thing with a cup of coffee. Good reading too. Are you considering becoming a wrtiter. Keep us up to date with the garden too.

  4. What a fun weekend with crafts, and all. I never went on fun trips. I always get lost. Have a great rest of the week. Can't wait to see what happens next. Love ya, my poser.

  5. Don't you ever just take a weekend to wear jammies and not leave the couch? I think you should. Maybe send the kids to Grandmas on that day too....

  6. amy said...when do you sleep?

    i wish they had a mother of the year'd get it.

    I personally think your yard looks great....I all about yard work!

  7. Ok now after reading all that I have to go back to bed because you made me very tired. I remember those days when the kids were in public school. I never fit in with any of the moms their either. Have you gotten any rest yet -- slow down before you fall flat on your face. Loved all the crafts where did you fine those cute little bird houses. To cute! TFS

  8. im with amy... when DO you sleep?!?! but kudos to you for know how and when to get things done!!

  9. HOLY COW... I'm exhausted just READYING your life.. how do you do it??? What is your secret? AND find time to volunteer AND find time to work out!!! You are amazing!

    How cute are those tiny Starbucks cups????

    And can you believe you ran into that man again? I'm waiting for the post that says you knocked him in the face!!!

    And now you have me officially scared.. .I'm starting the Shredd tonight!!!

  10. Your weekends are as busy as mine...actually yours may be a little busier!

    And you already know how I feel about lazy husbands (or fiance's in my case) and it drives me nuts that they never ever think about helping us because they just assume it's our job...oh Lord don't get me started I could write a book on the subject!

    Love the pictures!

  11. Your so darn cute with your link on my site! (hmmm who sneaked that one in, lol) Wow the garden, you could enter that pic into my 'Friday Shoot Out' and title it 'How does Alexis Garden Grow?'...I miss getting my hands dirty! No really, and such a good way...

    What is up with 'Starbucks' for the kids? Is that what you meant with the photo of the cup? Can't be...

    Otherwise you deserve mommy of the year, and wrangler of the year!

  12. I thought only I could survive with little or no sleep :)

    Busy do you do it?

    Love the garden and all pictures :)

  13. DUDE!! what did you have those boys by immaculate conception or what?? He has to 'watch' the boys? How do you not kill the man for not getting up and helping in the morning. You are so nice cuz mine would be out on his arse if I had to scramble to work and daycare w/o help. Seriously, take a weekend off and have him keep HIS boys! Runaway, I'll help you pack. just get out w/ a friend and stay at a hotel.

  14. ...........and this was your vacation! You are amazing girl!

    Love you!

  15. You must drink 40 cups of coffee a day or something, cause the fact that you are still going after all that is impossible!! I feel like I'm gonna die just listening to your schedule! Yeah, you're my hero.
    BTW, my hubby is jealous of your veggie box. =)


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