Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Bring on the Parties

Talk about a busy weekend! Friday after work I picked the kids up and ran to my girlfriends house. Do to Cole going to Walking with the dino's we missed her daughters party. So we did a make up party at her house. Yummy pizza and adult talk well that is between the yelling and screaming of the kids ... LOL. Can boys and girls play nice together at age 5? I think after Anng and I had about an hour of the he said she said we were leaning towards nope ... LOL. Overall not a bad night had a glass of wine, so hey what could be bad about that :).

Saturday is was back to normal up at 5am to work my shift for the call center, call volume was picking up which was super nice and kept me busy. Got off the phone and quick breakfast and got everyone ready for the first party of the day. I was so excited I was ready and out the door early and I was going to be EARLY to a party! Yup that was the plan until I got on to the freeway got stuck in a jam, got the brilliant idea to get off the freeway on to a "short-cut", HUGE joke that was. Got stuck into more traffic, it took me 1 1/2 almost to go what would normally take me 20 minutes! Yup you guessed it we were late missed the games, but did get in time for presents and my favorite CAKE. Yup the key to my heart is cake, and after seeing some pictures of myself I think I need to back off the cake and everything else. Hmmm maybe wiring my mouth shut will help? Or why not get back on to my Jillian DVD? Yup that is an idea now to get my legs and body on board there!
Ok back on point, after the birthday party we headed up to a Pampered Chef party. Really like I needed any more cooking items, right? Well since Kristie got me hooked on quiches and pie crust for meals I had to pick up one of those nifty things that protects the edge from getting burnt. One more thing I'm sure I'll use all the time, really that was me being serious this time!

After the party is over we headed to the lake, I know what more can I shove into one day. Over all it was fun the kids played, I stayed far away from the water since 1 I refuse to get into a bathing suit and the 2 the water was super COLD ... just ask Heather who jumped in and barely could get her legs to move to get out of the water. Yes that picture is Cole in a Barbie Life Jacket, What his was at my parents house and this lazy butt wasn't feeling like walking up one waterfront to my parents house. After several floating items had to be retrieved, no wine for me to drink (just playing) it was time to head home. Think I was a little bit of a heat stroke fell asleep and barely woke up in time for my night shift at the call center. Of course couldn't fall back to sleep after my shift, got to sleep around 2:30am.

Sunday 7am the alarm goes off since I had the brilliant idea to go to the zoo to check out the new birds that arrived. Happy to say we got there at 8:15 which is good since I was shooting for 8am .. LOL. We met up with my friend Anng and her daughter, I know we were just asking for it again getting the two kids together again. And they didn't disappoint us the whole time they were bugging each other. Cole is such a boy and boy does he like to push it. So yes it was a fun 3 hours at the zoo, yes I said 3 hours of walking around. We even bought these stupid little sticks for $1 a piece to feed the birds, yup $3 we spent ... suckers! I even have a picture of Anng and me as we like to call it the infamos bathroom shot. LOL it of course was in the bathroom, I couldn't wait until after we got out. We hit the house I thought ok I can get some sleep, put everyone down and 20 minutes later I hear Rick and I'm up. Of course everyone else gets up and outside we go. Back to planting a few more items, Rick and his friend showed up with 2 yards of bark. Yeah the yard looks amazing and guess what we need more plants. Off to the store I go, really I think I might have bought every veggie and plant in the last two weeks! I am happy to report I found a Pear Tree at Wally World on sale for $5 yes who knew plants would go on clearance? I even got my Topsy Turvy up, which let me tell you isn't as easy as it looks. But if the tomatoes come out looking great it will be worth it. Rick did put it up high so I'm not sure how I'm going to water it, but we'll see ... LOL. I got inside to finish up some work I know you counted right 7 days a week is what I just worked!
Monday is usually my day off but our receptionist took the week off so I'm working a full week this week. While I had to work Rick had the day off, he finished up the bark in the back yard and even get this (hold on I almost fell over) he got my grape harbor up! Yes you heard that right after 3 years of asking my harbor is up! So there it is a busy weekend lots to do and a busy week too! Cole has a concert on Thursday and Rick has to go out of town for a few days, thanks to my friend Tarra who is going to go to the concert with me! Yeah!!! More to come later!


  1. I love the picture of the the side yard with the little one looking out the window...too cute:)

  2. Wow I did not know if I would find your post will all of the giveaways going on. J/k Man can you pack in a great weekend of fun. Not only that but finding a great price on a tree. Then posing in the bathroom. Way to bring it in. Have a great day.

  3. I had to expect another busy weekend for you... girl, you are like the Energizer Bunny!!!

    Love all the pictures from the weekend!

  4. Love the pictures :) I think you're ready for a vacation ;)

  5. love the pics too and im with firefly... seriously you need some major ALONE time!!!!

  6. I'd have to collapse after all that running around-crazy!!

  7. I love your array of photos! Hey I was out with a friend for lunch one day and they brought over the dessert tray, and I had to laugh, they had birthday cake as one of the desserts, so now I know we share the same sweet tooth!

    Now you have made me really want to go the an aquarium, for some reason I keep thinking about how much fun I have looking at all the stuff in zoos and aquariums?

  8. Sheesh woman you are always so busy!

    Love the pics!

  9. I need a nap just reading that. How do you do it?????
    Now I feel like I need to go be productive or I'll look bad.

    Go have a glass of wine, you deserve it!

  10. Your yard it GORGEOUS girl! And I love the picture of the boys passed out in the backseat! LOL

  11. Wow! Where do you get all that energy?LOL
    I looooove the zoo,but OMG! I wind up limping to the car on the way out!
    Yup,I agree w/ Rebecca ARE the energizer bunny!
    (hug hug)

  12. I can't beleive how busy you are! My head would be spinning if I were you-LOL! :-)

    Sorry to get you stuck on those quiches. I honestly had never made one before mid February-LOL! :-)

  13. Gosh, where to start?!?! SO much info girl! lol
    We don't have our topsy turvy up yet... Have to go get those strawberry plants first. Can't wait, although I think it's too hot for strawberries here now. =(
    The yard looks AWESOME!
    Love the pics of the kids in front of the walrus or whatever that was (lol). Looks like fun!
    You're going to pass out with exhaustion one of these days girl... Busy busy busy!


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