Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have I become too commercial?

I ran into a friend this weekend and she made me laugh, think and maybe a touch sad (don't worry I got over that quickly). She asked what is up with all the reviews, I don't come to your blog anymore because it's a commercial. Now BEFORE you all get your hater comments on ... wait! It got me to thinking, ok at first it might have made me sad that I might have lost people. But then I thought well why not blog about it ... LOL.

I started blogging to get myself out of a funk, a deep hole that I just couldn't get out of. I went to see the doctor and she said I should write in a diary. Sure why not do a very public one! So I started my blogging adventure on Myspace and noticed that I had a lot of people come by each day, so why not come over here and share even more! I couldn't believe how much better I was feeling and my readers kept growing and growing. I did a HAPPY dance each time I got a new follower. (Side note: On my B-Day June 16th I'm going to do a giveaway to celebrate reaching over 100+ follower, lots of fun stuff) I know here I am apologizing for not being more me on here and I throw in another giveaway ... I'm addicted I just can't help myself ... LOL

I found more and more fun ladies and a few cool guys too that made me smile and know that my kids aren't all that bad. I then saw products that were very cool and I so wanted to try them too. I love to gab as you can tell, so I was excited to get into this world of reviews and giveaways. Hey times are tough I don't always get to buy what I want so this has become a HUGE cool side thing. I don't get paid but I do get to try products out and then tell you about them and when I'm real lucky I get to give one away to. I really love all these products most are ones that I actually contacted the company and asked to do one for them. In my previous pre-mom life I worked in the marketing world so I just can't help myself!

So I must say sorry to those of my friends/followers that don't get into this whole review and giveaway thing. I try to keep to a schedule so I hope you will still come by and enjoy and laugh with me. I try to keep the reviews on Friday with a new giveaway up on Saturday. Keeping up with the recipes on Mondays and Tuesday and some fun thrown in on Wednesday and Thursdays. Phew see I'm trying to cover all bases, please come back to me ... LOL. I really do enjoy reading your comments and try my best to stop by your blog and comment too. I love meeting you all and sharing stories. Really you all have made my life a brighter one, and that deep hole is VERY far away.

On a side note I'm VERY SORRY that I haven't posted any of the amazing awards I've received lately. I'm so far behind on those and please DON'T think it's not that I love them, because I do just running out of hours in the day!

A big Thank you to my friend who pointed this out. Really I didn't even think of it that way, and I hate to make it so people don't want to stop by. Big XOXO coming your way girlie! Phew I'm pooped and still have some work to do. Love you all and really I appreciate you all! Stop by for the fun Monday - Thursday and some products Friday - Sunday! Yup that's me cover all bases time of girl!


  1. Everyone likes the chance to hear about a new product once in awhile, or to win a prize, but I enjoy coming to hear about you and your family:) The funny stories and the stuff the keeps us women hanging in there! That's what keeps me coming back!

  2. I have to say that I've LOVED your blog for oh these many.. um.. months?.. and it was mostly because you just CRACK MY BUTT UP!! I like reviews and giveaways.. that's why I do them too. BUT I've learned that it's not just those things that keep people comming back it's the "you" you put into YOUR blog. But in the end sugar it's YOUR blog and YOU do it YOUR way.. now get FUNK-ie with it!

  3. I love your blog. I love all of the reviews and giveaways. It gives me a chance to see what is out there and see more of you. See your sexy legs, and so on. This is your blog and it should be what you want. I love it and I am always laughing at what is going on. I say do what you want. I love hanging out here. You are an awesome woman and I will always be here even if you do a review everyday. NO Funks girl. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  4. Your blog is fabulous! I love your humor and reading your post and the giveaways and such are great bonus' for being your reader!

  5. This blog is all about YOU girl, so whatever you decide to put on it, reviews, giveaways, pics of your kids, or just to vent. IT doesn't matter, we love you regardless.

    As for me, my blog sorta swayed away from what I originally intended for it to be, also. I am working on getting it back.

  6. no no dearie... dont you worry bout it! i love the reviews but i also look forward to the recipes and wkend wrap wed.... i think you have a fabulous balance here!

  7. I've noticed alot of reviews lately too.. I enjoy some of them, but if the product isn't for me, then I just sorta by pass it..

    but I enjoy stories of you & your family more then anything...

    And yeah, who doesnt love a good give away every now & then! I guess its all about balance! I'll always be stopping in to check on you here!

  8. I know that your blog is about you and what you want to put there. We all understand that. I think mostly we love the little peeks into your life and the humour you give to us all. Don't change a thing if it's not what YOU want to do Dearie.
    Besides when I see all of the things you do and keep up with (are there 3 of you and you just aren't telling us?) It makes me realize the piddly little stuff that I think is overwhelming is a cakewalk compared to what you juggle - so I guess I mean you are inspiration!

  9. I love everything about your blog. Even your reviews and giveaways are fun! :-) I think you should keep doing what you love-I'll keep stopping by! :-)

  10. I like it all! Mon through Sun. Though I am sure I have lost a few followers doing reviews. I have also gained a few {a lot} from giveaways. I have reviewed som great products. I have even gone back and purchased more of those said products. is your blog. I still like you...That's all that matters...right?

  11. Now if I had actually ever won one of your giveaways....

  12. Mauh (my favorite word you use)... I know I lost some followers on my TMI, due to stuff, but we do what we gotta do, right?

