Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Mothers Day Weekend

What a weekend we had busy as always, one day it will slow down and I’ll have no clue what to do with myself.

As an early Mother’s Day treat, Cole’s school had a Mother’s Day Tea on Thursday. I’m so glad I was able to attend. I felt bad for the one little boy that’s mom didn’t arrive. The teacher read a story that of course made me cry. The read a little why I love my mom, Cole said “I love my mom because see gives me a birthday party and gives me a treat”. LOL isn’t that too funny? We had yummy strawberry shortcake and punch the kids made. Isn’t that wonderful? Cole made me a super cute box with a picture of him inside and a super cute book with hand print and fun little items he made for me. Yup I was a mess by the time I came back to work. While I was there guess what I was given yup the box of items we donated for the auction. Seems they only used a few of the items Rick’s mom crocheted, all the items Rick’s previous work donated was not used. Too Christmas for them? Yup my same thoughts! So I’m left with $3,000.00 worth of Christmas stuff. I guess I’m going to have to sell it cheap on Craigslist. But I had an idea, June 16th is my birthday and to celebrate my day along with reaching 100+ followers I thought I would do a giveaway with some of the items along with other things J, what do you think?

Saturday started as normal I got up at 5am and went to work, it was a slower day which was nice to not be so overwhelmed. But it will be nice when we have enough calls to keep me and the gal both busy. We ended up staying home for the day and the kids played outside. That is when the kids that are mom always told us not to have over showed up at my house. I love having kids over but some days having a kid over like this gives me a headache. The whole time he asked for food and other things, really who invited you over? Then I looked at Cole oh it was you! So I got ready and decided it was time to leave for a while. Guess what happened when I said we had to leave the kid invited himself to go with us!!! Sorry dude you’re not coming, so he said ok I’ll come by tomorrow. Well we may not be home I say, he said he’ll watch our back yard and if he see’s us he’ll come over. I say well maybe we’ll see! Really dude you need to be invited to come over. So we walk him out and guess what happens he sees the cookie jar takes the top off and mid way grabbing a cookie he says can I have a cookie? Are you related to my house cleaner who thinks the pop in the fridge is far game? Oh even better the make up I threw away in the garbage she decided to take also? Oh lord gives me strength I’m surrounded by crazies!

Sunday I finished up my shift around 1:30pm and couldn’t fall asleep until 2:30pm. You guessed it Cole was up at 7am and no he wouldn't fall back asleep! And no luck Rick had to get up and go to work, I know Happy Mothers Day to me! I started to complain, not really just giving him crap since he usually forgets to even say Happy Mothers Day. Really that is all I want, well along with some sleep. So in he walks in with beautiful roses and a very sweet card. What a sweetheart.

So I did something I never do, as you who follow know that Saturdays and Sundays I always make breakfast. This day I went to McD's, I know shake your head but really it's a VERY rare treat! And a HUGE cup of coffee for me!
Instead of going to play in our back yard, yes I was avoiding it ... Hey that kid drove me nuts!! (yes that is a picture of the Saturday crew in my backyard) So yes I got the heck out of dodge. My super sweet friend Christina let us come hang out with her and her 4 kids. Talk about a kid feast, then her friend came over with his 2 kids! We were trying to be like the Brady Bunch minus Alice! It was a wonderful sunny day and I was able to hang out and just enjoy the sun.
Half way thru our visit mom called and wanted us to stop by to get my present. We went over and gave Monnie her 3 plants that Cole personally picked out for her. I had big plans of making her a concrete stepper with the kids hand prints. Cole informed me that was NOT what we were getting her that she needed plants ... LOL. Thank you McLendon's and a sale for 97 cents! Stopped by the dollar store and picked up some really cool copper tins for them. Very sweet gift from him to her.
My mother's day gift from my parents was a tomato plant and a topsy turvy. Very cool I can't wait to try it out, even though I hate tomatoes ... LOL. Mom remember this when she handed my present over to me ... LOL Still very cool I can't wait to try it out. After leaving my parents we went back over to my girlfriends house. Made a sandwich just sat down and the cell rang. Yup I totally spaced Roy's tutor was at the house. We flew home in 25 min (no it wasn't going 80mph, ok close).
My weekend is extended since I have Mondays off ... LOL weekend cracks me up to say that since I work Mondays for my 3rd job at 5:30am I'm up and making calls (is for the East Coast so it's 8:30 when I'm making calls) I know you thought I was calling people at 5:30am ... LOL. I did calls, got the Cole up for School (Roy had the day off), then finished up my calls. Then I got a special treat to meet a girlfriend for Coffee! We grabbed some Starbucks and ran over to McDonald's to let her son play. It was so nice to just hang out and relax and have girl talk!!! Yes I left Caden and Roy with Rick! It was so nice to go all by myself!

