Thursday, May 7, 2009

FFFF # 25: April Showers Bring May Flowers


This week's theme for Family FotoFun Friday is April Showers Bring May Flower. So I thought what better would it be then Rick and I working 2 yards of Tagro (top soil) threw the yard. Now the funny part it started to POUR down when he picked it up. And we had to borrow a truck so we had to get it unloaded and fast. So here it is some funny April Showers pictures.

And those who are asking what Tagro is let me tell you it doesn't smell pretty want more of a description. Yup I knew you would:

Made from what we call biosolids, which are highly treated—or pasteurized—wastewater byproducts as well as combinations of sand, sawdust, bark and other ingredients, TAGRO allows you to reuse our community’s resources to the benefit of your lawn and garden. And, because of improvements to the process that Tacoma uses to create its biosolids, the material that goes into TAGRO Potting Soil is virtually odor-free.

Ok let me tell you it's not odor free and it smells like what it is animal poop! What did they not mention it is mixed with poop for the zoo ... LOL. But the plants love it and it's really cheap!

Me pre rain.
Don't I look cute in my pig tails.
What it's a mini pig tail!
Yup the rain, and oh yeah my gutter falling down.
The mud Rick tracked threw the house!
The truck loaded down.
Rick dumping the wheel barrel I loaded.
Pre tagro
After tagro!
Fixing the lawn the power company messed up.
Yup I did almost all 2 yards by myself.
Sorry Jillian no 30 day Shred tonight :)
I can barely walk now.
Rick's new bump he created.
I guess I'll be planing ground cover there.
Pre Tagro Veggie Bed
After Tagro
Laying out my veggies
Wow I need lot's more
Oh yeah pretty nails
Rick took pity on me and gave me a hat.
Yup the rain hair.
Isn't that a cute style.
I'm so tired my legs feel like jello and I can't move. Great!


  1. Looks like the posers are out in force today. I have some posing going on too. I love your new garden. I got a neat gift in the mail. Thanks I really won something. Yeah. Have a great day. Off to get shots for my little one.

  2. My muscles ache for you! and too cute are those pig look like a very young girl sista! What wonders rain and a little fertilizer does for you, lol

  3. Nothing like working your butt off in the rain..LOL! Well the yard and gardens look great! good job you two!

  4. Love your cute little piggie tails!

    Hate mud tracks! hate dirty & tore up finger nails

    but love all the work you've done!! That's awesome! Yard work does have a way of kicking your butt - all that leading & bending & lifting! Jillian would be proud!

  5. Looks like a ton of work! No wonder you are so sore! By the way your yard and garden are looking, the pain is well worth it? :-)

  6. Wow! You've been busy. In honor of the swine flu going around... the pig tails are perfect!

    Thanks again for my Purseket Drop In Organizer. I'm linking to you today!

  7. YOu gotta love the pigails! Cute :)

    Your grass is SO greeen, I'm jealous.

  8. You're just as crazy as me taking pictures of yourself...very cute pig tails by the way!

    And you did the yard by yourself...wth? This is the deal I have with Jamie (my fiance)...if its inside the house its my job if its outside the house (this includes taking out the trash because it has to go outside) then it's all him and I refuse to do anything outside, because hello I do it ALL inside and all he does it mow the grass when it gets so high we can't find our kids in it...maybe I can talk him into planting some flowers for me...I doubt it!

  9. You're too cute. Did you at least get a manicure for all your hard labor?

  10. Love what you have done. You got alot done and in the rain.

    Love the piggy tails. To cute. My hair is to short for that.
    TFS Now go rest.

  11. Love, love, love the pigtails! And your yard is beautiful!

  12. Cute pigtails! Yard work is an absolute killer for my muscles, but it always feels so good to take a nice, long, hot shower and then crash into my comfy bed. :)

  13. You're too funny.........pigtails, eh? Very cute...looks like some good work accomplished!

  14. Cute pigtails, I love it! Garden is looking awesome!


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