Monday, May 11, 2009

Make Something Monday ... Savory Apple Brunch Bake

Make Something Monday

So I thought I would spoil the boys with a little something special for breakfast. LOL you really think I went crazy and did a brunch buffet? You silly girls I just did a simple dish the yup you got it Semi-Home made way ... LOL This was super easy and jeez the smell of bacon had 2 little ones staring at me the whole time I was cooking. They act like they never eat, hello don't they read my Monday posts? Every Monday I show a yummy meal, come on! And I'm happy to report Rick actually ate the WHOLE plate I gave him. Usually when it has biscuit in there he complains its dry and he doesn't like it. Yup you got to love someone who picks apart a meal made for them. Sorry did that sound rude ... ha-ha. Enjoy girls, sorry I've been on a breakfast kick the last 2 weeks, I'll try to post a dinner next Monday.

All you need to start
little helper stopped by, told you it's the bacon smell.
Cut up the apples and add sugar
Add Bisquick (ok Wal-Mart version)
Add Eggs
Add Milk
Pour Bisquick mix over apples
Add cooked bacon crumpled over the top
Add Cheese
Put in the oven
At 375 for 30-35 min
Comes out all brown and yummy!
I even got a little bite of this one. Super YUMMY

1 lb bacon
1 medium unpeeled cooking apple, peeled and chopped (1 cup, Rome beauty, golden delicious or greening)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 cups Bisquick
1 1/2 cups milk
4 eggs
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1. Heat oven to 375°F.
2. Grease rectangular baking dish 11x7x11/2-inches.
3. Cook the bacon in skillet over medium heat, turning occasionally, until crisp.
4. Drain on paper towels; cool, then crumble bacon into small pieces.
5. Mix apple and sugar and spread into baking dish stir the Bisquick milk and eggs until blended pour over the apples and sprinkle with bacon and cheese.
6. Bake uncovered until knife inserted in center comes out clean.


  1. Doesnt look too "slimming"... but oh my... it looks YUMMY!!!!!!!!

    Your blog always makes me hungry! :o)

  2. Now you just gave me an idea of what to do with some fruit I over bought! Yum girl I know I would eat well in that house :)

    Hope your Mothers Day was wonderful!

    I was think we would see a lot of post about every ones Mothers Day experience...

  3. YUM...although I wouldn't put in meat!

    Mine is up on my Diana Rambles blog.

  4. Looks Yummy. But I would not put in the bacon. Yucky....

  5. oh how yummy it looks... i really must try this one!

  6. You are the queen of bisquick be it generic or whatever....they should pay you lol.


    Looksa Yumma!

  7. As I am reading this post, I realized that I have all the ingredients required to put this dish together. Do I dare? The lovely bacon-y and cheesey goodness that awaits me may be too much to pass up!


  8. So Yummy, thanks for the idea I have some apples just waiting to be baked LOL

  9. I love breakfast. This sounds yummy.

    Check out my make something monday post at

  10. Yummmmmmy! Apples and bacon together...sounds delish :)

  11. Oh my sounds yummy! I finished my first review. TFS -- you should of linked up with recipe swap too today.
    Alot of good recipes.

  12. I WILL be making this for Father's Day! The hubby will love it!

  13. Girl.. this is all me!!!! Love that you have help!

  14. Looks great! and easy. I'm looking for super-fast, easy stuff to make now that I'm working pretty much all day every day. Your recipes are perfect. :)

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

    Oh, by the way, how is Jillian treating you? I'm pooped!

  15. This sounds really good I am definitely gonna have to write this one down. :)

  16. That looks AWESOME!!! maybe ol' rick needs to cook YOU dinner once in while :)


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