Came home picked Caden up and went grocery shopping, Rick took Roy shopping and then I picked up Cole. It was a very nice day, but sad no nap ... LOL. I really think I need some sleep here soon!
And a funny Tuesday I'm doing so good leaving the house 10 min early. Get in the car and the battery is dead ... LOL! Wake Rick up and get the car started, no clue what happened ... UGH. Go from 10 min early to 10 min late! Yup my life in a nutshell.
As a bonus I won some amazing giveaways this week see all this no sleep and entering giveaways pay off ... LOL! But the one that I'm VERY excited for is tonight I get to meet up with the mom's of 5 Minute for Mom's at a Spa in Seattle. Yes I'm going to get pampered! We get a Manicure, Pedicure and a shoulder massage and Pledge wipes to clean our laptops! I know doesn't that rock!!!! If any of you live in the Seattle, WA area and want to join us tonight let me know they said I can invite my bloggy friends. I can't wait to post pictures of all the fun we will be having, plus I can get my picture with those beautiful twins ... hmmmm I need to pick a slimming outfit for tomorrow. I know I'll do my usual trick boobs up only ... LOL


  1. Great wrap up..........Love hearing someone refer to 'pop'....out here, they all say soda.......but I grew up saying pop. Between the 2 of us, we've got both coasts covered! I grew up in the midwest........
    Happy Mother's Day to my dear blog friend..........

  2. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. Don't you just love the hand crafted stuff that the kids make? It all goes down hill once they reach middle school so cherish this stuff.

  3. What adorable gifts! My first graders class made a cookbook. My daughters recipe was for snow icecream... she said you mixed one bowl of snow with 15-20 cups of milk and ate it! It is hilarious reading the recipes the kids came up with.

  4. Your gifts are so cute! It does sound like you had a very full weekend...I hate when I babysit and the neighborhood children invite themselves over. ugh!

  5. Sounds like a very busy weekend! My in-laws have those topsy turvy tomato plants and they say they are great!

  6. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend but isn't that always the case when you have kids.

    My girls made me the cutest gifts for Mother's Day at school (at least the school is teaching them something). And I was awakened by my screaming fiance who had enough of the kids by 8:30 so I had to get up and do the same thing I do every other day...though there were no flowers and no card waiting for me...lucky dog!

    And the neighborhood kid don't even get me started. The kids in my neighborhood are afraid of me thank goodness that's how I keep them away from my house and my cookies! lol

  7. sounds like a lovely wkend and maybe, just maybe not quite as crazy as some others you have!

  8. That's what you call a wrap up! Girl, I dont see how you keep going!

    Enjoy your "spa" time!!!!

  9. What a busy weekend and some fun treats you got there! I would have avoided the neighbor kid who invites himself too. I hate that, I teach mine to wait and be invited.

    I am tired just reading all you did, I still don't know how you keep up!

  10. What a fun Mother's day you had. I did not see any pictures of you though. Have a great day.

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day --Love all your little gifts. TFS all the great pictures.

  12. Awesome gifts :) you've had such a busy weekend as always :)
    I'm thinking of getting the tomato thingy :) so cute!

  13. My MIL just bought hubby a Topsy turvy, but it's for strawberries! We are so excited!


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