    I love your site no matter what, so don't sweat the small stuff, at least I try...

    Your sense of humor and honest candor are what draw in people, and I thought your followers have grown since months ago?

    We have to remember it is our 'diary' and the followers are just a perk, so keep writing, and I will keep reading!

    When I read this at open mic I think about you!

    (Taking Cover) A Hard Rain

    Something about a hard rain
    when it comes down
    through trees to the ground
    taking cover like people do
    just in time and just enough

    travels through hair- over noses
    lovers embrace- strangers watch
    quiet kisses- moments in time

    washes over- turns into streams
    quenches thirst- starts fires
    scattered clouds- here for all time

    Something about a hard rain
    when it comes down, I cannot complain
    - © E Stelling, 2008

  13. I will admit I was a critic of giveaways and reviews...but then I saw that you didn't change who you were just added more. Now you got me hooked. Not everything I do is review or giveaway related but somehow I fit it in. As we blog we grow and mature. We understand what we want to do. Alexis, you and I are in different circles. I came here because I love you sense of humor and your family. Frankly I am not a fan of a lot of mommy blogs because they are boring. But yours isn't. My blog has kept me out of a huge funk as well. We will gain and lose followers. Some say we are here for the fans but we are here for ourselves. If we don't like something we move on. Only change when you want to...maybe you should see how far you have come instead of maybe what you have lost. You haven't lost anything but you have gained much. You have even shown me things about myself and inspired me to go after what I want. I used to be in sales but once I became a mom I retreated into myself...but I am who I really am. I have been waiting for a time to say it and this seems the best time. Sometimes we don't know how we help people.

  14. I wonder about this all the time and had actually planned on posting about this very same topic. I am very seriously thinking of making Misadventures a strictly review and giveaway blog and keeping My Mommy Said as my bitching (I mean mommy)blog.

    I've been reviewing products for companies for years and when I started my blog and saw how many people have review and giveaway blogs I thought, "Well hell I can do that...I already do that why not just write about it." so that was that. I actually love getting to try new products and then sharing my experiences with those products with my friends (which is what I consider my readers to be)and if the company wants to throw in a giveaway I'm all for it! I think if people don't really understand the whole review/giveaway side of blogging then they tend to discount it but I love it and I love coming to your blog so I'd be here regardless of what you choose to blog about...but you know that!


  15. I love your blog your posts are always fun and your reviews are cool they fit right in because they are written by you in your voice and style.

    You're doing an awesome job girl :)

  16. I think you balance it all perfectly! You rock, and I love what you're doing. NO WORRIES!! I'm never leavin', so you're stuck with me!! =)

  17. I agree with the others. You have a good balance and it's your blog do what you want.

    I admire you for writing what you want. There are a few things I'd like to say but then I start to worry about the people who read my blog and then I don't feel safe sharing anymore so I keep it inside. Maybe I need to get another blog but not tell my family where it is. Hmmm?????

  18. reviews are fun to do and the chance to win is always nice. I do think you had a TON of giveaways going and I personally couldn't keep up. That's me. Your blog is fun to read, like a train wreck where no one gets hurt :) I can't stop reading it. Kisses!

  19. Hey, it is YOUR blog, so do with it what you like. I will follow and read your blog no matter what you are writing about because I love you!I think you do a hell of a job mixing it all up. It cracks me up how some folks read people's blogs then want to critique them. This is not a blog class with a professor who is grading you! Write whatever the hell you want. Your true friends will always follow you!


  20. No one owns blog world and they can't tell you what to put on your blog or what not to put. If they don't like what you have to post then move on. My blog is for me and only me. I will always come to your blog. I like reading it.

  21. Hey chic-a-dee,
    You are such a neat-o person,and THATS why I swing by here as often as I can.I confuse myself alot trying to figure out just how to enter the contests,but that's just me(always in a hurry).
    I started blogging right here
    in 2002,before anybody even knew what the word "blog" was,it seemed.
    But then,I spent my childhood in my diary,and then when I REALLY realized how theraputic it was...was when I spent time in prison,and since I couldn't slap all the haters and idiots that I wanted to,and moreso....I missed my family so bad I wanted to die while incarcerated,so I would just theraputicly sit down and write about it....I read it sometimes just to keep in mind exactly where I've come from,and how far I've come...and I truly believe that's what got me through 5 years of prison,and still keeps me grounded so I don't put myself back.
    As soon as I got out in May 2000,I discovered blogspot,and even though hiring an ex-con is taboo....I had to add insult to injury by blogging about my prison nightmares etc...leaving myself wide open for my co-worker to find my damn blog,so I closed it and re-opened another one--->
    But I STILL refuse to apologize for anything I've said or done b/c it DOES help to keep your sanity,and besides I've met some awesome people blogging that have yet to judge me to this day(or at least not to my face anyways)lol
    So your blog is "YOURS" sweet-pea.A place where you can do what YOU want to do,and screw anybody that finds fault in that.
    I've entered a few times,and if I had more time,I'd love to do give-a-ways too....I'm alot like you in that I love giving to others and making someones' day....cuz that's the way you are.You bring joy to ppl's lives when they actually win something in a world where it's hard to find something for free.Especially the way the economy is nowadays,ya know.
    So whoever has something negative to say about the cool stuff you do,can kiss my a*** as far as I'm concerned.
    Yea,I said that. :-} that's coming from the mouth of a TRUE ex-con(can u tell)?lol.
    Your blog rocks hun!


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